Piki hated going to the doctor; he never got a warning in advance before he was suddenly dragged off one day and put in a carriage with the curtains drawn and strict instructions not to peak outside. He was never actually sick either, but his parents used any excuse to send him off for a day.

This time was different though, his parents where actually joining him both and when his brother noticed them get ready without telling him to come as well Pitch almost threw a fit, until their parents allowed him to come as well.

“The doctor is going to take a look at your face again.” His mother explained when he asked what was going to happen this time.

The carriage ride was cast in uncomfortable silence with Pitch seated between their parents and Piki on the opposite bench.  Piki sat with his head hung low and his hands in his lap, he had to resist the urge to check if his mask was secured properly. “It’s in your best interest, Piki.” His mother said and he nodded solemnly.

When they arrived at the doctor’s house he was quite literally dragged inside before anybody could see him and planted in the doctor’s office, while his parents and Pitch waited outside.

Piki shrank back when the doctor walked in, his breath hitching in his throat.  He wanted nothing more than to be somewhere else when the man approached him and roughly took his face in one hand and pulled the mask off with the other. The man did nothing to hide the disgust on his face and Piki squeezed his eyes shut, praying that it would be over soon.  Over the next five minutes his face was examined and poked at, his head turned to uncomfortable positions before the man let go of him.  Piki scrambled back on the examination bed, looking for his mask that had carelessly been tossed aside.

His parents were called in and he was harshly pushed out of the door into the hallway. Piki still had a hand on his mask to keep it in place and was shaking uncontrollably. His breathing was ragged and threatened to become ugly sobs as he walked over to the waiting bench.  He desperately tried not to cry as he sat down, his knuckles turning white when he held onto the bench, trying to control his breathing. The skin underneath the mask was already irritated enough; tears would only worsen it, especially since he wouldn’t be able to take off the mask until later that day.   

He tried to think of pleasant things as he waited but all he could think about were the horrible things the doctor would say to his parents and a suppressed sob escaped him. That’s when he felt a warm hand on his and looked up to see his brother’s concerned face. “It’s going to be alright, Piki.” Pitch said as he pulled his brother into a hug and Piki started crying into his brother’s shoulder, unable to hold back any longer.


[[ You should have never let me into this fandom.. it is just going to get worse over time.

This is for Ash aka Nightmareships. /o/ Because he is just as obsessed as I am PotO and this AU and I drew a thing which was kinda cute so I had to make it sad.  /proud

I bring all the sad to this AU. ]]

Fic: A Softer Rapture (Jack/Proto, R)

Title: A Softer Rapture

Fandom: Rise of the Guardians

Pairing: Jack/Proto

Warnings: Mentions of death and suicide.

Author’s Notes: If you haven’t watched In The Flesh yet despite my recommending it, I’d like to reiterate that if you’re okay with the themes, you really should give it a go. Thanks again to nightmareships for reccing the show to me in the first place, and to ksclaw for the beta; this is the story of how Proto didn’t believe in angels until he died and met Jack.


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Questions I was asked:

  1. What is your strangest talent?

    Within thirty seconds of joining a new fandom I can come up with an AU for at least three of its characters.

  2. If you could have 1 wish, what would it be?

    Infinite wishes or the ability to manipulate probability. Either way, no more money issues. Or maybe I could just wish that I would never have to worry about money again, but knowing wish logic, I could be struck dead and done.

  3. Favourite fruit?


  4. What do you do for fun?

    Read, write, watch movies or tv shows. Tumblr, jigsaw puzzles, wander through bookstores or comic book places, play Criminal Case on facebook. When I have the money and can plan ahead, go to a comicon and spend hours in Artist’s Alley marveling at everything.

  5. What was the last thing you saw at the cinema?

    Guardians of the Galaxy.

  6. Are you tidy or messy?

    In between-ish? I’m cluttered. Papers and books get scattered, clothes pile up, and my bed turns into a nest.

  7. Least favourite season and why?

    Either spring or summer. Spring = pastels, pollen, but also my birthday and nice weather and more rain. Summer = unending hell heat, sweat, half-assed air conditioner, and no nearby pool, but also comicon, action movies, no school. Prolly go for summer, just because I want to peel my skin off like a banana it gets so hot.

  8. Buffy the film or Buffy the TV series?

    TV series I guess, never actually saw either but I’ve heard better things about the series than the movie, so…

  9. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

    So far? Coming to terms with the fact that we live in a problematic society that encourages problematic thinking and learning to recognize and move past it in baby steps. Also graduating high school without killing anyone, including myself.

  10. What’s your best memory?

    Oof, I dunno. Lot of awesome memories here at college with old roommates, trip to DisneyWorld as a child, comicons. I have a fair few that’s hard to choose from.

  11. Favourite aquatic animal?

    Sea otters. Adorable little bastards.

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