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Miraculous Lucybug and Loke Noir

I… I can explain. I can’t. I just. I don’t know if I just suck at keeping up-to-date with the fandom or if I’m the only one who thought about this but guys GUYS LISTEN THIS IS THE PERFECT AU FOR THESE TWO OKAY.

*hides from everyone*

No one truly understands fandoms unless you’re in one.

You don’t truly understand the feeling of pure excitement when something new is on it’s way, or how warm you feel inside when you know other people in the world feel the same way you do for the same reasons.

You don’t truly understand the stress of long waits and the relief when the wait finally ends, or the mixed emotions you go through when something was written so well that it pulls chords on every heartstring.

You don’t truly understand the overwhelming feeling of attending a Con for the first time, or for all the times after that, or the hours and hours of work that go into finding the right materials to pull together the cosplay you’ve dreamed of doing since you first saw that character.

You don’t truly understand the joy of finally putting on that full costume and becoming that character just for a few hours, or the slight sense of sadness when you put it away again.

You don’t truly understand how much each actor, writer, director or artist will mean to you until you’ve found one that just strikes something in you, or how it feels to find an episode or book or film that you’ll read or watch over and over again without ever getting bored of.

You don’t truly understand what it feels like to make friends from all over the world because you met on a social media fanpage created for your fandom, or how it’ll feel to spend hours talking in hopes maybe some day you can meet in person for the first time to really share your experiences.

You don’t truly understand the effort and all the hard work that goes into the fan-created content, from photo and video edits right down to the hand made drawings and paintings, the stories and the parodies.

You don’t truly understand any of the indescribable feelings you feel until you’ve found a fandom.

You don’t truly understand the sense of belonging you feel no matter what background you come from, or the sense of having a family that you found all on your own.

You don’t truly understand fandoms unless you’re in one.

I'll Be Here When You Wake Up

Summary: You have nightmares from your time on the island and Oliver helps you deal with them.

A/N: this is decently angsty, but it gets fluffy at the end.

Word Count: 1353

Warnings: mentions of abuse

Gender-neutral Reader!

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Dreams were the worst. Of course I dreamed of food
and love, but they were pleasant rather
than otherwise. But then I’d dream of things
like slitting a baby’s throat, mistaking it
for a baby goat. I’d have
nightmares of other islands
stretching away from mine, infinities
of islands, islands spawning islands,
like frogs’ eggs turning into polliwogs
of islands, knowing that I had to live
on each and every one, eventually,
for ages, registering their flora,
their fauna, their geography.
—  Elizabeth Bishop, Geography III
Doan Island (Where Nightmares from the One Year War stay)

It’s a shame that 15th episode of the original Mobile Suit Gundam “Cucuruz Doan’s Island” has somewhat of a peculiar, if not odd, reputation among Gundam fans. And yes, although it suffers from some animation and continuity issues, I think the content and some of the themes in the episode are very true to the ideas explored in the UC Gundam universe.

I enjoyed the episode as it really sets the stage for themes in spite of the episode slowing down the overall plot. In exchange, the episode really explores many of the classic Gundam themes. Ranging from one becoming restored with a ‘return to nature’.

Whereas the broader aspects of this theme are applied to the Spacenoid philosophy about Earth needing to heal itself and thus another reason for why all of mankind should move to outer space. This also is reminiscent and applies to the idea of the Newtype and that connection with in nature in terms of those being the next phase of mankind’s natural evolution.

Even the interaction between Amuro and the character of Rollan (or I kind of think it’s more Lauren–but weird names by our standards seem to fit in better than the ones we’re used to) and how the beautiful natural environments really highlights this theme about nature. But also these moments almost feel like a precursor to one of Amuro’s Newtype awakenings when he first meets Lalah Sune when the returns to space.

This episode really is a true character exploration and development for Amuro. His experiences on the island really highlights a lot of his feelings regarding his anger and distaste for being used and manipulated. Such resentment and strong feelings that get brought up throughout the series’–whether from him to many of the other key players and situations that play out during these war incidents.

Along with that this episode has a real interesting aspect that one can argue just foreshadows so much of what Amuro is in store for in the series. As I noticed an interesting similarity between Doan and Amuro in the serious traumas and deep psychological wounds of battle that have forced them into a sort of state of seclusion.

Going with the greater theme of how War drives people to awful places and frames of mind that they have to carry. It’s well illustrated in this one scene showing Doan’s nightmare that reveals what led him to be this caretaker of orphans.

Off one island of nightmares and into another. The former Lost Boy found himself tied up with other sobbing people around him, shipped off to another island called Rook Islands. It was only luck and the fact he wasn’t useless like all others with him that he was able to escape. He un-knotted his roped hands and feet and fled as soon as the time was good, leaving the pleading people to their fate. 

Farley ran blindly into the jungle, ignoring and barely dodging gun fire, finding cover and ignoring the wildlife he passed. Weaponless and not knowing where he was going scared him some as he ran on to the point of exhaustion. Where he would come to an opening in the jungle and see the village before he collapsed to his knees, muscles burning and breathing fast. Feeling that he just ran into the very people he was trying to get away from. 

Return to Nightmare Island

They were going back. Back to that hellhole of a island. The place where shit hit the fan.

“So this shit is all fucking fake? Fucking Bullshit, man!” North yelled, his voice rising in anger