Voltron prompt

Lance gets infected by a bug that entered his body during the last mission. He didn’t notice at first, but a few days later he started having nightmares.

He figured having a few nightmares while fighting an intergalactic war was normal, so he didn’t bother bringing it up to the team.

As the days go by his nightmares get worse and worse to where he’s afraid to sleep at night. Blue keeps telling him to talk to the others, but he doesn’t want to bother them with something they can’t really help with.

It gets so bad one night that blue asks the other lions for help. With their help she sent Lance’s dreams through the lions connection and the lions sent Lance’s dreams to their individual Paladins.

The next morning the Paladins all met at breakfast early to discuss how to help Lance but when he didn’t show up for breakfast they got worried.

When they went to go check on him they found him still asleep in bed, covered in sweat, and wrestling the sheets. No matter how hard they tried to wake him they couldn’t.

They call for Allura and Coran and they immediately know what’s wrong and take Lance to the medical bay, claiming they needed to surgically remove the parasite before it’s too late.


having to battle many prisoners in order to survive must be tough, and every single night you have those nightmares, and in those nightmares there would be one hand, then two, then three. its to the point where you lose count on all those beings that you have fought in the arena. reaching out to you. you will never be able to go back and undo what you have done, and even though they have lost those battles against you, they know only one place they can reach you and hurt you, not physically, but mentally. and those are in your dreams turning them into NIGHTMARES 


hell yeah, im not one that does sad, little stories but hey, one can try riiiight ?? lol im actually proud on how this one turned out .3.

i just got out of work and im tired. 

although i highly doubt Kuro would have a nice fluffy pillow and some blankets

pffft ill treat him like a prince, baby.