nightmare stag

Soooo I know I posted a few progress shots before, but I actually documented the entire art process of my most recent artwork while I was making it! 

In case you haven’t seen it yet, this is the finished piece. 

I know the quality is a little bit grainy, but I’m a fanartist and not a gif maker and this is the best I could manage <_<’’

grahamdesign  asked:

Can you show me some Hannibal's and Hannigram's tumblr? I just created Tumblr

Hello! Welcome to the fandom, Love! I hope you enjoy it here– this is the best fandom ever. I would be more than happy to recommend some blogs for you to follow! This will be a fairly long list, so just bear with me. :)

@graham-muffin @blind-inviting-alleys @chronicopheliac @begintoblur @a-freak-brainstorm @vampireinvitations @nephila-main-blog @avegetariancannibal @the-winnowing-wind @cannibalcuisine @cannibalharpsichord @fannibalgrowingcircle @ri0tangel @oftempestsandteacups @not-a-bit-good @hannahbelle–lecter @murdersymphony @thisismydesignhannibal @feyestwords @granpappy-winchester @existingcharactersdiehorribly @hannibalsbattlebot @destinyawakened @electrarhodes @emeraldpoison @super-queer-hannibal-obsession @azuresky2011 @h4nnibalism @tygerandthelamb @raven-feathered-nightmare-stag @hanfangrahamk @littlethingwithfeathers @hannabellegraham @funkyracoon @ofdvorakanddastardlyschemes @social-antisocial @tiersein @mxpopsiclestix @hotmolasses @purplesocrates @ink-in-murder @wolftraptobaltimore @hannibalsimago @avidreadr2004 @cannibalhouse @miasmatik @he-s-dead-jim @serenitynerd @pragnificent @willgrahvm @hildezart @cinnamaldeide @le-wendigogo @crazyquilt @diea-kierlyn @krey-9-jorce @amarriageoftrueminds @aglassroseneverfades @hannibalina @hannigrahamable @cannibalistic-joker @fannibaling @spicywillgraham @evertonem @emungere @lovecrimemp3 @v-e-l-v-e-t-g-o-l-d-m-i-n-e @vulcanplomeeksoup @gayswampcannibal @willgrahamsdogs @that-within @bonearenaofmyskull @bonearenas @vergerbabbyblues @shesallrightnow @fragile-teacup @mongoosesandshatteredteacups @samui-sakura88 @daughterofthemurderhusbands @cannibal-crackers @nihilistlover @neverbeglamour @kellucydar @whatacunningboy @fannibalgallery @hannibal-appropriation @carrioncrowned @felidfannibal @sofancydancy @fataldrum @messy-scandinoodle @amatesura @demonicsexuality @missdisfortune @the-un-brokenteacup @insanereddragon @ishipthemsogoddamnhard @yggdrastiles  @victorineb @hannibalstills @hannibalartblog @hannigram-a-b-o-library @hannibalficwriters @camilleflyingrotten @fannibalmonica

Y’all, please add some more blogs! I know I’ve missed some! <3


“You are alone because you are unique.”

Painting by me!
I just wanted to show the process. I started out sketching my idea down and slowly built the image up with black. I used a combination of graphite pencil, color pencil, watercolor, & ink.
I’m in love with Mads’s subtle facial expressions that really brought so much life to Hannibal, I feel like I was able to capture some of it in this piece.

Quick cute and/or creepy ravenstag doodle for the anon who bought me my first Ko-Fi coffee: I see you, and I love you. Also for the peeps who have bought things from me on RB!! Shoutout to @caelav, @teacupsmasher (on Twitter) & all you other anons :D

And the verbal support also means a lot y’all, thanks a bunch <3

Re-watching Season 3, Episode 1. Hanni on a motorcycle…

Curious: Who would win in a race-

1) a motorcycle bearing the weight of a cannibal AND his massive Ego, or

2) the Nightmare Stag bearing the weight of an FBI Special Agent and his crippling fear of being caught by the aforementioned cannibal…?

Nightshift sketches: 3 JUN 17

And that was exactly how Hannibal found them when he stumbled upon the Midnight Parade… 😆 He didn’t stop them, of course. Just watched….

(Bonus: Rare insight into the mind of Winston– ‘My last owners never took me on midnight walks! Best. Human. Ever!’)

(Bonus Bonus: Rare insight into the mind of the Nighmare Stag– ’…swiggity swag…’)

Sketch with color pencils: 6MAY17


All my Hannibal work from this Week. It’s been an overall great experience that helped me practice some great skills. Also got the chance to draw characters I never had before!