nightmare in a dream



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Restful sleep & sweet dreams
⠀spell bottle or sachet

Dreams be sweetDreams be kind ☼ ☼ Bring me restAnd peace of mind

⠀☾ Herbs ☼
Lavendersleep, peace, dreams, relaxation, protection, happiness, healing, anti-stress & anxiety
Rosemarysleep, peace, dreams, protection, healing, anti- stress, wards off bad dreams & negativity
Sea saltprotection, banishing, cleansing, purifying
Hops flowerssleep, healing, anti-anxiety, stops restlessness
Sugarfor extra sweetness
Jasminecalming, relaxation, prophetic dreams, love
Chamomilesleep, peace, protection, healing, relaxation, anti-stress & anxiety, wards off bad dreams & nightmares
Mugwortdreams, protection, healing, astral projection
Willow leavesprotection, peace, love, healing
Thymesleep, dreams, healing, protection, wards off bad dreams
Peppermintsleep, dreams, healing, protection, happiness, anti-stress & anxiety, purification
Valeriancalming, protection, deep restful sleep
Vervainpeace, protection, wards off bad dreams & nightmares

⠀☼ Crystals☽
Amethystpeace, calming, relieves insomnia, wards off bad dreams & nightmares, prevents oversleeping, stabilizes physical, mental & emotional being
Blue lace agatepeace, calming, healing, calms the mind, reduces stress & anxiety
Smoky Quartzprotection, calming, relieves insomnia, wards off bad dreams, nightmares & negativity
Fluoritepeace, protection, protects against stress & negativity, stabilizes emotions, calms the mind
Rose Quartzcalming, peace, healing, calms emotions & rids of negativity, deep & restful sleep, relieves insomnia, relaxation, brings sweet dreams

♡ Mix any of these herbs and crystals in a bottle, sachet or pillow to make it right for you. Seal with candle wax (or a ribbon for those who can’t have candles) in whatever color feels best for you (I like blue or lavender!) Feel free to use my incantation as well! ♡

A Court of Thorns and Roses Fancast

Amber Heard as Feyre Archeron

Marina Laswick as Nesta Archeron

Maia Mitchell as Elain Archeron

Randy Wayne as Tamlin the Tool

Jake Abel as Lucien 

Aisha Tyler as Alis

Toni Mahfud as Rhysand

Madelaine Petsch as Amarantha

Gabriella Wilde as Ianthe

Margot Robbie as Morrigan

Renan Pacheco as Cassian

Marcello Alvarez as Azriel

Jamie Chung as Amren

Zachary Arthur as The Bone Carver

Shemar Moore as Tarquin

Alfred Enoch as Varian

Kiersey Clemons as Cressida

Viggo Mortensen as King of Hybern

Joseph Morgan as Jurian

Brian Whittaker as Helion of Day Court

Max Krieger as Kallias of Winter Court

Elle Evans as Viviane of Winter Court

Louis Cordice as Thesan of Dawn Court

Kevin Mckidd as Beron of Autumn Court 

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signs as dreams

aries - being chased
taurus - teeth falling out
gemini - driving an uncontrollable vehicle
cancer - falling
leo - meeting a celebrity
virgo - taking a test
libra - flying
scorpio - partner cheating
sagittarius - dying
capricorn - being late to something
aquarius - being trapped
pisces - showing up to school/work naked

can i just say i paid for a feel good fluff game where i could potentially romance this closeted suburban masc-twink daddy but noooo instead i got a batshit crazy christian cult leader slash murderer who, under more fortunate circumstances, still dumps me for his wife, after screwing me on his own romantic private yacht surrounded by whales


heres your magical son (σ ゚∀ ゚) ゚∀゚)σ 

aaand THANK YOU!! i love your nightmare and dream so much, its always happy to draw them (*´∀`)~♥

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(and this is the last one of my outfit challenge,there’re still lots of great request , but i want to draw other things ,sorry for that ;u;)

dream & nightmare : @jokublog


Ok so I was about to sleep, but I had a mighty need of drawing some of my dreams/nightmares since I was a baby until today  that I still remember with details and the year when I had them.

(PD: Some of these dreams don’t have anything to do with movies, TV shows or books, I had these dreams in a moment when I was only focused on my school, or my drawings. That’s why I found them interesting)

Nightmare Ward Charm ✨🌙

A charm designed to help prevent nightmares, and to promote restful sleep. 


  • Lemon Verbena (Vervain) - dreamless sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Rosemary - prevents nightmares, protection during sleep
  • Lavender - restful sleep
  • Black Tourmaline - induces sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Jasmine Essential Oil - restful sleep


  1. Add each ingredient to a jar of your choice - add herbs first, then the black tourmaline and jasmine oil 
  2. Seal the jar
  3. Set the jar in the starlight to charge - remove before sunrise
  4. When charged, hang the jar above or next to your bed