We as artists and manip makers constantly get our things stolen, it gets tiring and frustrating. Yeah, there can be a million posts out there being spread around Tumblr, but honestly no one is really doing anything? To make matters worst, people argue back, do you understand how frustrating that is. One day when the artist and makers start getting discouraged, the amount of manips and fan arts are gonna drop. One day there will no longer be fictional stuffs to fantasize about because of some people who think its okay to steal. It’s okay that they can steal from someone else because they can just push the blame to the person they took it from, which happens to be another person stealing. And worst thing is they make the creators feel like the asshole for being angry. 

Personally I will play the sarcasm game while being strict. If I don’t be strict, people would just trample over me. Other creators maybe okay with you stealing their art, but not all creators. I clearly stated that it’s my policy that if I catch you reposting my stuffs, I give you 24 hours to remove, or I wont be nice and will report you to tumblr. Is that wrong? I’m literally giving you time to remove and I don’t know, maybe apologize? Yet some people have the nerves to come attack me and make me feel like shit and I’m the one being a baby and throwing hissy fits. 

I hope I’m not the only one here that feels this way. Well I’ll end my shitty day with a nice quote, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all.”