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In the holiday spirit of drawing other people’s OCs and similar assorted properties, I decided to draw various nightmares from sailorleo’s fantastic Nightmareverse setting! Because a cool mindscape isn’t going to escape my art hand eventually (and cool monsters certainly help matters). Highly recommended to my followers fond of good dreamworlds.

{ Monster sources here, here, and here. Nightmareverse tag here }


since ive already been talking so much about character design tonight and i love talking about colors i figured it might be cool to give an example of how i personally choose color schemes for different characters, in this case my ocs. im just really big on limited palettes

now wait, wait, wait for me, please hang around
i’ll see you when i fall asleep

for those who dont know, today (may 3rd) is kind of a personal holiday for me. it’s the 3-year anniversary of the day i got the idea for nightmareverse!!! of course when i was standing in the shower that morning in 2012 and daydreaming about a machine that could give you a full night’s sleep in under two seconds, i had no clue that it would blossom into this massive….thing that has since consumed my whole life. and with luck, in another couple years i’ll finally be ready to share the extent of my work on it with the world…. for now tho here’s morrigan and arthur probably about to beat up some monsters together, as that is their main bonding activity