“Hello again, friend of a friend. I knew you well…”

Done in Paint Tool Sai and edited in Photoshop, this 150+ layer work of mine was made in order to express appreciation for those who have interacted with Luke and made his story the best thing I’ve ever written. It took me a straight week and it was a milestone piece of art for me, so if you don’t like it then that’s your business.

If your character is in this and I don’t see you reblog it, I will be under your bed when you go to sleep. For the love of god.

Also I tried to make it wallpaper size.

Musica ==> Be dancing and singing in public to some jamming tunes.


Tezcat: Antagonize

What a lovely night it truly is. You considered talking to a random troll, but let’s face it, nothing’s ever random with you. The other day you had tapped into your little victims mind to send him a nightmare, resulting in an image of what you assume is a dear friend. Or possibly mate. After conversing with the dark ones, you gained a small piece of information, which you were going to use now to contact him.

You’ll just see where the conversation goes, for the most part.

-obsidianMirror started trolling squelettiqueNexus!-

OM: 0~ Good evening. ~0

>You’re having a pretty good time sitting at the bottom of the ocean with your half-finished basket

>Underwater weaving may be a ‘joke’ hobby, but like hell are you not going to embrace the shit out of it. Besides, it’s nice and quiet down here.

Domination Lines - Luke and Jucept
  • Domination Lines - Luke and Jucept
  • Ignotu Tectum


AA: ~~~~hey sai{0r b0y

AA: ~~~~y0u suck

AA: ~~~~h0pe that fancy g0{d 0f y0urs can c0ver y0ur h0spita{ bi{{

AA: ~~~~shiver me timbers y0u rum chuggin d0pe

AA: ~~~~d0nt bring a b00k t0 a gunfight

AA: ~~~~wa{k the p{ank deckwipe y0ure d0ne

AA: ~~~~that 140 iq w0nt st0p a pickaxe wi{{ it

AA: ~~~~i d0 be{ieve y0ure dead mate

AA: ~~~~maybe if y0u didnt have that anch0r 0n y0ur chest y0ud be ab{e t0 run away

AA: ~~~~heres s0mething f0r y0u t0 research
AA: ~~~~my bu{ge

AA: ~~~~that a{{ y0u g0t m0by dick

AA: ~~~~d0minated
AA: ~~~~and ive been shaggin y0ur m0irai{


AA: ~~~~i th0ught y0u said y0u c0u{d predict y0ur 0wn death

AA: ~~~~beat it y0u beer-chuggin m0r0n

AA: ~~~~hey them guns aint s0 h0t when they d0nt hit n0thin are they

AA: ~~~~think i{{ take ebeni{ 0ut f0r a steak dinner t0night
AA: ~~~~whaddya think ab0ut that

AA: ~~~~kiss kiss {0ver b0y

AA: ~~~~what are y0u b{ind

AA: ~~~~p0ur s0me a{c0h0{ 0n that y0u menta{ case

AA: ~~~~w0u{d y0u {ook at y0u
AA: ~~~~i mean {00k at y0u
AA: ~~~~its {ike 0ne f{ew 0ver the cuck00s nest a{{ 0ver again

AA: ~~~~awwww did i get b{00d 0n y0ur sweater

> Vaneda: Paint with All the Colors of the (Desert) Wind

You’d never felt so free. Flying around the desert without any obstacles in your way - excepting the occasional really high sand dune. You’d spent about and hour doing fun tricks and riding the heat columns. Man, you should come out here much more often.

Now comes the fun part. You take a few cans of spray paint, and your paint belt with pouches of different colors. You fly straight up, then dive, spreading your wings as you get a few feet away from the ground. You let loose the spray cans onto the sand. Flying around in circles, making swirls and different designs. You swirl up, making the spray paint get everywhere, even on your skin, and clothes - shorts and a tank top for this desert event.

After running out of spray paint, you drop the powder pouches, watching as they explode in clouds of color on the dunes. You continue this for another few hours, until you’re covered in paint, tired, and out of supplies. 

There’s gotta be an oasis somewhere, you saw one a while ago. Flying around, you almost land and decide to walk, until you see it, an oasis. A pond surrounded by a few trees. you flutter to it, and sit on the small patch of grass surrounding the pond. Dipping your hands in, you scoop out some water and take a sip before flopping back. Man, you really had to do this more often.

Your find yourself walking around, as usual, but the problem this time it’s that you barely know where you are. It was a little trip you decided to make, the one to this place, but it made you end in an unknown village.
At least it’s a cute one! You like to walk anyway and being lost may help you to make new friends in this place, it will be fun!

During you walk, you eye a shop that catches your attention quite a bit. It’s love at first sight:it’s so cute, you need to visit it.
You hurry up and enter in it, looking around with a very curious look in your eyes. You don’t even look if there is someone there.