nightmod speaks

((laughs because Ted(wantstogo-outside) offered Sweeney Todd as a film for him and Audrey to watch next and

just recently, Lily and I came up with an AU where like

Voodoo = Sweeney
Audrey = Mrs Lovett
(Fake-ler)Ted = Tobi
(Voodoo’s)Norma = Lucy
….And Lily wanted Ghost as Judge Turpin which made me wanna howl with laughter for a thousand years.

SO YEAH??? lol idk man, idk.))

Mod Note

I keep trying and failing to start things up again on this blog, and I’m running out of ideas apart from making her well again, putting her into a permanent coma, or killing Audrey off entirely. Since the latter two are not very nice, I’m going to let everyone imagine that she gets better and finds work and starts making money to live on her own, and continues on in a very simple, comfortable little life that is social with her premade friends but she doesn’t bother to make any new ones past people she’s met up until this point. Imagine her being content throughout her shortened life (she will probably life until about 45, then die of a weak heart or cancer or something, given her cloned condition), and owning a small business of her own later, perhaps a little bakery or flower shop, like she once discussed with Ted, but without him, since he lost his memories. And I thank you all for each and every roleplay, fanart, and ask, and I appreciate this year+ of being my little odd cloned girl, and all the support while I did so.

I’m sorry things ended this way, but I’ve been too inactive on her for too long, and too lazy with her storyline after a point, so I thought it would be best to close this blog for good and not worry about it anymore.

I will not delete the blog; you all may still go back through posts/tags and the like, since it is a lot and I would miss not being able to reflect on it, too.

Take care, everyone! And thank you again. <3

((Oh my God you have no idea how much I am enjoying sending asks to Moirin and Ghost with this Coraline AU magic anon. It’s like the greatest thing ever because Coraline is one of my favorite books/movies ever. dshfakfhsd))

((Goal for today: Draw angsty Eternal fanart based on the words:

“I’m blind, but at least my only sunshine can spend eternity with me.

I will never see his face again, but at least I don’t have to watch him die.”

because of this offer/deal possibility with Voodoo. Bwahahaha.))

((Let’s pretend for a minute that Audrey somehow gets alcohol in a mixed drink or something but doesn’t know it’s alcohol and just knows it tastes good and drinks a few of them and gets drunk.

I can see her, like. Being the clingy-giggly drunk.

Like laughing at EVERYTHING, more than usual, and going around to her friends and hugging them and telling them how much she loves them.

I can see her going to Tumb especially and like wrapping her arms around his neck and practically hanging on him and just being like, “Tumb. Tuuumb. I love ya man. No. No Tumb. Sshersly. I luvv you, like inna friendish-way. I friend-love yuo. You’re tha besht. Di'ya know that? ‘Cursh yuo do. 'Cos yer tha beeeesshhtt.”))

ask-thelivingonce-ler replied to your post: MEAT! I want meat! That pumpkin bread sounds delicious, babes, don’t get me wrong, but FUCKING MEAT!!

(( aha he WOULD teach her omfg you know my son so well ÓuÒ ))

((hehe yeah, sometimes i like to refer to headcanon things i assume happen off-screen during mellow times or like while on their vacation and moments like that, that we didn’t bother to RP but seem legit nonetheless. i hoped you wouldn’t mind, since they have cooked together before, so it makes sense he’d teacher her what he knew. c’: ))

((Ghost is dead, Gold and Paint are gonna have sex, Eternal’s on a quest for pants, Audrey’s dealing with her first real experience with grief, Sketch and Goldpaint are interacting post-magic-anon, and all of this is happening at once, and thIS IS WHY ASK BLOGS ARE THE BEST OMG. :’D ))

((yes but what if i drew Audrey as Audrey II from Little Shop Of Horrors. what if.

…and i thought of this (again; her name initially made me think of the crossover) because on iTunes shuffle Feed Me! came on and i jUST dfjsd

especially if she was, like, a mutated venus fly trap experiment by the au!Ghostler. jdfads “here, girl, are you hungry? i have another useless, exhausted test subject to feed you~”