Like. They’re both supervillains. And both use black sand-ish looking stuff. It’s just that the former is actual Nightmare Sand (magic) and the latter is microbots (science). Meanwhile the first guy’s movie, Rise of the Guardians, is a Dreamworks superhero movie with a fantasy theme, and the second guy’s movie, Big Hero 6, is a Disney superhero movie with a science theme. The former is also a team of heroes fighting for kids, and the latter is a team of heroes made by young people.

Also it was funny enough before, how Yokai and Amon are both masked men running around and terrorizing their respective cities, but

now it’s even funnier

“Look at what we can do” 

I just wanna get this off my chest here so 

When Pitch said “Look at what we can do” and pointed to that massive ice sculpture, the first thought in my head was: “Ok… but… wtf is that” 

That ice sculpture looks like something Jack could do if he had tons of more power, if not do better. So I started to think and kinda realized the potential of what Jack and Pitch’s powers combined could lead to. 

Jack’s power is ice, and Pitch’s “power” is nightmare sand. Nightmare sand is easily dispersible, and easily changed into dreamland, but with ice, it gives the sand a protected coating; so it can be transformed into something else very easily, and it will surely take more than one hit to destroy it. 

On the other hand, ice melts. Nightmare sand is basically shredded rocks that can’t be melted until 1200 degrees C / 2192 degrees F, so perhaps the nightmare sand protects the ice from completely melting away so easily? 

When I thought of it that way, it makes way more sense as to how impressive the potential between Jack and Pitch’s powers are. 

The ice and sand sustain each other, keeping a tight bond, and become almost indestructible. If my head canon actually is a canon, then that ice sculpture will never melt and probably stay in Antarctica for all eternity 

just a thought