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How To Make And Prepare Herbs

Since the effectiveness and the value of most herbs are greatest when the plants are fresh, the best preparations are usually those that you make yourself from freshly gather herbs. And what a satisfying feeling to be able to identify your remedy in the field and to extract natures healing elements and put them to use, all through your own efforts! (Some plants, however, should be used only dried or in professional preparations to avoid or minimize the detrimental effects.)

But even the best plant materials can be ruined if you use the wrong kind of process in preparing your remedies. The choice depends primarily on the identity of the plant, the plant parts being used, the elements to be extracted, the form in which the remedy will be taken or applied, and the effect to be achieved. A little experimentation will soon indicate the adjustments that need to be made to suit you or someone else’s needs.

Don’t be impatient, though, if you don’t get immediate results from the preparations. Herbs are not one-shot wonder drugs in the modern sense; rather, their effectiveness is based on gradual action to restore the natural balance of bodily functions that constitutes health. Very few plant remedies produce lasting beneficial effects after only one or two doses; most treatments involve taking the remedy daily for at least several weeks of this is also greatly helped or hindered by your overall lifestyle, especially your diet. A healthful  diet and sufficient exercise to keep your body in good condition are valuable for both preventing much illness and for helping to overcome it when it does strike.

The only prepared remedies that can be kept for any length of time are ointments and those made with alcohol. The alcohol will preserve the latter, and a little gum benzoin or tincture or benzoin(a drop per ounce of fat) will preserve selves or ornaments made with a perishable base. Make infusions, decoctions, cold extracts, juice, poultices, and fomentations fresh each time. Whenever you do store any plant preparations, sterilize the containers before putting the preparations in them.

The following types of preparations are those most commonly and conveniently used in herbal medicine. The doses given our four average adult use and must be adjusted for age and condition for children and weak or elderly people, or when using very potent plants, use 130 to 2/3 the adult dose.


An infusion is a beverage made like tea, by combining boiling water with plants, usually the green parts or the flowers, and steeping to extract their active ingredients. The relatively short exposure to heat in this method of preparation minimizes the loss of volatile elements. The usual amount is about 1/2oz to 1oz to a pint of water. Most often the water is poured over the plants, but some recipes require that the plants be added to boiling water, the pot then being immediately removed from the heat. Use an enamel, porcelain, or glass pot to steep the plants for about 10 minutes; then cover the pot with a tight-fitting lid to minimize evaporation. For drinking, strain the infusion into a cup or glass. Sometimes sugar or honey is added to improve the taste. For most purposes, take the infusion luke warm or cool; but to induce sweating and to break up a cold or a cough, take it hot. Most herbal teas are taking over a period of time in small, regular doses ranging from a teaspoon to a mouthful. The cumulative daily dose usually ranges from 1 to 4 cups, depending on the severity of the problem and the potency of the plant.


When you want to extract primarily the mineral salts and the bitter principles of plans, rather than the vitamins on volatile ingredients, decoction is your method of preparation. Hard materials such as wood, roots, bark, and seeds, also generally require boiling to extract their active ingredients. Boil about a half ounce plant parts per cup of water in it and I’m old or nonmetallic pot. Green plant parts can be added to cold water, brought to a boil,and boiled for 3 to 4 minutes; or they can be added to boiling water and then boiled for the same time. The mixture then steeps with a cover on the pot for 2 to 3 minutes. Hard materials need boiling for about 10 minutes the longer steeping to extract their ingredients. Strain of the plant parts before drinking or using the decoction. Directions for taking decoctions are the same as for infusions.


Preparation with cold water effectively preserve the most volatile ingredients and extract only minor amounts of mineral salts and bitter principles. Add about double the amount of plant material used for an infusion to cold water in and enamelled or nonmetallic pot. Let the mixture stand for 8 to 12 hours, strain, and the drink is ready. Directions for taking are the same as for infusions.  (Korach: I’ve had luck using oil and alcohol for Cold Extracts. My favorite being minced garlic in olive oil, I use it primarily for cooking)


Chop fresh plants or plant parts up into small pieces and press to squeeze out the juice. Add a  little water to the pressed material and press again to get the rest. This is a good method for extracting water-soluble constituents, especially those sensitive to heat. It is excellent for getting vitamins and miinerals from the plant; but the juice must be taken within a short time after pressing, since a vitamin content declines rapidly after fermentation sets in.(Korach: Of course we also have Juicers & Cold Presses to do this)


Grind dried plant parts with the mortar and pestle and or other implements until you have a powder. Powder can be taken with water, milk, or soup; sprinkled on food; or swallowed in gelatin capsules. A number 0 capsule holds about 10 grains; number 00 holds about 15 grains. The most common dose for powders is the amount that you can pick up on the tip of a dinner knife.


A basic syrup to which you can add medicine ingredients can be made by simply boiling 3lbs  of raw or brown sugar in a pint of water until it reaches the right consistency. Or you can boil the plant materials in honey or store-bought syrup and then strain through cheesecloth. Syrup is especially useful for administering medicines to children.


Combine 1oz to 4oz powdered herb(the amount depends on the plant’s potency) with 8 to 12 ounces of alcohol. Add water to make a 50% alcohol solution(you have to know what percent alcohol you started). Let stand for two weeks, shaking once or twice a day; then strain and pour the liquid into a bottle suitable for storage. Like other alcoholic extracts tinctures will keep for a long time. Homeopaths use very dilute tinctures as their basic medicinal preparations.


Dissolve an ounce of the herb’s essential oil in a pint of alcohol. This is a good way to preserve the volatile essential oils of many plants, which are generally not suitable in water.


Mix well one part of the remedy in powdered form with four parts hot petroleum jelly, lard, or similar substance. For purists, an old method is to boil the ingredients in water until the desired properties are extracted. Strain the liquid add the decoction to olive or other vegetable oil, and simmer until the water has completely evaporated. Add beeswax as needed to get a firm consistency. Melt the mixture by heating slowly, and stir until completely blended. I was pointed out above, a little gum benzoin or a drop of tincture of benzoin per ounce of fat(when a Percival fat is used as a base) will help to preserve the ointment.


The poultice, or cataplasm, is used to apply a remedy to a skin area with moist heat. To prepair, bruise or crush the medicinal parts of the plant to a pulp mass and heat. If using dried plants(or if needed even with fresh plants), moisten the materials by mixing with a hot, soft, adhesive substance, such as moist flour or corn meal, or a mixture of bread and milk. Apply directly to the skin. A good way is to spread the pace or pulp on a wet, hot cloth, apply, and wrap the cloth around to help retain moisture and heat. Moisten the cloth with hot water periodically as necessary. Where the irritant plants are involved(as in a Mustard “plaster”), keep the pace between the two pieces of cloth to prevent direct contact with the skin; after removing the poultice, wash the area well with water or herb tea(especially camomile or mugwort) to remove any residue that may have gotten on the skin. You can use the poultice to soothe, to irritate, or to draw impurities from the body depending on which plant or plants you use.


Sook cloth or towel in an infusion or decoction, ring out the excess, and apply as hot as possible to the affected area. A fomentation has about the same applications as a poultice but is generally less active and its effect.


Soak cloth or towel in an infusion or decoction that has been cooled, wring out the excess, and apply to the affected area. Leave on until it is warmed by body heat, usually 15 to 20 minutes. Repeat application with a fresh cool compress. Continue until relieved.


Hydrotherapy – the use of water for treatment of illness – is particularly popular in Europe, where health spas have elaborate facilities for all types of “water cures.” Often these include the use of mineral water or of mineral and herbal bath additives to enhance the natural healing power of the water or to produce particular effects on the body. But you don’t have to go to a European health resort to take healing baths: with a few simple supplies, you can enjoy the benefits right at home.

Full or partial herb baths come in all shapes and sizes, from the bathtub to the eyecup. Basically they are baths to which plant decoctions or infusions have been added. Depending on the plants used and the temperature, such baths can calm or stimulate the mind and body; open or close pores; relieve inflammation, itching, or pain; and exert various other beneficial effects.

Anti-Nightmare Pouch

Warning: this will not help cure illnesses such as PTSD, this isn’t a replacement for therapy. However for typical nightmares, it’s intent that makes a spell work. Try not to doubt yourself! If you do, I recommend grounding yourself first before every spell you do!


Pouch or Jar (I put my pouch in a jar bc the ashes came through my pouch so make sure your bag isn’t permeable!)                                                               Metal bowl or cauldron (to burn safely)                                                       Ashes (possibly of sigil or just charcoal, add more paper to the sigil u burned so there’s more ash to work w)                                                                Rosemary (improves health & love)                                                                  Pink Himalayan Salt (purification, Self-love, promotes healthy lifestyle)              Bloodstone (healer)                                                                                          Lighter or match (to light candle)                                                                        5 or more drops of black candle wax (protection)

Optional:                                                                                                               Dried or fresh lavender (promotes tranquillity, incense works too!)             Nails (preferably iron but any are okay, these are for more protection)


1) Add the ash, salt and herbs                                                                                 2) Add in your cleansed bloodstone                                                                       3) Drip in your black candle


Leave it in your bedroom while you sleep. Preferably on a windowsill, under the moonlight. Then bury the pouch somewhere far, where you don’t go too often and let go of it. Let the negativity go. You may get rid of the bloodstone or cleanse it with the rest of your gems. Good Luck! And get rid of your nightmares, repeat if needed

(Optional: find a cleansing bath you like to help rid more negative energy/ intrusive thoughts if you feel the need to)


Ever since that night at the warehouse, the last night that Tyler was presumed to be alive, Brooke’s been a nervous, bumbling wreck. She tried to limit her nightmares by reading remedies online of how to inspire more peaceful dreams but she occasionally woke up in a bone-chilling sweat, crying out for help which only concerned her newlywed; Jake. Because he was the one lying next to her, he was the one who coddled her back to sleep with what little safety his arms and sweet whispers could provide. Jake had been a great protector, phenomenal in fact. But, there were times (where even though she didn’t want to), Brooke just needed to detach. In order to attend classes, or do normal activities that were expected and required of her.

Like going to school. The atmosphere was different, and heavier as the students of Riverwood High tried to wrap their heads around yet another tragic loss. Even though, Tyler wasn’t the most well received person, his brutal death still affected the lives of so many. Both in good and bad ways. Some used his death as an excuse to skip class, while others figuratively popped champagne because Tyler had been so awful to them. Yet despite the torment that so many of her peers faced with Tyler, nothing compared to what Brooke and Jake and even her dad had went through. No one knew what happened that night except the three that were there. Brooke, Jake, and Quinn were the last three people to see Tyler alive. The cops didn’t know that, their friends didn’t know that, no one really knew that and no one could know. Unless, they wanted to become suspects in his murder case. And Brooke was confident she could speak for the three of them when she said that not a single one  wished to wear an ugly orange jumpsuit for the rest of their life. Especially not for Tyler who was more inclined to kill them than they were to kill him.

If anyone knew Brooke well enough, they’d see that something was different in the way she walked into school every day following the news of Tyler’s death. She traded in pumps for flats because the clicking of her heels that first day back reminded her too much of the clicking of the gun Tyler pointed at her and her loved ones. She was sensitive to sound and didn’t like to be touched by anyone other than Jake. Even if it was a hug. Everyone else’s hands just felt dirty and invasive on her skin and on her limbs. She’d rather her teachers, her friends, and her enemies keep their distance.

After leaving the guidance counselor’s office for mandatory grief counseling, Brooke stopped at her locker to grab her books for third period. The halls were empty aside from her small frame. Or so, she thought. From the corner of her eye, Brooke watched a shadow appear and then disappear in a flash. She gasped abruptly and slammed her locker door shut before holding her books tightly against her chest to take off down the hall towards the first busy classroom she could find. Whichever one didn’t matter, she just didn’t want to be a sitting duck for whoever was still out there, committing heinous crimes and ferocious murders. As soon as Brooke, rounded the corner, her body collided with that of another person. The impact caused her to drop her books and look up at them with tear stricken eyes. She wanted to cry because she just felt so helpless. Like she’d never feel safe, fully safe, ever again. “Great,” Brooke muttered, after wiping a small tear. She bent down to pick up her books while avoiding the other person’s eye contact.

          [   based on   for   @safcri   ]          her body wakes in a jolt,  sitting straight up almost immediately after her nightmare reaches it’s conclusion.  fingers move to wipe away the tears that formed during the event,  lingering on the surface of her skin as she readjusts to real life once more  ;  it’s not until then that she notices a silhouette standing in the frame of the doorway,  nearly jumping out of her skin before recognizing the other as her roommate.   sorry   i woke you up, didn’t i ?  i’ll google nightmare remedies online soon, i swear.

Nightmare Remedies

Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam has a nightmare, but you help ease him back to sleep.

Warnings: Mild mentions of gore and death, nightmare.

Requested by @trinityjadec

A/N: Sorry it’s a little short! And I’m also sorry the Cas Soulmate Part 2 isn’t up yet! I’m still thinking of plot. Thanks for being patient!

Originally posted by pagingdoctorsaxxy

“Run! Y/N keep running!” Sam desperately screams out, his feet seemingly glued to the ground.

Behind you, there’s a hoard of hell hounds, their invisible mouths foaming and snarling. 

You desperately run, reaching out for Sam. Your fingers graze his before you fall and the hounds pounce. You let out agonizing screams as they tear you apart, trying to crawl away. 

Sam’s screaming, his body forcing him to watch the horrific scene unfold before him. He watches you cry, he watches you writhe in pain, he watches the light leave your beautiful eyes.


He covers his ears and tries to look away.


His eyes shoot open, immediately meeting your concerned gaze. He holds onto you, as if you’d disappear any moment. 

You notice tears in his eyes, and you gently wipe them away. “Shh… it’s alright. It was just a nightmare. I’m right here”, you soothe, taking him into your arms.

He clings onto you like a child, but you don’t mind. Every hunter had their fair share of nightmares, including you. You’re grateful you have Sam to comfort you during those times.

“Do you want to cuddle?”. you ask him once he’s calmed down a bit, and he nods. Sam settles himself behind you and tries to wrap his arms around you to pull him to his chest, but you push him off, causing him to give you a hurt expression.

“Let me be the big spoon.”

Sam looks at you like you’ve grown another head, but reluctantly turns around and lets you press against his back. 

You wrap your much shorter arms around his large frame as best as you can and rest your head in the crook of his neck.

You have to admit, you look like a backpack on Sam, but neither of you mind. You place a comforting kiss on his neck before nuzzling your face back into the warmth of his nape and drifting off into slumber.

Sam lays awake for a moment, but feeling you so close to him in such a new way reminds him you’re here and safe.

And eventually, thanks to you wrapped around him, he finally drifts off into a much more peaceful, happy sleep.

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Has anyone ever seen that trainwreck Sleepwalkers by Stephen King? I honestly can’t stop laughing whenever I think of that movie. My family picked it up in a bargain bin way back when and I watched it once, when I was home sick from school. I’m still not convinced part of my memory isn’t just a terrible cold remedy nightmare. But like… It’s about incestuous shapeshifting cat-people who feed on virgins. I’m probably actually giving it more credit than it deserves.

I mean look at these fucking things.

What the fuck was King smoking? This isn’t even an adaptation! King WROTE this as a screenplay!!

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any post MJ canon about having their first child? not necessarily the pregnancy, but the first night, and big moments.

Here’s a bunch of fics that take place post-mockingjay and feature the toastbabies. 

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Do you have any favorite toast babies fics? Thanks!! I love this blog so much. It's super helpful.

Thank you so much! Here are a few that you should definitely check out:

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Anonymous said to everlarkficquestions:

do you know any good fics involving toast babies?

Here are a few:

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Nightmare Remedy: Bonnie, Hermione, and Damon

I tap my fingers on the hard wood of the table as I sat and processed my train of thoughts. Ever since we had gotten back from our small “date” at the lake, Bonnie had been having nightmares that usually led to her waking up in screaming fits, with pure terror being clearly reflected from her light brown eyes each time. She had described them as being dreams filled with images of kitsunes, the enemies that we had long ago defeated, and among many other things. Try as I might, I simply could not find the reason as for why she would be having these dreams, or a way to somehow stop them, and the whole situation angered me to no end. It was infuriating that I had to remain helpless and watch as each dream through her into a terrorized fit, and having no way to help her.

It was then that a name suddenly came to mind. Hermione Granger. I had only met the young witch once so far, but that simple meeting had been enough to tell me that she was indeed a powerful witch, even at her young age. Perhaps she would have an idea as to how one could make someone stop having nightmares….or at the very least, help us find a reason as towhyBonnie was suddenly having them.

Quickly making a decision to contact the witch, I picked up Bonnie’s phone, which had been left abandoned on the kitchen counter, and looked through her contacts, my dark eyes flashing in triumph as I come across Hermione’s name. Not wasting another second, I press the call button and hold the phone to my hear, waiting for an answer. Luckily, my little bird was somewhere upstairs, and would hopefully, for the time being, be unaware of the fact that I was making the call.

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I love your blog!! Anyways, I need to know the best of the best everlark fics that aren't au, so any post-mj, pregnancy, toastbabies, anything that's amazing:)

Here are several post-MJ stories that you should check out:

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Any fics with really cute Daddy!Peeta and/or Mommy!Katniss moments? Preferably one shots or drabbles but I'm not picky. I just need lots of toastbabies fluff lol

Here are a few:

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Hi , I was wondering if you know any cute daddy petta / mommy katniss fics. Thanks . love your blog

Thank you! Here are a few:

A Remedy Against Nightmares - Medea Smyke

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untitled drabble - misshoneywell aka peetaspenis

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