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All my Hannibal work from this Week. It’s been an overall great experience that helped me practice some great skills. Also got the chance to draw characters I never had before!

well, there you go guys- my entrance for hannibook s Field Kabuki art book. I didn’t make it in but I am still happy with it ‘cause it was a bitch to draw n I’m always proud when I managed to fight through a complex idea ( graveformydarling was there for a massive chunk of the process and she knows the pain my back n wrist had to endure x_x)

And because I like the result, I put this piece into my Etsy shop too. If you wanna grab a print of it, click here :)
Caged in silver and iron - Nalyra - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 21/21
Fandom: Hannibal (TV)
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Relationships: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham & Hannibal Lecter
Characters: Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Chiyoh (Hannibal), Molly Graham
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Will threw them off the cliff, leaving their fates to chance.
But chance has a funny way of being in other people hands, the decisions Chiyos this time, tired of being the little bird, deciding to be the one to clip their wings this time.



„I thought Will Graham was Hannibal’s biggest mistake. But I have to wonder if it isn’t you.“ (Bedelia)


She watches from afar, her fingertips tracing the inky prints on newspapers, some tabloid, some reputable, both far ends of the spectrum falling over themselves to cover the media circus that is Hannibal Lecter trial. Immutable for a while, until even the great outrage over a cannibal in Baltimore society’s midsts reaches its peak, the years of preparation for the actual trial taking its toll, the short attention span of todays audience drawn to other atrocities.

She does not waver, keeping her taps, vigilant and careful, never far. She pays someone to hack into the FBIs database and retrieve the video testimony of Will Graham, taped at Quantico, obviously refusing to take the stand though he attends the actual court hearings, every day. Unwavering, like her.

She watches him on the flickering image, too aware eyes hidden behind glasses again, the scar on his forehead hidden behind his long curls, body hidden in too much clothes, arms often crossed in front of his lower chest. Over the smile. That which is -his- hidden away from -them-.

Seeing as this is the start of a new year and we got the news that NBC Hannibal won’t be airing until this summer, I figured now is the best time to shower your blogs with recommendations to hold you over! This list consists of fannibal blogs, Hugh Dancy blogs, Mads Mikkelsen blogs, and a few odd balls such as food blogs and political blogs. Thank you all for giving me such fantastic content! 

Have fun diving in:


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*Special thanks to a1snicker for helping me to compile this list in alphabetical order with links!

Okay this is going to be a fucking long post. I’m sorry.  I was going to make one post to each person, but to be honest there are many people I want to tag in this. I don’t want to tag only my mutuals, because I don’t think that would be fair. I want to tag every fannibal who makes my dash beautiful. You all make me happy and I hope you had/are having a great fannibal appreciation day. I’ve never talked to many of you, I talk a lot to some of you, and maybe with others I’ve talked only once, it doesn’t matter. In this fandom I’ve met so many amazing people and I love being part of this. This show means so much to me you guys can’t imagine. Hannibal makes me happy. Fannibals make me happy. I love you all. Thank you for being here. 💕

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 Last but not least, there are two people I want to thank the most. The first one is ishaveforsherl. She was the one who made me watch Hannibal in the first place, and watched everything with me (season 1 and 2). I wouldn’t be in this amazing fandom if it wasn’t for her. 

 The second is magiesmith, who currently watches Hannibal with me and freaks out about Hannigram and writes an amazing Hannigram roleplay with me. 

 I’m sorry for the long long post. I just really wanted to make everyone feel loved. You are all amazing and I love every blog I listed here. If I forgot to tag someone, I’m really sorry. I love you all.

‘the haunt’ - a mix for will graham’s nightmares (& the ravenstag)

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To my dear followers and fellow fannibals. Wednesday I reached 3.000 followers and I still don’t know what to say, because I can hardly put into words how much this means to me. Thank you is what I need to say. When I first joined this website I didn’t expect it to become such an important part of my life – but you made it. In this fandom I met people who inspired me before we even talked, people who just talked to me and made me feel comfortable, people who love what I love. And let’s not forget that @whatkindofcrazy even managed to bring me birthday wishes from Katharine and Lara. Fannibals did amazing things for me, they inspired me, had kind words when I needed them the most. And I want you to know that this is what kept me around. Every follower that made me smile, knowing that someone out there liked what I’m doing here (whatever that is), every kind or funny anon message, every compliment on my edits. It’s safe to say that for me, the Fannibal Family is, in fact, family. So again, thank you for everything. Nakama forever. ♥

Please visit these blogs that make my dash beautiful.


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