nightmare of the sea

my first spell jar!! i made this to help my sister sleep, because she often has trouble with nightmares and such.

-sea salt
-lavender {i used the leaves, not the flowers}
-rosemary {i used both fresh and dried}
-bay leaves
-small piece of paper + pen

-blue thread {to bind the paper + decorate jar}
-blue wax to seal
-lavender oil

i layered the ingredients, with each layer i focused on my intent to help sophie. i drew a sigil for a peaceful sleep on the paper in blue pen, and then rolled it up and tied it with the blue thread. i also carved the sigil in the wax i sealed the jar with, and then rubbed some lavender oil on it to bless it, and create a soothing scent. hope you like.

this is my very first spell jar and i hope it helps my sister!💙

Herbs ‘n’ Flowers

I use these more or less on the daily

Allspice: promotes healing, also attracts luck or money

Anise: help sleeping, no nightmares, protect against evil and protection in meditation

Basil: courage, protection, monetary success

Bay leaves: promotes healing, gain protection, instill strength

Cactus: maternal care, passion, endurance, strength/emotional strength

Caraway seeds: protect against negativity and strengthen memory

Chamomile: help induce sleep, combat curses and spells, aids in good health

Chives: courage, dispel disease and negative entities

Cinnamon stick: aids in healing, raises high spiritual vibrations

Clove: drive away negative/hostile forces, purify the area, produce spiritual vibrations

Earl Grey: bring clarity, bring good working to a space, attain courage and bring strength

Forget-Me-Not: love, remembrance, memory

Lavender: attracts love, induces sleep, bring peace/harmony, promotes happiness and protection

Lemon peel: attracts blessings and luck, attain success

Marigold: passion, creativity (also a natural pesticide)

Mint: fertility, happiness, protection

Nettle: promotes healing, protection, keep out evil

Orange peel: attract love, attain prosperity, attract good fortune

Peppercorn: protection, dispels evil especially when paired with salt

Peppermint: promotes healing, induces sleep

Raspberry leaves: gain protection (raspberry tea is phenomenal for menstrual and muscle cramps)

Rose hips: “love attracting beads”, promotes healing, obtain luck

Rosemary: gain of healing and protection, induce sleep, rid of negativity, drive away nightmares, aid in knowledge gain, and strengthen mental power

Sage: promotes wisdom, gain protection

Sea salt: purification, grounding, release emotional attachments, psychic protection, aids in healing

Spearmint: increases and sharpens mental powers, protection during sleep

Sunflower: sign of adoration, affection

Thyme: attracts good health, purifies space, gives courage and energy, aids in restful sleep

Vanilla: love..lots of love spells, also good in spells for domestic intentions

Top 10 Herbs for the Lazy Witch

Maybe you’re maybe you’re a new witch unsure of what herbs are worth your time as a beginner, maybe money is tight, or maybe you’re just lazy (like us). If we could only choose 10 herbs to use in our craft, these would be our top picks. 

1. Basil – its the witch’s herb, need we say more? Not only do its magical uses span from protection to love to wealth to exorcism, but it is also delicious in mundane recipes as well. If you can only have one herb, basil is the way to go.

2. Rosemary – this herb is also blessed with a wide variety of uses. Excellent for purification, lust and love, good health, preventing nightmares, and all kinds of sea witchery. Bonus: its fragrance is to die for.

3. Lavender – so you might not be able to find this at the grocery store, but its magical uses outweigh the small inconvenience of tracking it down. Most often used for healing, love, protection, peace, purification, and sleep, lavender is a go-to for any mental health needs. 

4. Chamomile – lavender’s luckier, jovial cousin. Primarily used in love, healing, and stress reducing spells, but can also be used for luck and gambling. It is associated with the sun, and makes a great tea infusion for stress relief. 

5. Thyme – the best herb for social situations. It attracts loyalty, affection, and a good reputation, but we most often bathe in an infusion of thyme for constant flow of money. Also good for increasing courage. 

6. Cinnamon – while technically a spice, cinnamon has many magical uses and is also delicious in cooking. Ideal for prosperity and success, protection, love, and all spells related to the spiritual self. 

7.  Peppermint – a favorite in herbalism for treatment of digestive issues, this herb ideal for cleansing and protecting. Peppermint is also widely available, makes for lovely tea, and is a great addition to any luck spell.

8. Rose – is any love spell complete without rose petals? This flower is the symbol for beauty, marriage, sexuality, divine love, and all kinds of relationships. A larger list of uses for roses can be found here

9. Cayenne Pepper – every witch needs something with a bit of a bite. This spice does wonders as cursing or banishing agent, or even just as an addition to any spell to speed up results. 

10. Mugwort – if we recommend any specialty herb, this is the one. Mugwort is used in spells for divination, astral travel, working within the spiritual realm, and receiving prophetic dreams. (Note: this herb should not be ingested by people who are pregnant)  

The Wiccan’s Glossary

Moonstone is a stone of feminine energy and feminine matters. For example, it soothes the pains and stresses of pregnancy, menopause, and menstruation. It also prevents mood swings associated with PMS and balances oestrogen within a female body. Finally, it enhances female intuition.

This heavenly stone diffracts light giving it a luminous look; the Romans believed it to be solidified moonlight. It attracts lovers, peace, calmness, inner balance, pleasant dreams, and luck. When worn by a female, it is said to make her more fertile and likely to conceive. It can also be worn to attract your soulmate and instil passion in the wearer and the wearer’s target. 

According to lore, if you give your lover a moonstone necklace under the light of the full moon, there will always be passion between you.

Moonstone is a good stone for empaths of any gender as it protects and soothes sensitive emotions.

For magick, moonstone is used for bringing fertility, soothing emotions, bringing imbalanced relationships to a peaceful state, warding nightmares, cleansing auras, feeling and showing youth, and sea magick.

Elements - Water
Chakra - Brow
Zodiac - Cancer, Aquarius
Planets -  Moon

Ten Useful Herbs for the Everyday Witch

  1. Basil - it’s the witch’s herb, what else is there to add? not only is basil delicious in mundane recipes, but its magical uses include love, wealth, protection and exorcism.
  2. Rosemary - like basil, rosemary has a wide variety of uses including purification, love and lust, preventing nightmares, good health, and all sorts of sea witchery. plus, it has a beautiful fragrance.
  3. Lavender - maybe this isn’t a herb you can pick up at your local grocery store, but its magical uses are well worth the time spent tracking it down. lavender is generally most used for protection, love, healing, purification, healing and sleep.
  4. Chamomile - a cousin of our lovely lavender, chamomile is primarily used for healing, love, and reducing stress; however, it can also be used for luck (and gambling). Chamomile tea is also brilliant for stress relief!
  5. Bay Leaves - cinnamon’s pure, protective cousin, bay leaves can be used for healing, strength, protection, purification, and even for enhancing psychic abilities. Outside of witchcraft, bay leaves can be a great addition to many meals.
  6. Clove - clove’s uses are extremely diverse, ranging from protection and love to exorcism.
  7. Cinnamon - a handy ingredient to have around the house, cinnamon’s uses include spirituality, lust, protection, love, success, psychic power, and healing.
  8. Dandelion - well known as a common garden weed, maybe you shouldn’t get rid of this plant the next time you see it encroaching on your flowerbed. Dandelion is a very useful plant in the realm of divination, calling spirits, and wish making.
  9. Sage - a wise herb, sage’s uses can include wisdom, longevity, protection, wish making, and even immortality.
  10. Peppermint - one everyone has heard of, peppermint is one of the most common plants out there. not only is it a refreshing toothpaste flavour, peppermint can also be used for purification, love, sleep, and healing.

moodboard | the ocean
      “beauty is terror. whatever we call beautiful, we quiver before it.”

the Sirens (Greek singular: Σειρήν Seirēn; Greek plural: Σειρῆνες Seirēnes) were beautiful yet dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

for my beautiful new friend, @heimarmene 

Sooo, @cupidoago asked me if I could explain how I made my sleep circle and I’d be happy to share!

I started with a green Styrofoam wreath base and glued on some pieces of paper with sleeping related sigils on them.
Then, I took the thick ribbon and cut 3 even lengths, checking that the length doesn’t make it hang too low to the bed. I wrapped the ends around the base and hot glued them into place. Then I brought all the ends together and hot glued those.
Then I used some fake vines and wrapped them around the base. Same with a vine with the white flowers on it. I stuffed the ends into the Styrofoam and hot glued them in place. Then I kinda moved them around and made them look neater.
Then, I took 6 fake hanging wisteria blossoms and jammed them into the Styrofoam and hot glued them in.
Now, the witchy part, I have 4 sachet spells (good sleep, no nightmares, strong relationship, no anxiety dreams), viles of herbs (black salt, sea salt, fire salt, 3 with lavender, thyme, catnip, jasmine, chamomile), and I have a stick of Selenite and a clear quartz point tied up there too! I just attached all of that with lengths of ribbon tied to the vines or around the base.
If any of that didn’t make sense, please let me know! I hope it was helpful and if you decide to make one please tag me if you post pictures!!

Fanfiction - My Brother’s Lass (Part Twelve)

This isn’t a drill. It is, indeed, the long awaited penultimate chapter of MBL!! You can find all the previous parts here.

My Brother’s Lass (Part Twelve) – Redeemed

Dead bodies don’t talk – and yet, they scream.

There is something deeply disturbing about a corpse, which goes beyond the smell of rotten flesh and decaying things. Something that compels us to look away, to hide, fearing that we might get a glance of our own fate. To touch a dead person is to knock on a newly left home – still warm but jarring in its emptiness, vacant windows in the eyes of an elapsed soul.

It’s not the dead we fear, frightened beyond reason at the sight of a cadaver- but the line that separates us from them, getting thinner and more real with each spent heartbeat.

I could barely breathe underneath the pile of dead men, laying over me like grotesque blankets. I struggled to inhale in shallow and quick gasps, afraid I would start to retch and vomit, revealing my presence on the back of the wagon. And – I must admit – dismayed with the thought of my soul deciding to make an escape to join theirs.

It had seemed a daring but suitable plan, born in Claire’s mind as we scouted the outside of Fort William, looking for a possible entrance. A disjointed wagon, conducted by a cross-eyed man with a cleft lip, had chosen that moment to swing on its wheels towards the prison. A dark cloud of flies accompanied the march, as small widows immersed in grief, dutifully crying on a wake. Soon enough wee had been able to see the bodies stored in the back, collected over the barracks down the road, to be accounted for and dispensed by the garrison.

“Hm.” Claire had hummed, shielding her eyes from the downing sun to take a better glance at the sad procession, as we hid in the vegetation nearby.

“What is it?” I asked, trying to locate the redcoats on the niches – a well-guarded place, crawling with young soldiers, eager to prove themselves to their King. “I ken that sound means ye’re up to something.”

“Well,” She pursed her lips in thoughtfulness. “How do you feel about an early funeral?”

I gave her a half-amused, half-puzzled look. “Not even marrit yet and ye already looking forward to be a widow, Sassenach?”

“You did say the only way to get in is through the gate.” Claire shrugged and pointed vaguely to the wagon, the driver now saluting the sentinel to ask for permission to enter. “Unless you have a secret army you have been planning to tell me all about, this seems like a way to get in without being killed outright.”

“Are ye seriously suggesting I disguise myself amongst the dead to enter?” I raised a brow, aghast. She gave me a look of unwavering conviction. “And how do ye suppose we were to get out, if I manage to rescue my brother?”

“Haven’t got that far on the plan, I’m afraid.” Claire conceded. “But time is running out. The next round of executions will take place in a couple of days – we must act now or Willie will be forever lost.”

“Aye.” I swallowed hard, watching the wagon disappear behind the gates, one bare foot – almost grey in colour - dangling from the back as an uncanny wave of goodbye. “We’ll manage.”

“We have to do something about your hair. Red Jamie.” Her eyes bore into mine, concerned and supportive, silently apologizing for the harsh words. “If someone sees you helping William, they’ll know who you are instantly. Before you can say “Humpty Dumpty!” Lallybroch will be crawling with English soldiers and you’ll be the next one arrested, waiting for the hangman to tie his ropes.” Her hand searched mine and gripped it. “I can’t have that.”

“I dinna know about Mister Humpty Dumpty, but I ken yer meaning.” I nodded, my free hand mindlessly brushing the red cowlicks of my hair. “Give me yer wee knife, mo nighean donn.”

I recalled the feeling of misplaced tranquillity that descended over me that afternoon, while I sat next to the weeping stream, Claire’s hands upon me. Her fingers trembled a little – and yet her work was precise and decided, baring me of the red streaks that had defined so much of myself through my lifetime. My fallen hair sprawled at our feet, sometimes kissed and swept away by the breeze, a cloak I could no longer use for shelter because it was so strikingly associated with who I was.

When she was done, Claire had placed her hands on my shoulders and leaned over to kiss the naked top of my head – her lips parted and quivering, like a prayer. I held her waist and placed my forehead against her heart, wordlessly asking for her blessing. A warrior preparing for battle, already walking on the outskirts of afterlife - if not for the hold she still had over me, enough to keep me with her. Claire would always keep me grounded. The heart out of my chest, which I had chosen without a second thought.

I groped my bald skull and smirked, attempting to sound more cheerful than I truly was. “Red Jamie no more.”

“Always Red Jamie.” Claire caressed my lips and smiled, sheathing her sgian dubh in its scabbard. “Always my Jamie.”

The wagon jostled along the path and I faintly heard the driver making his usual greeting to the soldier on duty, making a crude remark about his gruesome commodity. The sound of something heavy being open, more laughter, wheels complaining – and then we were across the short bridge and into the Fort’s courtyard. I sighed in relief and instantly regretted it, the moment my nostrils were filled with the smell of blood and loosened bowels.

When we stopped, I opened an eye to spy the ghastly driver heading out to an inner door, dutifully taking the documents he carried with the day’s account. Clenching my teeth, I rolled over like a conniving lizard and peeked through a crevice on the side of the transport. We had arrived during ration hours – no soul within sight. Regretfully smiling to my nearest companion – his eyes still open in shock, death coming much too soon to his expectations, his teeth the colour of old parchment – I slid from the embrace of the dead and into firm land of the living.

I knew where Willie was being kept – Claire had made me an accurate description, the same memory and confidence she applied to her treatments serving her well in that purpose. My heart jumped, hammering against my ribs every time I made a turn in a corridor, each time I dissolved against the shadows to avoid detection by passing patrols. I touched the hidden dirk against my thigh and prayed “Not yet. Please, not before I find him”.

I came to his cell, deep in the guts of the Fort. The guard in the corridor was lulled by prolonged inactivity – he barely struggled when I trapped his neck with my arm, pressing enough for him to faint. I knew the risk of someone discovering the intrusion was getting greater by the minute – expeditiously grabbed the chain of keys from his belt and headed towards the cell’s door.  

He had been left in complete darkness. I opened the locked door, holding the small candle I had recovered from the guard’s table.

Willie was asleep, curled in a defensive posture, his back against the door. I walked slowly, afraid of scaring him enough for him to make a loud noise. As I approached, I noticed the bruises on his face, the sickening array of green and grey.

“Willie.” I whispered, touching him on the shoulder – the bones protruding, closer to the surface. He came awake like a man coming for air after prolonged immersion, gasping with his eyes wide open.

“Dinna touch me!” William croaked, his hands shielding his head. “Let me be! Please! Please!”

Bi samhach!” I hugged him gently trying to silence him, crouching next to him on the filthy floor. “It’s me. Jamie.” And then, noticing his unhinged gaze, I resumed to talk in Gaidhlig, feeling that the soothing ancient words would distance him from the nightmares of his captivity. “Seas, a brathair.”

Sawny?” He sobbed, his hands turned into claws, seeking to feel the contact of my flesh. “Seamus, is that ye, a bhalaich?”

“Aye, ‘tis me – hairless, but me.” I held his face between my hands. “I told ye I’d come for ye.”

“I thought I’d never see ye again.” Willie confessed in a broken voice, hugging me with abandon. “Not in this life, at least.”

“Ye should have known I’m too pig-headed to allow such a thing.” I said in jest, helping him to sit up. “We have to go, Willie. There’s not much time.”

“I’m too weak.” He glared at me, his lips chapped. “Ye have to leave me here, Jamie. We won’t make it if you take me with ye.”

“I’m not leaving ye!” I retorted in an assertive tone. “Both of us will walk out of this prison or none of us will.”

“Ye have to.” He insisted, agitated, trying to force me to understand. “Randall – the English captain – he’s the darkest soul I ever encountered on this earth. He thrives on his wicked ways and his desires aren’t meant for this world. He’s the lowest of demons, a creature of destruction – he canna see ye, Jamie. If he’s made aware of yer existence, he’ll want ye.” He gulped, an intense tremor taking over his body. “Ye aren’t marked – not in a visible way, as I am. Ye are everything he wanted to be and isn’t and for that he’ll try to possess it – and when he discovers himself unable to, he’ll try to destroy it. Ye’ll destroy you.”

“I dinna fear him, Willie.” I assured him in a calm voice, even if every hair on my arms stood on end. “It’s leaving ye behind that would destroy me. Blood of my blood, aye?”

“Ye should fear him. The things he is capable of…” Willie said between clenched teeth, fighting pain as I forced him to stand. “Leave, Jamie. I’d only ask of ye that ye see Claire safe. That ye make her happy, for as long as she might want ye.”

“Claire loves ye too, a brathair.” I said with gentleness. “She would never speak to me again if I dinna take ye out of this place – probably would stab me herself. Neither of us would know a moment of happiness for the rest of our lives.”

“She sure is a fierce wee thing.” He offered me the ghost of a smile and walked by my side, dragging his left leg, his arm around my shoulders for support. He was indeed exhausted, spent from days of fear and hunger, his leg badly bruised – or even broken – from one of his last beatings. “Thinking of her – of ye both – has kept me sane between these walls. If I never see her again, please tell her that…”

“Ye can tell her yerself, brother.” I stopped him, giving him a lopsided smile. “I’m sure she’ll appreciate it more coming from ye.”

Slowly we climbed up the stairs towards the tower. I was grunting with the effort of almost carrying William on my arms – and acutely aware that only a miracle could make us avoid detection, given the pace in which we were moving.

As we came around a corner, an officer almost bumped into us. What followed was a short fight, awkwardly restrained on the small space of the corridor, ending when I clubbed him on the head with my dirk’s handle.

We could hear loud screams coming from downstairs, urgent and angry like a wild beast awakening, urging us to run away. I pulled William with me, ignoring his incessant pleas to leave him behind – I was determined to save him, even if it meant I’d lose my life or freedom. This was my road of redemption – the journey to regain the right to call him my brother, after all the deception and grievances I had inflicted upon him.

Eventually we stood on the battlement above the courtyard, soldiers gathering and screaming, pointing at our figures with accusing fingers. The frenetic sound of trained soldiers running up the stairs in our direction crushed the insides of my head, until all I could hear was the echo of the end coming, marching towards us with an English accent.

“Do ye trust me?” I asked roughly, my hand gripping the back of William’s stained shirt. His blue eyes bore into mine – a spark of past resentment and heartbreak, but then the limpid acknowledgment of earned faith.

A-chaoidh.” He nodded. Always.

I turned to the other side, facing the cold dark waters bellow us – menacing in their unknown depth.  William’s breathing was laboured and superficial, as he realized what I was about to do.

I took his hand, crushing it inside my own, and we jumped together, diving into a sea yet to prove itself merciful. And as we blazed into the sky, our joined hands exploded in heartrending pain, one single bullet shot through them – making us again one flesh, one blood.


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