nightmare chica

Happy Halloween at Freddy

it would seem that it’s not a good idea to go scare this house huh Bendy??

ok ok I’m late for halloween… sorry but hey I wanted to do that ♥

“Uh-oh! How unfortunate. Uh-oh! How unfortunate. I’m gonna do a sneaky thing, and throw a new contender in the ring.”

I just spent 7 hours making this for no reason because I watched Markiplier play FNAF UCN. Every time I look at this it makes me smile and that is all I can ask for with my art! This is how I see Deedee bringing in new characters into the night. Get ready for more stupid fnaf ideas once my back stops hurting!


There were 8 in the bed and the Crying Child said,
“Roll over! Roll over!”

So they all rolled over and Nightmare Bonnie fell out–CLANG!

i am so sorry but this wouldn’t leave me alone. in the second panel N. Cupcake’s thinking ‘shit man’ or smthn of that. i have no idea how they all fit in that bed–but show of hands, who else was that kid that crammed EVERY TOY they had in their bed with them?

More FNAF in the NITW style! I have too much fun with this; it’s really enjoyable to draw them so adorable. 

For some reason Nightmare Foxy and Nightmare Freddy came out darker than intended because the monitor I drew them on is lighter… that’s annoying.

(please do not edit, trace or repost!)


Let the festivities begin!!