nightmare night 2012


“Thank you so much dear Anon for allowing me to begin my little event!

Anypony brave enough to dare trick or treat on nightmare night should come to my door for a treat….or maybe you’ll be tricked….I guess it’s your risk to take isn’t it? hehhehehe~

The rules are simple:

Have a costume prepared, drawn and posted on YOUR tumblr blog for nightmare night.

Be sure to post it early just letting everypony know who or what you’ll be.

Then in my inbox ask "trick or treat”

Naturally no anon’s because I’d have nothing to draw,(this also means your blog has to be a character blog-and no nsfw cause I’m boring that way ;p).

Then on nightmare night I shall post drawings of the brave little goblins and ghouls that dare darken my doorstep asking for sweets heheheheh~

Do not forget about the Nightmare Night 2012 blog that is hosting the event, along with a charity (and where I got the idea for my little event)

So come find me for Nightmare Night~

if you dare!“

((Mod: I’m hiding that outfit from Doodle Bug after this holiday is over, it’s going to her head x.x;  

Anyway, please submit as soon as you can, I’d like to get most of the trick or treaters done to post the week of nightmare night-if it doens’t work that way don’t worry they will still be posted. I may just make them groups of trick or treaters instead of individual ones……

though now that I say that if you want a group of trick or treaters, like with friends or something go right ahead and say so in a DIFFERANT ask (that way it all looks nice when I post your trick or treat comment with the picture))

Happy Nightmare Night/ Halloween, everyone. I hope you’ve/you’re all had/are having an awesome (and safe) day and evening.

Anywho…This is an “updated version” of the costumes the Doctor and Derpy wore in the 2012 Nightmare Night arc (that begins here) in Time Out with Doctor Whooves. Derpy was a witch and the Doctor was Discorded Whooves, or “Captain Emo”, as he is referred to in the blog.

I honestly don’t know how Tick Tock would respond to Nightmare Night. The Neighers outpost residents respected Luna…and Nightmare Night is about hoping you don’t get eaten by Nightmare Moon.