nightmare shark

sewer sharks & infant exorcisms;

[recollection of lost memories
& nostalgic aftertaste
a stinging sensation curling my toes
breath stolen from my lungs]

the world runs crazily under my feet
i’m too busy trying to stand still
even while sewer sharks shake potholes
striking fear into society’s heart

churches burn to ash & priests slip away
but i’m still too busy trying to stand still
while performing infant exorcisms
on my own baby brother (who ate the devil)

flecks of gold scattered in her eyes
reminded me of a past i tried to forget
dreams & nightmares (or is it day-mares
& night-dreams) haunt my existence

(she knows, she knows)

everybody screams & everybody dies
can’t all live in the sewers & pray for Fathers
to restore balance to our broken cores
everybody screams & everybody dies

** interpretations of my childhood nightmares **

  • Sly Cooper Games: We're for kids. Yeah kids will like us.
  • Sly Cooper Games: Here's some infuriating gameplay, some impossible to beat missions, some paranormal shit, a giant owl and a spider lady that will give you nightmares, sharks faster than the speed of light, scary ass bears, wolves, wolves disguised as statues, a main character that loses the ability to use their legs in a horrific accident...did we mention the wolves?
  • Me: I love it.

anonymous asked:

♆ for Shark & ↪ for Astral?

♆ The worst kind of neighbor they could have, and how they deal with them


Vector is the worst neighbor he could have, and living with him is a nightmare. 

Shark genuinely doesn’t take any of Vector’s bullshit and is okay with shoving Vector around and throwing him into a headlock if anything bugs him too much. 

↪ Internet browsing activities

Oh boy, Astral’s browser history is beautiful for one thing. 

“Definition of a dank meme” 

“What is a feel”

“Does Reginald Kastle is gay” 

“Hello google search bar, I am intrigued if there is anyone at the other side of this responding to what I type and if so I am willing to engage in a conversation about duel monsters because I believe I have a lot more to offer than you do”

#Mermay ft my favourite, the Megalodon a.k.a i pray the fuck out that these babies are still alive in the deepest parts of the unknown ocean

Reaching lengths of up to 60 feet and an estimated maximum weight of over 60 tons, the Megalodon is the largest known predator in Earth’s history. The modern Sperm Whale is longer, but probably not as heavy as the Megalodon. To compare this size, the largest modern Great White sharks max out around 23 feet and 3 ½ tons. This makes the Megalodon nearly 3 times as long, and 20 times and heavy as the Great White Shark.

Tbh i would love to know more about these literal killing machines that would be the origin to all our shark nightmares. Tbh i believe that due to the huge amounts of food they had to ingest a memory of the sharks remained as that of vicious and indiscriminating killers.


   Post-traumatic stress disorder, it had somehow healed with Henry by his side. When he first arrived home the day he dug himself out of his own grave, the days that followed were a living nightmare. Visions of imaginary sharks coming to tear at his skin, fishes nibbling at his deteriorating body and the sea water robbing him of his air. 

  Today though, it arrived. Something so mundane like washing dishes sent him into a downward spiral. His mouth hung open but no scream would come out, his body started shake and his hands went to cover his eyes. There he knelt, among the broken plates.

The Cretaceous period was basically the Earth’s goth phase, when all it cared about was finding something evil and monstrous enough to freak out its conservative parents. And it finally found that in the Hainosaurus and Tylosaurus, two types of prehistoric sea lizard that mama sharks used to scare their little shark babies into finishing their mackerel. Oh, and hey: You don’t need to imagine what those freaky shark nightmares looked like; National Geographic has done that for you.

But don’t worry; it’s not what it looks like. Tylosaurus didn’t really use that row of vicious teeth, nor even the two additional rows behind it. They were just there to make sure anything it swallowed whole didn’t wriggle free.

Oh, right: They swallowed sharks whole.

8 Prehistoric Creatures Ripped Directly from Your Nightmares