nightmare street

Let me talk about Terrordrome

Basically I wanted to reblog some horror related stuff first. Bur also I wanted to make some sort of a post. Originally a Freddy Vs Jason one but decided it be Terrordrome.

So Terrordrome is a actual game made by developers that is seriously a fighting game similar to Mortal Kombat in some ways featuring iconic horror characters of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Basically the original idea of how the idea of Freddy Vs Jason being epic. But it’s Terrordrome which really brings the word epic to life considered how awesome the game looks and plays. Here’s some awesome wallpapers using the official models from the game

Guess that’s all okay. But seriously honestly epic because while I want more horror related crossovers. The pains of copyright and how lawyers will approach it is truly a pain in the ass. But it’s a bunch of awesome ideas people can think of right? Indeed honestly I wonder if I should try to download this game.

Took a while to get tags done and had to Google Maniac Cop for the name. But yeah wanted to make this and share these because they look cool nothing belongs to me though.