witchy-woman’s spell jars.

Y’all are requesting spell jars I already have, and i realized they are properly buried in my blog so here’s what we have so far (plus the other posts like recipes and tutorials) 

Updated – March 14th 2017


L G B T Q  S E R I E S

O T H E R  P O S T S 

Anti-Nightmare Pouch

Warning: this will not help cure illnesses such as PTSD, this isn’t a replacement for therapy. However for typical nightmares, it’s intent that makes a spell work. Try not to doubt yourself! If you do, I recommend grounding yourself first before every spell you do!


Pouch or Jar (I put my pouch in a jar bc the ashes came through my pouch so make sure your bag isn’t permeable!)                                                               Metal bowl or cauldron (to burn safely)                                                       Ashes (possibly of sigil or just charcoal, add more paper to the sigil u burned so there’s more ash to work w)                                                                Rosemary (improves health & love)                                                                  Pink Himalayan Salt (purification, Self-love, promotes healthy lifestyle)              Bloodstone (healer)                                                                                          Lighter or match (to light candle)                                                                        5 or more drops of black candle wax (protection)

Optional:                                                                                                               Dried or fresh lavender (promotes tranquillity, incense works too!)             Nails (preferably iron but any are okay, these are for more protection)


1) Add the ash, salt and herbs                                                                                 2) Add in your cleansed bloodstone                                                                       3) Drip in your black candle


Leave it in your bedroom while you sleep. Preferably on a windowsill, under the moonlight. Then bury the pouch somewhere far, where you don’t go too often and let go of it. Let the negativity go. You may get rid of the bloodstone or cleanse it with the rest of your gems. Good Luck! And get rid of your nightmares, repeat if needed

(Optional: find a cleansing bath you like to help rid more negative energy/ intrusive thoughts if you feel the need to)

Jar spell from @witchy-woman ’s Tumblr.
No nightmares jar.
I have been having Night terrors/flashbacks from a traumatic event from my past, they have mostly passed but I’m sure a little magick could help them find their way out a lot faster!
Layers starting from the bottom:
Pink sea salt: Protection
Rosemary: Protection And sleep
Cloves: Drives away negativity
Spearmint: Protection while sleeping
Chamomile: Calming and Purification
Lavender: Peaceful sleep

/Edited to add\ Sage: Healing

I have confidence that this is the last little kick I need to get these restless night to stop.

Thank you @witchy-woman for this spell!

anonymous asked:

I feel like this retrograde has hit me hard, including with daily nightmares like I haven't had in a long while. Do you have any idea what might be the cause or what can I do? I've cleansed and used crystals but it only seems to get worse

i don’t really dabble with astrology too much but from what i have read, people with certain signs in venus are affected differently. 

@witchy-woman’s no more nightmares jar

@lightofmars “warm star” dream & nightmare protection spell

@swampseer‘s nightmare repellant


The Nightmare Before Christmas Cookie Jar

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Nightmares Be Gone Jar

So, this is what I used to make a nightmares be gone jar for my best friend. She gets these really horrid and terrifying nightmares and I wanted to do something witchy for her.

Objects needed

  • Chamomile (I used a tea bag) - Relaxation
  • Jasmine (I used a tea bag) - Calm Sleep
  • Rosemary - Prevent Nightmares
  • Bay Leaf - To get the kind of dreams you wish for
  • Lavender - Peaceful sleep
  • Salt - Protection
  • Mint - Healing
  • Anise Seeds - Prevent disturbing dreams
  • Cloves - Protection
  • Basil - Dispel Fear
  • Oregano - Joy

Burn a candle of choice (I didn’t, I’m a very just toss it in and hope for the best kind of witch)

Stick herbs in a jar. Infuse with intent.

If you’re corking it and want to seal with wax, I suggest blue wax.

As always, herbs are optional. Pick and choose what you want/what you have on hand.

i-am-an-adult-i-swear  asked:

Hi Morbidy! I saw your post about the Nightmare Jars. Thank you for posting it! I'm very interested in Wicca and spells, especially protective ones. I was wondering: if a nightmare jar were to accidentally break somehow, or if someone were to unwittingly open the jar, would that release the negative energy? And if so, how would that be countered?

Oooh, interesting question! (original post here for those of you following along at home)

Ideally, the negativity attracted to the jar would have been purified/destroyed by the salt and other ingredients in the jar, and by the routine of cleansing it in sunlight. Opening it shouldn’t have too ill of an effect. It’s like those sticky-pad pest traps - the creature is already dead at that point and opening it won’t release the dead mouse into the room (ugh i hate to think about those traps but it makes a good comparison).

However, sometimes the jars can become “overloaded” I’ve discovered (either they were not made strongly enough, or were too small for the intensity of the nightmares). In that case, there may still be negativity trapped in the jar that could escape into a room were it to be accidentally unsealed.

If a jar were to break or be opened, here is what I would probably do to remedy the situation:

  • Burn (or otherwise discard) the black bundle of yarn. It and the hair are meant to be the attracting agents in the spell to draw the negativity in. If there was icky energy left, it would be concentrated in that black bundle.
  • Cleanse the area by whatever way your practice recommends. I like using smoke (bet you couldn’t guess that from my url), but any cleansing method you would normally use would work.
  • If you feel things were released from the jar, you may want to upgrade it when replacing it - use a bigger vessel, or use more potent ingredients. Like I said, ideally there would be nothing left to get out, but if you feel there is when it breaks, it may be a sign you need a larger/stronger spell.

Thanks so much! I love when people throw these kind of questions at me because it gets me to think more about my theories and practices!