I interrupt all forms of production and programs to let you know that I alongside the gorgeous @therealpokahontas got published in Pump Magazine for her Nightmare Before Christmas genderbent Jack Skellington cosplay and yes this is my first publication.

I’m releasing the full shoot on my blog Halloween night.

In the meantime, follow the model and MUAH @therealpokahontas on Instagram and Facebook.

Follow the photographer and digital retoucher @jaseminedenisephotography on Instagram and Facebook.

“ I sense there’s something in the wind
That feels like tragedy’s at hand
And though I’d like to stand by him
Can’t shake this feeling that I have
The worst is just around the bend “

Sally, Nightmare before Christmas
@disneygenderbender Designed by @peachiicos
Cosplay Made and Worn by my self
Wig from Arda
Cut/Colored/Styled by my self.
Photo by @paintedqueencos


Throwback Thuesday Halloween Special! :D

There is a small Convention in my hometown which sets normaly at the end of october and sometimes it’s on the same day as Halloween. I always try to cosplay something fitting, if this occours! :D

In 2008 two friends and I dressed up a Oogie Boogies Boys and it was a blast! All three of us a great fans of Tim Burtons The Nightmare Before Christmas and having a whole group was simply amazing!

Also: Cosplaying Oogie Boogies Boys is terrible fun!

Lock: myself  | Shock: GabdeVue  |   Barrel: MissKrone

Photos: MissKrone

All costumes are made from fluffy fleece, the masks from craftfoam and paperclay.

The Shock costumes was made by Krone and me - She sewd the dress, I made hat, wig, the mask and dyed the border on the dress.