nightmare ravenstag

Soooo I know I posted a few progress shots before, but I actually documented the entire art process of my most recent artwork while I was making it! 

In case you haven’t seen it yet, this is the finished piece. 

I know the quality is a little bit grainy, but I’m a fanartist and not a gif maker and this is the best I could manage <_<’’

Quick cute and/or creepy ravenstag doodle for the anon who bought me my first Ko-Fi coffee: I see you, and I love you. Also for the peeps who have bought things from me on RB!! Shoutout to @caelav, @teacupsmasher (on Twitter) & all you other anons :D

And the verbal support also means a lot y’all, thanks a bunch <3


All my Hannibal work from this Week. It’s been an overall great experience that helped me practice some great skills. Also got the chance to draw characters I never had before!

well, there you go guys- my entrance for hannibook s Field Kabuki art book. I didn’t make it in but I am still happy with it ‘cause it was a bitch to draw n I’m always proud when I managed to fight through a complex idea ( graveformydarling was there for a massive chunk of the process and she knows the pain my back n wrist had to endure x_x)

And because I like the result, I put this piece into my Etsy shop too. If you wanna grab a print of it, click here :)