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Hi Stephanie ! I hope you read my last ask about the author of nightmaretale :). Anyway i have two questions. Will you still voice nightmaretale ? Will you have in the future other hypergameplay with the characters of ask-drunk-chara ? (not part 7 XD) Thanks a lot for your work and have a nice day :D !

Yup! And actually we got the hypergameplay with drunk chara somewhat done already, we’re hoping to have that up sometime this week! The audio and video and script have all been done, we just need to edit it together ^^


Two new pages of the comic! good thing today was not very warm. it’s was easy work.

Preview :


Abysstale Abyss!sans (me) metakazkz

Nightmare!sans @jokublog

Artwork by me metakazkz

NightmareTale AU

AU Creator: Flame Wilcher

Official AU Blog: None

Creator Tracked Tags: None

AU Canon: A universe where existence sometimes breaks away to show the horrors of the world with the creatures becoming much more monstrous than they are perceived to be by the humans that fall into the underground. An entirely different realm of existence.

Official Canon Designs:


Another one of my favorite joints from Tio Von Hale’s brilliant portfolio - This is MASTER of balance - Lamonte Tales Goode. To learn more about this fascinating dude check out …and of course follow Tio too. #lojowerkz #LoJoWerkzDailyDope #streetdance #nightmaretales #lsmontegoode #tivonhale #streetartphotography

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It’s #supersoldier Sunday for #summersplits2014!

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Cute Polly
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ferrousphantom​ and I are thinking of more dubs so I was doing a voice test for the girls in jitterbugjive​‘s nightmaretales,​ “Three Little Pigs”, despite having to keep quiet since it’s late. Polly ended up being sickeningly cute so I had to post this. 

The line is from this page.


Nightmare sans
Dream sans
Outer sans
The picture which was just drawn a short while ago!
I like derivation sans very much!
I think everything is original and nice!
방금 그린 그림입니다!
나는 파생 sans가 매우 좋아합니다.
모두 개성적이고 멋지다고 생각합니다!

Repost from @eltonpaine “Day 11 - Super Soldier for #inspiredyogis I do enjoy this stretch so a big thanks to @nightmaretales I was actually working on this without the supporting hand but I couldn’t keep form so I’m working on it @gordonogden @monkeymix @patbailey #yoga #yogi #asana #smile #spreadtheyogasmile #yogasmile #fit #fitness #workout #yogamen #yogadudes #strength #balance #strong #stretch #inversion #yogilovebombs” BOOM! You have been added to the #inspiredyogis special gallery of love! Please follow us and share your love here with other #yogilovebombs! YOU ARE EPIC, and we LOVE you! - @monkeymix @gordonogden @patbailey - @inspiredyogis- #webstagram


Re-upload of pages 28-29 of Nightmaretale

I hope you like it :D

Sans, Frisk, Undyne, Alphys and Chara © Toby Fox

Nightmaretale ©

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