“Tell me, Pitch.”  Mani mused idly.  "What do you do for entertainment around here?  Things seem rather dull in the dark, with little to amuse other than the insecurities of the children you torment.“  The tainted male was curious about both what Pitch did for fun as well as other things he could do to make his Guardians dance like the little puppets they were to him right now.

My brain just thinks the weirdest thoughts at 2:30am.

So while making hot dogs [because I fucking love hot dogs and fuck the time I can eat when I want], I thought about the movies I had just watched.

The Season 2 Finale of Sherlock.

And the Lion King.

Then my brain imagined Pitch and Mani on the roof of a building.  Mani hanging off the edge, holding on for dear life.  Pitch comes over and grips his hand and leans down to whisper in his ear.

“I killed your father.”

And just… why.  Why suddenly Simba!Mani and Scar!Pitch.

Because 3am hot dogs.  That’s why.