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“Look at what we can do” 

I just wanna get this off my chest here so 

When Pitch said “Look at what we can do” and pointed to that massive ice sculpture, the first thought in my head was: “Ok… but… wtf is that” 

That ice sculpture looks like something Jack could do if he had tons of more power, if not do better. So I started to think and kinda realized the potential of what Jack and Pitch’s powers combined could lead to. 

Jack’s power is ice, and Pitch’s “power” is nightmare sand. Nightmare sand is easily dispersible, and easily changed into dreamland, but with ice, it gives the sand a protected coating; so it can be transformed into something else very easily, and it will surely take more than one hit to destroy it. 

On the other hand, ice melts. Nightmare sand is basically shredded rocks that can’t be melted until 1200 degrees C / 2192 degrees F, so perhaps the nightmare sand protects the ice from completely melting away so easily? 

When I thought of it that way, it makes way more sense as to how impressive the potential between Jack and Pitch’s powers are. 

The ice and sand sustain each other, keeping a tight bond, and become almost indestructible. If my head canon actually is a canon, then that ice sculpture will never melt and probably stay in Antarctica for all eternity 

just a thought 

novel!wolfram appreciation
  • prettier than god according to a guy who knew god personally
  • not interested in being polite or heterosexual
  • here to drink wine and call out Yuuri’s bullshit
  • can and will drink you under the table btw
  • and then claim you promised him something while you were drunk that you don’t remember and didn’t actually say but you have no way of knowing that (get rekd Adalbert)
  • actual bamf
  • just wants to get laid
  • constantly baffled by the English language
  • fascinated by tan lines
  • fell in the snow and hurt his back trying to look cool
  • ready to swordfight a room full of armed pirates in a bathrobe with a towel wrapped around his head
  • brags about his daughter to other dads
  • actually apologized for badmouthing Yuuri’s mom (like several books later but still RECOGNIZES AND CORRECTS OWN BIGOTRY)
  • he grows up So Much and I am So Proud
  • is a srs actor who takes his role as Predator in Yuuri’s Alien vs. Predator musical adaptation Very Srsly
  • somehow manages to sleep through important shit
  • motherfucker so confident he stops Yuuri from introducing him to the king of their biggest rival country who proceeds to spend the next five novels fucking them over not knowing they’re engaged
  • what’s good Saralegui
  • don’t worry Sara he’ll probably send you a wedding invite
  • stated his love and devotion to his fiance and king with impassioned sincerity right before punching him in the gut
  • carries a marriage registration form at all times
  • reads Yuuri’s diaries
  • has nightmares about sand bears
  • clingy sleeper
  • constant paranoia about giant squid
  • seriously every time they’re on a boat and something happens he’s like OMG GIANT SQUID idk if he’s been scarred for life after that one time or he just really likes calamari
  • reads the local tabloid gossip columns about him and Yuuri
  • gets mad when anyone other than him calls Yuuri a wimp
  • spent an indeterminate amount of time hiding in a box of oranges with Yuuri 
  • spends the majority of every story arc tracking down Yuuri and saving his sorry butt from whatever new mess he’s gotten into
  • will probably spend the rest of his life chasing Yuuri halfway across the globe to stop him from doing something dumb
  • is probably totally cool with that
My Top 20 Rise of the Guardians Gen Fics

Hi Everyone! So, like I said in my summary post after finishing all the fills for the Rise of the Guardians kinkmeme, I’m making lists of my favorites from each category/ship in the masterpost list

Below, I’ve listed the twenty gen fics that, per my own personal rubric, I consider to be the best/my favorites. (Not all categories will have a top twenty! The gen category was really large.) I also have a couple honorable mentions because I make my own rules for these posts.

The fics are listed in chronological order, with the oldest at 1 and the newest at 20.

1.  ‘Gotten’ (gen) (7/19): The Guardians are surprised to find that Pitch actually takes care of the children the Boogeyman “gets.” (Well, Sandy isn’t surprised.) Pitch ends up sort of shanghaied into being a Guardian (maybe).

2.   I’m Fine (gen) (8/1): Everyone except Jack is sick with bad colds, and he has to take care of them. Pitch shows up trying to be evil but he’s sick, too. There’s a cuddle pile and implication that Pitch is more often “that weird guy we know” rather than the ultimate evil.

3.  Rabbit Starts Autumn (gen) (2/17): I like this one because it gave me the chance to try writing Bunny and Pitch as older folkloric figures, and come up with a myth about the origin of autumn and spring. 

4.  I and You (gen) (4/9): A gen exploration of eldritch Pitch encountering eldritch Jack and them getting along for a little while. It’s independent of the Eldritch Abomination Polyamorous Whatever AU.

5.  Child Jack to the Ice Tower Came (gen) (7/2): This is an AU where Jack gets ice powers as a human, is cast out of his village because of that, and goes to seek out General Winter because there’s no where else for him to go. 

6.  Birth of the Drowned Boy (gen) (9/10): Another genfic with eldritch Pitch and (newly) eldritch Jack. I think I like exploring the ambiguity of what it means to have a body as a Guardian or similar.

7.  The Myriad Forms of Monsters (gen) (10/10): A character study of Pitch, which touches on what he likes to do and doesn’t like to do as the Boogeyman. Avoids the idea that his fear is useful in any practical sense.

8.  Does It Almost Feel Like Nothing’s Changed at All? (gen) (10/13): All the Guardians have switched powers, but the world doesn’t seem to become that different. I like this one because it’s a little world-building exercise.

9.  Three’s a Crowd (mostly gen) (2/6): Okay, I’m kind of surprised this ended up on my list, because it’s not a trope I usually work with, but here it is. To his surprise, Jack discovers that he’s pregnant and Pitch is the other parent. Magical sand can do that, here. But…who else got hit with nightmare sand? Maybe this is crack.

10.  Skip To The End (gen) (3/18): North knows that the beings that usually try to destroy Christmas always fail and usually also end up with a change of heart at the end. When Pitch shows up at the Pole with an evil plan, North welcomes him and lays out an argument why they should just skip to that end.

11.  Take A Third Option (gen) (5/22): Pitch wants Jack to kill him. Jack refuses. This one ended up on the list because I liked their characterization.

12.  One Chance/Second Chance (gen) (6/12): Sandy guards Pitch at the Pole while the other Guardians try to figure out how to get Kozmotis back. Sandy has some surprising words of comfort for Pitch, who knows he isn’t Kozmotis and doesn’t want to be.

13.  All There (gen)(7/27): Jack takes some pretty brutal (but not graphically described) vengeance on Pitch for killing Sandy. Like, this is a pretty dark story, but I like it because, well, there were so many prompts about Jack going dark and joining Pitch, but it seems to me that after Sandy, Jack could have gone dark–but against Pitch.

14.  Otherwise You’ll Have To Stay (gen) (10/7): Jack is a contemporary human teenager who recently died, but he doesn’t know that. A ghost story.

15.  Coming To His Senses (gen)(12/5): Jack’s been using a dead body and dead senses for a long time, and when he becomes a Guardian with believers, he returns to bodily life. The sensory input overwhelms him, but the Guardians take care of him and he learns more about the special connection between them.

16.  Death and His Half-Brothers Sleep (gen)(2/15)|?: Jack is Death, and long ago he had a brother, Sleep. When he becomes the Guardian of Fun, he learns what happened to his brother, and how that changes his duties.

17.  The Snow Day (gen)(3/7)|?: The Guardians make Jack his own realm as a Christmas present. Again, fun worldbuilding regarding what Jack’s world would be like.

18.  Reflection and Shine (gen)(8/24): Jack is caught in the realm of the Fae, and the Guardians must try to bring him back to the real world. Sandy is the one who ultimately succeeds.

19.  Old Enough To Try Anything Once (gen)(8/26): A goofy conversation about whether the Boogeyman eats hands and feet, Pitch and Sandy being old, a bit scary, solid frenemies, and trolls of Jack.

20.  The White Wolf (gen)(10/3): Jack dies while hunting a wolf that attacked his village and the moon makes him a voluntarily shifting werewolf. He becomes a local legend and is woven into Little Red Riding Hood variations. I like this one because I got to include fake scholarship with it.

Honorable Mention:

There Will Be Time (gen) (5/16): This didn’t make the initial list because it’s not really narrative. It’s musings on North and Bunny (separately) and how very old  they are and how multiple their pasts are.

Honorable Mentions The Second: Human Stories

I didn’t want these stories to take up spots on a list that I really wanted to focus on the Guardians, but I still quite like these stories below that focus on human characters brushing up against the world of the Guardians.

1.  The Quarry Pool (gen) (9/12)

2.  Tea Between Storms (gen) (1/23)

3. “Phantom Menace” More Than Just Movie Title at Historic Theater, Locals Say (gen) (5/9)

4.  Something To Hang On To (gen)(10/26)

Thank you, and I hope that my favorites will encourage you to explore more of my fic! There were plenty of good stories that just couldn’t go on the list if I wanted to keep it a reasonable length.

a risk. - fan apprentice/julian.

my god, am i just gonna keep writing these things nightly??? who knows. wait til school catches up with me lmao.

anyway, me??? projecting onto my fan apprentice??? it’s more likely than you think. also, im a sucker for bed cuddles. i want to be cuddled, dammit.

hope you guys enjoy! see what happened previously here, and check out my apprentice here!

(some nsfw is implied at one point but this is a sfw fic.)

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Sandman: Dream Sand Spell to Attract Good Dreams

“As they floated ever higher, none of them, oddly, sensed they were in any danger. Rather, they felt incredibly calm, as though this unprecedented occurrence was simply the way things were supposed to be, which was equally odd.” -The Sandman and the War of Dreams

Since my Nightmare Sand Curse was so popular, I decided to make a happier version. 

Items Needed:

  • 1 white or yellow candle
  • A fair amount of sand
  • Glitter
  • A sealable container (A jar would do nicely)
  • A yellow or orange marker (or some other color that you associate with happiness)
  • A piece of paper
  • Optional: Herbs for good dreams (i.e. lavender)

I recommend decorating your container with happy things to kinda boost the feels in this, but you don’t have to.

Step 1: Light the candle, place your marker and paper in front of you, and then close your eyes. Think about the happy dreams that you want the sand to attract. If you want it to attract a certain dream/type of dream, think of that, but if you want to leave it up to the hocus pocus to decide the dreams, just think of general happy things. Light, blissful, things. Like chocolate or kittens.

Step 2: On the paper, write your intent (i.e. “Attract good dreams”). If you want to attract specific dreams, describe them in as much detail as possible (you can take up the back of the paper as well, if the marker doesn’t bleed through).

When you’re done with that, say the following:
This will bring good dreams to any target. Let the dreams refresh them and brighten their days.
No bad dream will be able to invade the target’s mind while this spell is in effect.

You can even sing a happy song to charge it with happy stuff.

After that, imagine the sand making someone (or you) have happy dreams. Imagine feeling a lot better from having these dreams. Imagine the happy dreams lifting the target’s spirits and such.

Step 3: Mix the glitter and (optionally) the herbs into the sand. Take your sealable container and put half of your sand in it. Then, fold up your paper and place it on top. Pour the rest of your sand on top of that. Make sure it’s completely covered by sand. If it isn’t, just kinda bury it a bit more.

Step 4: Close your eyes and imagine the sand absorbing all of the energy of the spell from the paper.

After that, seal your container up and let it set (preferably in a bright, sunny place) for three days.

Step 5: On the third day, open that jar and take the paper out. Leave the sand in the jar.
Burn the paper, keep the ashes if you can and mix them with the sand.

Step 6: Keep the sand in the jar, leave the jar in the sunny place. You can use the sand in spells, sachets, etc. It now attracts good dreams. Put some in a little bag and put it under your pillow, if you want. 
You can even pretend it’s pixie dust and throw it on your friends or something to bring them good dreams, whatever floats your boat.

Five and One: Silent Burden

(Inspired by @paperjam-bipper and @inkedinserendipity )

It’s Rangi who finds him, sitting on the mountainous entrance to Lalotai, absently tracing the patterns carved in his fishhook, eyes distant. His free hand taps on the stony ground, keeping the beat to some song only he knows.

“Maui?” the creator god asks, settling beside him, his robes shifting with the movement of some self-contained wind. “Maui, keikikāne, what troubles you?”

The demigod takes a deep breath, his hands going still. The tattoo on his back, sprawled across his shoulders in blue-black ink, weighs heavily, like the sky upon the backs of men. Looking downward, he’s sees the ocean far below, blue and bright, crashing onto the shore before drawing back with a scrape of rock. As a hawk, he would be able to focus on the individual grains of sand, but right now he’s just a man. Not even a man, a boy. A boy with curly hair that only just starts to hide the mark of his abandonment, spread across shoulders that will someday be broad and muscular, but for the moment are still weak and soft with youth. Maui, trickster, demigod of the wind and sea, and still just a boy cast out and, for the most part, unwanted.

“Nothing, makuakāne” Maui lies.

Maui’s arms and chest are covered in burns by the time the humans below are content with the speed the sun moves, his hair smoldering and his eyes watering from the heat and pain and smoke. He gags on a breath that tastes of burning skin and clamps his teeth down on the urge to be sick.

He lets his hook fall into the dirt and doubles over coughing, chest heaving, shoulders trembling, what little breath he can manage coming in gasps. The humans explode into cheers, and Maui wipes his streaming eyes and folds the hand that isn’t clutching his chest into the thumbs up. He can’t speak past the smoke in his lungs, past the rattling wheeze that is his breath, but he must pretend for the humans that he is not weak.

He can’t remember how old he is.

It’s his own fault, really. He stopped keeping count around two hundred, and he knows from the way the world has grown around him that it’s been awhile since then. The years had passed quickly, even as each day dragged on, intolerable, aching. He doesn’t even have a guess as to how many years have passed in his lifetime.

It’s never been something to celebrate before. The day he was born, the day he was thrown into the sea, abandoned, proved to be worthless and unwanted.

He’s on some island, faceless, nameless humans singing his praises, sitting in the shade, sharing a piece of breadfruit with a couple of songbirds, when the realization of his own timelessness and the helpless empty that lives in his head comes crashing down.

He starts laughing as an excuse for the tears in his eyes.

Maui pretends, a pattern of thought and action that has become as natural to him as breathing, as shapeshifting, as singing his own praises, as tying his hair back when he fights, as casting illusions. It’s as easy as the most basic movements, a facade too ingrained in him to be pushed aside completely, if at all.

He drags himself out of Lalotai pretending he feels victorious, pretending the tattoo on his shoulder is a badge of honor and not a scar, a mark of failure, pretending to be happy with the monster blood covering his hook and hands.

He pretends that the gasping hitch in his breath is because his ribs broke under Tamatoa’s claws, that it’s not the echoes of words forcing sobs from between his clenched teeth. Pretends that he’s hunched over out of pain, not because the grief wrapped around his heart is too much to let him stand. Pretends he’s wiping sweat and blood from his eyes and not tears. Pretends he’s fleeing to recover and not to mourn.

The humans, as always, believe him. Cheer as he lifts the severed crab leg and trust that his gritted teeth are a smile.

Even from the highest point on the island, all he can see is blue. The ocean surrounds him, like it does when he’s sailing, but he’s not out wayfinding, he’s imprisoned. He keeps his gaze forward, staring out at the sea, so that he doesn’t have to look at the island below him, nothing but grey-black rock and cream-colored sand, images of his hook carved into the stones with tally marks.

He’s forgotten what he’s tallying; days months years breakdowns grains of sand nightmares regrets. There are two full hook shapes and half of another, meticulously carved, a reminder of why he doesn’t fling himself into the sea, of what he was, and could be again.

Maui leaps off the rock with a howling, wordless mockery of his warcry, not looking down, and a jagged stone tears an ugly gash across his shoulder when he crashes into the beach. The only things that keep the disgustingly childish urge to break down from the agony and shame of it are habit and the itch on his chest (his little tattoo’s seemingly perpetual concern has skyrocketed into terror, and he’s dealing with more than enough without a miniature version of himself trying to get his attention.)

He lies there in the sand and grits his teeth until his jaw aches, and waits for the sky to stop spinning before he sits up and wipes at his face (not specifically his eyes, he convinces himself.)

Crawling on hands and knees into the water, Maui stares at his reflection for a moment, panting. Small eyes, reddened, ringed by shadows. A half-healed scar across his cheek. Mouth twisted with pain. Hair matted with sand and salt.

He kneels there and ignores the itch of his inked doppelganger’s worry, ignores the ripples breaking his reflection, ignores the pain pulsing in his back, ignores the ragged hitch in his breath, and doesn’t move for a long time.

The first time Maui sees Moana after Te Fiti, he is only passing by, flying in hawk form over the fleet of boats commanded by the Wayfinders of Montuni, led by Moana, and she smiles and waves, and he hopes that when their eyes met, she understands his silent promise to return.

He follows through on that promise two months later, and she flings herself into his arms just as she did when they parted, laughing through her tears. She’s still small, short enough that her feet down touch the ground when she clings to his neck and shoulders, and his hands fit around her waist when he tosses her into the air and catches her again, arms going around her with an urgent gentleness that he doesn’t have words for.

Moana mumbles something into his shoulder, and he shifts, jostling her in his arms until she’s not tucked so firmly against him. “What was that, Curly?” he asks, eyes bright, breathless with joy. “Can’t hear you when you mumble.”

“Ohana.” She breathes, one hand moving to the back on his head to draw him into a hongi. “Ohana, Maui.”

He’s spent enough time around humans to know the word means family. But this curly-haired non-princess with her arms around his neck and sand on the bottoms of her feet is the first person to ever say it to him.

He buries his face in her hair, folding her in his arms as though he can keep her there forever. “Moana…” he chuckles, but his voice is wavering, wet and choked, and any other words die in his throat.

She pulls away to smile at him, and his knees almost give out at the love in her expression. Even through his blurring vision he can see fondness shining in her eyes.

“Ohana.” he chokes out, not hiding at all how much he needed that word, that assurance, how much he needs her.

She knows without him saying a word, because he doesn’t feel like he needs to pretend, not around her.

Anthro Fluff starter: open to anyone

A 5 year old Fang was playing in the sandbox, humming a lullaby to himself and smiling. Other kids wouldn’t play with him because the last on that tried, he accidentally bit him and now the other kids are afraid of getting bitten. The young nightmare was building a sand castle and smiles when it’s done “Rawr!” He gets up and starts kicking the sand castle “I ‘ave come for the beautiful princess!”

RotG Anniversary Favorite Ship: Blackice


I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already! Time pass by too fast! This is my first contribution to this anniversary week, a little late, but I think late contributions are fine. Better late than never. 

Since I saw this movie back in November 21st, 2012, my one and only OTP has been Blackice. And it still is. I still ship it as hard, as first time I saw Jack and Pitch on the big cinema screen, as they faced each other in Antarctica. I told myself at that moment, OH DEAR NO please I don’t want to face the pain of shipping them, but that scene was too strong to handle, as I gave up and accepted it, and I was a lost cause. 

So here comes a few reasons as to why I ship Blackice!

* The shared loneliness and depression. - Jack and Pitch has been through so much in their lives, and both have shared the same type of loneliness and rejection, of not being believed in, neither by humans, nor spirits. Pitch is thousands of years old, and throughout his life time, he did most likely not have any close relationships with anyone. After all, he is the King of Nightmares, considered a dark spirit, and someone who should be shoved under beds and forgotten. Fear was viewed as something bad, that could never bring out any good, and when the Guardians came into existence, Pitch saw as humanity stopped believing in him. Everything he lived for, his identity, had broken into pieces like shattered glass. Pitch wasn’t a good spirit, as he enjoyed how powerful he had been during the dark ages, and was willing to eradicate those who were against him. But there had to be a reason of his existence. Why was he alive in the first place? And as humans stop believing, not only did he lose his reason for living, but he became much lonelier. He didn’t have any friends… or even allies in the first place, but now no one ever saw him. 

Moving on to Jack, he woke up, as he was revived by the Man in the Moon, not having a single memory of his past life. He was brought into a new life, without ever receiving any love and recognition from humanity, or any spirit… for 300 years. For three centuries, he spent his life in loneliness, and while it’s not mentioned literally in the movie that Jack suffered depression, I’m certain that he did. And so did Pitch. But they handled their situation differently. Jack wasn’t bitter; he did not want to seek revenge on anyone, for not being believed in, unlike Pitch, who had a deep hatred for the Guardians. (Maybe because Jack didn’t have any believers that had stopped believing in him in the first place.) Jack was willing to bring happiness to others, even if he would never find happiness himself. While Pitch… he let the darkness eat him up, consume him, until one day he had enough, and decided to try destroying the Guardians. The depression and loneliness both hurt them so much.

Jack could never be like Pitch, even as Pitch reached out and offered his company to him, because Jack wasn’t filled with revenge and hatred. But their loneliness were still the same, and I believe that they could find comfort in one another because of it. Depression doesn’t go away just like that, and even as Jack became a Guardian, and gained a few believers, he would still be quite lonely from time to time. And Pitch… well Pitch is back at where he started. Alone and forgotten. Again. 

Jack could perhaps… reach out to Pitch, just as the Nightmare King reached out to him, but this time with no ill intentions. I believe Jack could help Pitch find the light, a reason for his existence again, and realize that he doesn’t have to be a villain. That his powers… that fear could actually bring good to people, and is necessary for the survival of humanity. And in return, Pitch could offer his comfort for Jack, as it isn’t easy being alone. They could bring each other up, rather than tear each other down. Together they could be strong, having a friend to rely on when life is hard… maybe even help each other gain believers! And that friendship could bloom into something more… <3

* The dynamic between cold and dark, fun and fear. - As Pitch gestured to the enormous ice-and-nightmare-sand sculpture that was made as they fought each other in Antarctica, it was proof that cold and dark can be very powerful together. It can be lethal, and in dark!Jack AUs, I find it a very interesting idea with a cold and bitter Jack Frost teaming up with Pitch Black. Together they could probably mass murder almost the entirety of humanity, if that was what they would want. I like dark!Jack, but my preference is canon Jack.

Could cold and dark bring anything but destruction and pain? Yes, by taking the form of fun and fear. Fun life moments brings humans closer, as does fear. Fun makes fond memories we look back on and cherish, while fear, in the right amount and used the right way, makes children cautious of dangers, and learns to protect one another from harm. If no one was afraid, and did not have any fears, then humanity would be extinct by now. By accepting your own fears, you learn to accept yourself, and grow as an individual. Don’t run away from your fears; face them, do something about it, and take care of those you hold dear… and have fun with them, while you’re still here! Fun and fear can be hold hand in hand, like a symbiosis. And mixed together, you get adrenaline; that thrilling sensation, scary, yet fun, and so addicting. 

And as Jack and Pitch spend more time with each other, they begin to feel that. Adrenaline, that makes their hearts race, intimidating, yet irresistible, making them appreciate how wonderful it is to be alive. What would life be, without darkness and light? One cannot exist without the other, or else we wouldn’t appreciate any of it. For both fun and fear brings us closer, and so it could to Jack and Pitch.

* To long for a family. -  “Too not be believed in?! To long for… a family!” That is what Pitch said in Antarctica. It is confirmed that the book novel series and the movie are two different universes, but this fandom likes to mix those two, and it blends really well. In the books, the King of Nightmares did have a family once… back when he was Kozmotis Pitchiner. Before he was possessed by fearlings, he had a wife and a daughter. In the books, Pitch do remember his daughter, at least a little, as he interacts with her in the fourth book. 

In my AU, he has faint memories of his past family, but they are weak. Pitch is no longer possessed by fearlings, as he is in control of himself and his own actions. He never fully regained his memories though. All he is certain about, is that he was someone before he was the King of Nightmares, and that he did have a family, but he since he can barely remember anything, it hurts him to no end. 

Jack lived for 300 years, without knowing he once had a family. It was torture. He had witnessed many happy families throughout his immortal life, and longed for the same. A sense of belonging, a home, someone who loved him… All these happy families were beautiful to him, and he yearned for it. 

Pitch did too. And it seems that in Antarctica, Pitch hoped not only to join an alliance with Jack… but become close to him, like a family member. Of course after all horrible actions he had done, it was only right for Jack to reject him. Let’s face it, Pitch is a jerk, no doubt about it! Nothing excuses that, but it explains why he acted the way he did. 

I like to headcanon, that as The Guardian of Fun and the King of Nightmares befriends each other, and eventually fall in love, their strong connection creates a bond, making them feel like a family. Jack feels secure in Pitch’s embrace, and Pitch in his. They help, support, and listens to each other, like lovers, yes, and as a family. (And you don’t have to be related to someone, to consider someone your family. People see their spouse as their family, which by the way, I’m totally positive for AUs in which Jack and Pitch get married. <3) 

* The Antarctica scene. - All scenes in RotG that involves Jack and Pitch gives me feels, but if it wasn’t for the Antarctica scene, I’m not sure if I would ship these two. I don’t feel like talking that much more about it, as it feels like I’ve already explained enough why I ship them so hard. 

It was the Antarctica scene, that proved to me that Pitch is more than just evil, and that perhaps, things could have turned out differently. There is more to Pitch than fear, hatred and darkness, I’m sure of it. He could be capable to change, but it would take a long time, as he would be required to realize that he was wrong, and be willing to change. It would be worth it though. It all comes down to if Pitch would be willing to change, and in my AU he could.

If Pitch hadn’t shown any sign of vulnerability, I would have seen him as a flat villain. But he’s not. He’s complex. He has his reasons, and it is not right, but it’s understandable. And since I believe there could actually be a good heart in Pitch, he and Jack could end up happy together, as friends, and also as lovers.

P.S - And visually, the Antarctica scene is GORGEOUS. (Well, this whole movie is gorgeous! So are the books!) The big and desolate landscape fit well with Jack’s sorrow and hopelessness. Pitch’s and Jack’s expressions were intense, as you could really feel what was going through their minds, and the ice-and-nightmare sculpture, now that is just mesmerizing to look at!

Thanks for reading! And happy anniversary!


Happy 100th Birthday, Tyrone Edmund Power Jr.!

(May 5, 1914 – November 15, 1958)

“Everything he did, he had to do well and to the best of his ability, whether it was in his personal life, in his professional career, or in his service to his country… He was beautiful outside and beautiful inside.”

—Cesar Romero

“[He] was a lovely gentleman with a great quality of imagination.”

—Myrna Loy

“…the truest, handsomest, best of the lot.”

—Darryl Zanuck

And, best of all, when asked what it was like to kiss Tyrone Power, Alice Faye would always reply…

“Like you’d died and gone to heaven.”




Like. They’re both supervillains. And both use black sand-ish looking stuff. It’s just that the former is actual Nightmare Sand (magic) and the latter is microbots (science). Meanwhile the first guy’s movie, Rise of the Guardians, is a Dreamworks superhero movie with a fantasy theme, and the second guy’s movie, Big Hero 6, is a Disney superhero movie with a science theme. The former is also a team of heroes fighting for kids, and the latter is a team of heroes made by young people.

Also it was funny enough before, how Yokai and Amon are both masked men running around and terrorizing their respective cities, but

now it’s even funnier

Twas All Hallows Eve

and all through the night

the dead were all rising

filling the women, men and children with fright

ghouls and goblins

in the streets they did roam

silently moving

from home to home

treats were the answer

to keep them at bay

should their bags stay empty

then a trick they would play

and as the night

dragged ever on

fear of Samhain kept the living

up until dawn

for this was the one night

that he came around

dealing out horror and fright

to the poor souls that he found

with a sack on his head

and another in hand

he would snatch up the living

and turn them to sand

nightmares he brought

to those in their beds

and made visions of monsters

dance in their heads

Some knew how

to keep Samhain away

a glowing Jack O’ Lantern

would save them today

So I bid you all

A happy Halloween

be safe and have fun

and beware of Samhain

and now I shall go

as silent as before

hey did you hear it

there was a knock at the door.