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My card (9 of swords) for @kyluxtarot is ready :D 

I’ll add all of the details later, I just wanted to show you the drawing which I’m really proud of!
I can feel that my digital skills are getting better and better :)

This Isn’t Love - Part 2

Words: 1,519

Pairing: Eventual Lucifer x Reader

Summary: Reader develops irrational feelings for the devil. But those feelings could never be reciprocated, could they?

Warnings: Reader is yelled at. Nightmare-ish dream. Mentions of loss of breath and feel suffocated. Angsty-ish.

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This Isn’t Love - Part 2

“I told you she wasn’t ready for this!” Dean raged to Sam as the Impala raced down the all but abandoned highway. His jaw was set as his hands clenched the steering wheel so tightly the tops of his knuckles were white.

It was supposed to have been a simple salt and burn case, the Winchesters reluctantly agreeing to bring you along on your first real hunting trip. But none of you could have anticipated Lucifer showing up. Even less anticipated was your still unexplained reaction towards him. Your mind whirred as you tried to reason away your behaviour, hoping to find a logical conclusion, but you couldn’t. You barely even heard Dean’s anger over your own thoughts.

“Dean, you agreed to her going” Sam replied rationally, though it was obvious that he too was a little shaken by the encounter.

“Guys, I’m sitting right here and it was my choice to go” you grumbled from the backseat, staring at your hands in your lap as guilt welled up in you.

“Then maybe you could tell us what the hell you were thinking back there” Dean demanded, ignoring Sam’s comment as his anger was clearly too far gone to attempt to make peace right now.

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Requested: Yes-ish. “Okay so like maybe all of the anti halfs come to you in your dreams & none of the boys are aware like Tyler’s, Mark’s and Ethan’s just kinda start talking to you like how they’re going to all take them over & that they’re going to take you & turn you.”

Fandom: Teamiplier

Pairing: None???

Gender: They/Them

Warnings: Angst, Blood, Abuse, Suicide???

A/N: So, I talked to an amazing author, @justwritingscibbles, about Dark!Ethan aka GearGameplays. It made me hecking excited to I asked a really good friend of mine, @sinsepticplier, to make a prompt. They brought up Tyler’s dark side aka Apocalypse or A for short and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. My friend is going to be doing fan art and I definitely recommend you follow both of these lovely people! <3

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   (Y/N), an editor for Mark, has recently moved in with Teamiplier. It had been a few months, give or take, when things started to get odd. Flickering lights, frequent nightmares, hearing things. (Y/N), of course wrote, it off as being paranoid about living in a new house. Until one particular nightmare latched onto their brain. It started with them in the woods. It was dark and foggy, they would walk forwards without a destination… And then they’d hear the voices.

“We’re coming for you.”

“We will get you.”

“We will make you ours.”

“Let the darkness consume you…”

   It wasn’t until later in the dream that (Y/N) would put faces to the voices. They’d make it to a clearing where they’d collapse from  exhaustion. A cool metal hand would grasp their shirt and lift them off the ground, the fabric choking them as they stayed suspended. Their eyes landed on the Robot-man first. One metal arm, a hole in his chest, and a metal plate over his eye, making it glow red; unlike the other silver one. His hair was silver as well, with a tinge of purple. This man called himself, Gear, their friends ‘better half’. And then their eyes would fall on the two behind him. Dark, a character that Mark had introduced to his fans and of course (Y/N) had thought that it was all for show. That Dark was made-up but now they weren’t so sure. A, the last man, looked exactly like Tyler… He was the complete opposite. He was crazy, point blank. He was insane, (Y/N) had learned quickly that you should never look him in the eyes. He beat her to a bloody pulp, Dark pulled him off. Tyler’s eyes were dark brown and every time his heart beat, his veins would light up black, and his skin was tinged grey. It was like he was desiccating.

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“Hello, again…” Gear whispered, his head twitched to the side, his jaw clicked with each syllable. His human hand reached up and patted (Y/N)’s head. His lips quirked into a sneer and he turned quickly, throwing them into Dark. (Y/N) felt the pain in their neck and the blood rush from their gash in their forehead.

“(Y/N)…” Dark trailed, tsking at them. They shivered, hating how it sounded like Dark was speaking into a void. The dull echo haunting them, even when they were awake. Dark pulled the handkerchief from his front pocket and wiped the blood from his pant leg. Tears appeared in their eyes as they stared up at the man. They started scooting backwards, as Dark walked forwards. (Y/N) hit a solid figure. The blood ran from their face as they looked up. A stared down at them. His jaw tightened and his veins lit up faster. He was angry.

“You little bitch.” A growled, he reached down and grasped (Y/N) by the hair. He watched as the tears spilled over. They stared at his chest as a sob racked their body. He lifted them into the air and slung the body back onto the ground. (Y/N) felt their bones crack and all they could do was lay there, whimpering. Blood spilled from their mouth and it hurt when A nudged them with his foot.

“Pl-Please… Please… Ple-ease.” (Y/N) whined as the three surrounded them. Tears flowing from their eyes. They didn’t know what they were pleading for but they knew the had too. All three of them laughed. Dark crouched down and glaring at (Y/N), he grabbed their hair and lifted their head.

“You poor, lost soul…” Dark tsked, again.

“When will you learn,” A stomped their leg, snapping it. They screamed in agony.

“The darkness will consume you.” Gear finished, jaw clicking away as he sneered at them.

“Why fight it?” they all asked at the same time. Dark slammed their head against the ground and everything went black.


(Y/N) awoke, back in their room. Their body aching, joints cracking when they stood. They looked over at their window, the windowsill was alluring. They slowly walked to it and then they were there. Dark, Gear, and A. The three whispered to (Y/N).

“Do it.”

“Join us.”

“Let the darkness consume you.”

(Y/N) climbed up onto the ledge. Tears falling, but they weren’t sure why. They stared into the darkness, the sun just peaking from the horizon. (Y/N) took a deep breath and listened as their heart pounded in their ears. With one final, shaky, breath… They fell. Eyes closed and arms spread out, they fell. They fell from the light and crashed into the earth. Their blood was black as they bled. All color draining completely from their body. Their hair turned solid white, the skin turned a sickly pale color, and when they opened their eyes, they were red.

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What if the fabled beauty of elves is just an illusion? 


Galadriel lost her ears and nose along with a few toes and fingers to frostbite crossing the Helcaraxë. So did Fingolfin, Fingon, Aredhel, Idril; all those who survived the ice at all. Elrond, Círdan, Thranduil and Celeborn are all so riddled with marks of near misses in battle that their skin is mostly scar by now.

Maedhros wore his maimed form like a challenge, daring for someone to say something about it, daring for someone to ask him to hide what he really looks like. He was what he was, and he would not hide behind spells. 

Most others do.


What if people looking upon their ruined faces see ethereal and eternal beauty, because that is all they will ever be permitted to see?



(I’m assuming the last two lines are from this)

THE INTERESTING THING IS, I was assuming the symbols were Bill’s cipher:

But actually, 

They’re Ford’s

Nightmare Chica (human-ish) - Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

So much happier with Chica than Foxy, hahaha! I can’t even describe how much I LOVE doing these! I get to somewhat make my own design while still having a base source to work with.

Now, these are just my own personal interpretations of these characters, so I’ve just made them the way I thought was fun, haha. I figured a human-ish Chica wouldn’t have a beak, or maybe have a beak-like hole (like with the toy version). I don’t know, I just think this one turned out really cute, haha. Can’t wait to figure out designs for the remaining animatronics!

Tutorial coming, of course!

Adam McArthur (Marco’s voice actor) confirmed that there’s going to be a scary Halloween-themed episode in this Season. The hype is obviously real.

The plot-possibilities for a Halloween story in magical-fantasy show like SVTFOE are virtually infinite.

Monsters/aliens using Earth to party only on October 31st because no one will notice their presence, since there are monsters everywhere -and Star being very open-minded about this.

Janna finally using Star’s spell book to f%!k things up, raise the dead, cast an unsettling spell all over the city.

The wand acting weird again and turning all costumes into real monsters and creatures, with nightmare fuel-ish results.

Also, given Marco’s heritage, it would be fun to have the beautiful, colorful, creepily pleasing aesthetics of the Dìa De Muertos pretty much taking over the show for a single night; the Mexican holiday may also offer some interesting narrative prompts, maybe in a lazy (but very well-appreciated for me) attempt to sorta imitate The Book Of Life, but I’m not an expert on the subject anyway.

But does all of this also mean that Marco is going to wear the skull-mask from BMB again? Maybe because there’s a scary party at somebody’s house… with dancing… masked dancing… you know…
Just asking, no reason.

Either way, really hyped for this.
Let’s see if the spooky episode of SVTFOE is going to beat Gravity Falls’ nightmare fuel page on TvTropes.


It’s a very spooky night in Tokyoto, some say you can even catch Jack or Sally out on a stroll. All but one of the villagers have been scared away by Jack’s crazy experiments in turning Halloween town into Christmas town! Plus they all say they see Barrel running around looking for Sandy Claws and he is pulling pranks on them!

Jack just wants something different this year…

Somewhere deep inside these bones, an emptiness began to grow ♪

DA:  5500-5530-5418

If you visit my Nightmare Before Christmas themed (ish) town, please let me know what you think! if you post pictures, please tag mayor-kyoto so i can see them! It’s still a WIP but it’s almost there! These pictures are only half of all the things done to the town ♥


This goat reminded Logan of @nightmare-ish for some reason.
I found out later it was the only piggy goat and the others of the same size were baby normal goats.

Faces To Forget*Nightmare AU

Ashton Irwin AU*
writer: Drey
writings   if you’re on mobile, click for masterlist 

inspired by this post

A/N: I know Halloween is months away but I really wanted to write something nightmare-ish (hence the AU title) so here it is! There will be a Calum one because we will be making a series that will last until Halloween. We’re writing Cashton’s now and the Muke nightmare imagines will be posted around Halloween. Anyways, enjoy!

(F/N= Friend’s Name)

So pained. So lonely. So beautiful.

You stared into his hazel eyes, hands shaking, grasping at his perfectly sculptured jawline. He stared down at you lovingly, it seemed, your body relaxing under his touch. His hands caressed your cheeks, hands so cold it sent a shiver down your spine.

Ashton was a different person. You knew, somehow, he wasn’t normal.

“What are you thinking, love?” he murmured softly as the wind blew quietly through his golden locks.

You shook your head, erasing your previous thoughts out of your head.

“Nothing, Ash. Nothing.”

He looked questioningly at you, setting you at arms length from him. His eyes had darkened, but not in the way you had suspected. Not lust, not love.

Just darkness. His irises were just a dark abyss of nothing. Pain, perhaps. Or a desperation for something.

“You’re too beautiful to look like that, love. Too beautiful. Even for this world.”

Your eyebrows furrowed, about to open your mouth but in a split instance, you lost your vision and all you could see was black.

And red.

You sat up in a cold sweat and started panting, blinking rapidly to adjust your eyes to the dark. Your chest was heaving, hair matted to your forehead with sweat. Your eyes glazed over the fluorescent digital numbers on your alarm clock, your fingers flying up to rub the sleep out of your eyes.

4:35 A.M.

You couldn’t possibly go back to bed with your recent nightmare haunting you. You stared up at the ceiling, thoughts echoing through the silence, crickets chirping outside your bedroom window. You had school in the morning and your alarm wasn’t set to go off for another three hours but here you were, awake and frightened.

You turned on your side and kept your eyes on the full-body mirror hanging on your closet door across from you, keeping your eyes on your reflection. Moonlight made its way into your bedroom, lighting your surroundings a bit, giving you a clear view of your reflection. Out of your peripheral, you saw a figure standing behind you, a smirk plastered on its face. You turned around in fear and saw nothing but empty space, blinking twice to make sure it wasn’t real. 

Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. Or maybe I’m just going crazy, you thought shaking your head, distraught. The nightmare still played, repeatedly, in the back of your head, the images of the figure you thought you saw and this ‘Ashton’ from your nightmare altering from one to the other. Could they have been the same person?

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