Does anyone ever wonder what the nightmare sand would feel like?

Would it be fine and silky, weaving its way through your pores and into your blood?

Or coarse and rough, the sensation of bugs crawling across your skin.

Perhaps it would be like the persistent itch you get when you don’t wash sand away properly.

Would it be hot like the sickly feeling of fear or would it be cold like the icy chill down your spine?

I had the best dream the other night. Normally I have nightmares so to have a dream that wasn’t so bad is a rare blessing. There were scary, anxious parts but driving to an area I’ve never seen before where clouds touch the ground and I can move them as though they’re fog was awesome. I felt insignificant yet powerful, adventurous and free but alone and desparate to find others. All in all, the view of clouds moving among mountains of sand was worth the anxiety I felt.

themicagem asked:

Nightmare Meme -- Endless sand from east to west. No features, no dunes, not even a rock or cactus breaks the monotony. The relentless sun parches Lapis' skin and burns her face. Everything shakes, the sand begins to fall out from under her as two muscular orange arms burst from the sand and begin to drag her down below the sand. "Prepare to be trapped on MY terms," she hears Jasper's voice in her mind. As she's pulled below, she reaches upwards in desperation before darkness swallows her whole.

                 Confusion was clear on the gem’s face as she looked around quickly. If she had a heart, it would be pounding in her chest. What was this? She’d never dreamt before… and ugh, it was too hot! There was sand everywhere, but no water… a desert, of course…

               She gasped as the all-too-familiar arms grabbed her, and she began to struggle wildly, thrashing about and trying to get free as she was dragged. No, no, not again! Not this again! She can’t be trapped again!

               Her struggles did her no good. A cry for help left her as she felt her body tire out. She tried to grab upward, tried to grab something, anything.

               And then there was darkness, drowning, awful darkness. She couldn’t see anything, couldn’t feel anything, couldn’t hear anything. At least in the mirror she had senses, but now she was deprived of everything.

                Her own screams woke her up as she bolted upwards on the couch, breath coming in short spurts. She was shaking, about to panic. Every time she closed her eyes she saw nothing but the awful darkness that had consumed her.

               It took her several moments of hyperventilating to hear the ocean outside. She was still in the little beach house that Steven had insisted she stay in for a while.

               She was okay, she was fine.
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By Kat Smith

Thinking about that last post reminded me of something really embarrassing I did in 8th grade with a fanfiction.
I was role playing Jack Frost at that time and that’s where I really got into fan fic writing. So I wrote a fanfic about Jack Frost based on an RP I had. Long story short Pitch like.. infects Jack with his nightmare sand to kind of brainwash/change jacks mind to make him evil but in the process needed to make him blind so he would suffer and change his mind that way??

Basically I got 6 chapters of this.

So. it was almost winter break in 8th grade. I got sick the week of benchmark tests so I missed like everything. I had so many tests to make up and it was hell. And in English we had to write a creative story to give to her as a test sort of thing. Instead of an essay. I was like, oh great I’ll just give her one of my pre written fan fictions.
So I fucking did

I gave her five chapters of this Jack Frost fan fic. It was 17 pages.

In my head it's halloween

It was when we lived in Germany. Somehow … the “golden years”. Besides that we had a house that was vast and spooky, my dads store/warehouse was weird too. The only problem I ever had was my clock turning on the radio in the middle of the night (and nights only) until I was waking up and screaming for mom. We were surrounded by strawberry/wheat/sugarbeet fields and trees. Wild animals were just a bonus.
My parents were younger at that point of time and even had enough money and time (and friends) to actually go on vacation. Their destination was Canada. And my mom fell in love with Canada. So did I. But that was later.
It was the night when they returned from the airport. I was sleeping quite well when I was younger, except I had an awful amount of nightmares. One particular nightmare was with sand or rather a desert. Sand was sliding down a small opening and I felt like I could see the whole world from where I stood. I always woke up scared, sweating and pissing myself.
My parents never actually returned. They died in the plane as it crashed into the ocean. Their bodies were buried in our garden, right behind my beloved swing. I was in grief. But at night they were alive and I was more than glad to see them. My happiness in that moment could not be put in words. Because of my happiness, my parents took me into their graves as the sun came out again and I was now never left from them again, meaning, I died too. As I woke up, I was crying. And I believed that they never returned. It took me a good while to realize it was just a dream.
I was seven, I believe.

After this, I never had any more nightmares. Or I can’t remember any. One day though, I was swimming. I used to swim a lot when younger and would love to start again if I wouldn’t be so insecure about my body. It was a swim in the ocean. I love shark movies, or sea monsters in general, but they never kept me from swimming in the ocean. And I drowned. I was dragged down in the water and I couldn’t catch my breath until everything went dark and I managed to breath again as I woke up.
I was thirteen I believe.

I’m pretty sure it was that time it started for me to have really bad nights. I couldn’t sleep and if, only two to three hours. I could hear the train every night. Then we moved. And it passed after a while. I started to sleepwalk instead. I remember waking up in the kitchen, I front of my parents bedroom door and the living room. This passed too after a while and I slept good. And we moved again.

I can’t clearly remember the details, but I think it was some sort of warehouse that had stairs that led up to the front door. It was a very old house and it was a very stormy night with thunder. My cousin and I walked up to the door and opened it. To skip most of the boring crap, we were stopped by a cage. A cage that was filled with something black inside. It had eyes, it was making noises and never in my life had I such a fear from looking at something like this time. As we managed to get out again, we never returned and my cousin said “let’s never go back”. For some reason I couldn’t sleep well at all then. It must have been 5 or 6 years ago, the very last time my cousin and I actually did something together. When I met him again a month ago, he was a grown up. Helped my uncle. Drove the car. Didn’t even notice me … It was pain.

It was the feeling I had when this incident happened with the man. It was when I had him watching over me. He wasn’t there, but I felt like he stalked me. And yet again I had that feeling. My cousin was running around the house, she was happy as she always is. Eventually, I watched a shadow pass in front of me. It was what I feared the most. He was standing in front of my window and looked inside my room. He watched me trying to sleep. Until I noticed that shadow. And I was scared. I wanted to cry, scream, kick or just run away, but nothing. As I woke up, I had trouble sleeping and was as afraid as I’ve never been. I couldn’t even look at the window, because I was certain this was not a dream.