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I know I promised more theories but I couldn’t help myself! Please remember it is fanfic-so try not to murder my heart and soul. :)

Nessian Part One by L.J. Lafleur 

It’s been sixty-one days, exactly sixty-one days since the war. Since the violent beginning met a grizzly end. Sixty-one days since I saw my sisters conjure more courage, more fight than I could, than I did. It would be daft to say the war didn’t change me. I just didn’t realize how much it would.

Staring out the window in my room, I could see the garden Elain had been working so diligently on. I would watch her as she spent hours perfecting the courtyard-creating a garden that would put the Spring Court to shame. I couldn’t speak to her. After I abandoned them when we arrived back, retreating to my room in their time of need, I couldn’t face her. Even now, through the distance and window pane, I could barely look at her. Feyre reminded me of mother and Elain, she reminded me of father. Both of our parent’s dead. Both death’s I’ve witnessed, I watched utterly helpless as they died right before me. Both reminding me of the horrid memories that I can never erase.

My feet moved me away from the window, sweeping me towards the small shelf with my favorite novels. Someone had built a shelf when I was bathing, just above the cozy filigree green and cream fabric chair, and stacked all the novels I treasured. How anyone knew of them, I’ll never know. I guess we all have our secrets.

I scanned the shelf, my eyes falling on the chestnut leather bound at the end. A series of poems, love and death, sun and moon. The usual poet’s choice of topics. However, this wasn’t usual, nor is it unusual. It’s purity in the form of ink. My fingertips gently touched the leather, pulling it out of its new home. I opened to the first page, my eyes scanning the small print until the book slipped out of my slender hand.

The sound of leather smacking against the wooden floor reminded me of Illyrian leathers, bracing themselves against the army of Hybern. The army of weak demons and blood thirsty slave drivers. The book splayed opened, pages unveiling the words I never taught Feyre, the words of failure and cruelty. 

This happened once before, when we first returned, I tried to read. To escape. I couldn’t get past the penetrating silence, the painful ringing in my ears the quiet cursed me with. It was similar to the silence that radiated through me as my power surged before emptying to save…to save…I can’t even say his name in my head. I even failed him. To protect him, us.

Decadent emerald walls edged towards me, slowly caving in like they had many times before. Before they could swallow me whole, I ran to the roof. Breathlessly clinging to the railings edge as I looked towards the horizon, towards the cobbled streets disappearing into the azure sea. This was the only place where there were no walls to keep me, no cauldron to imprison me, no king to attack me. I still couldn’t take baths without buckets, sleep in unforgiving darkness or face the fact that I had no more enemies to defeat.

“You missed practice…again.” Cassian’s commanding voice emphasized, again. His wings tucking behind him as he stood beside me, careful not to touch my skin. If he is the sun, I am the moon. His skin had darkened from several days of travel; and while his grew darker, mine became paler-unveiling a system of veins.

They stood on the roof top deck, overlooking Velaris. The sun had felt different, even though it was a fireball above us, it felt strangely cold. The wind and mountains, the sea-all these natural beauties had felt distant, colder since the war. It had been several weeks and normalcy had not replaced the ache each one of us felt, that much I knew.  

“I’m sure you managed just fine by yourself, bastard.” I replied with venom, hoping it would scare him away.  

Cassian’s eyes darkened, his lips twitched, “how will you defend yourself in the next war? Books?”

“I haven’t…” My voice failed me, I crossed my arms, forming what little barrier of strength I had left.

“You haven’t read? You’re not reading?” Concern lined his face as his eyes traced over my body searching for signs of external damage, of bloody wounds before gazing at my neck. The one he had once grazed his lips against.  

I let out my held breath, slumping my shoulders without realizing as a small pond pooled in my eyes, “No,” I whispered. The sky felt like it was bulging, ready to collapse on top of me. I looked up instinctively, imagining the fleet of Illyrian warriors turning to dust with a sharp ray of light. A single tear breached the surface of my lashes, another blink and he would see, he would know of all the internal wounds I kept hidden from everyone. I turned away from him, dropping my trembling hands to my side-careful not to look up again.

Cassian’s calloused hand gently glided down my forearm as he moved closer. The warmth of his skin invading mine, down to my iced marrow and my ruptured heart. I could feel him towering over me, a god of war and steel, his shadow casting down upon me. The space between us ached, it screamed at the separation-the distance. Cassian’s smell lingered in my nostrils, incredibly potent, even more so delicious. A shudder threatened to rip through me but I stopped it, with whatever power I had left, I stopped it. It was a similar feeling to when his tongue flickered against my raging pulse.

“Do you think of them when you look at the sky?” I asked not only to distract myself from the overwhelming heat and smell that wrapped around me but for reassurance, that I wasn’t the only one. He stepped closer, the gap between them evaporating. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe-not with him this close. The leather against his chest touched against my back, I could feel his wild heart beat match mine.

Cassian sucked in a deep breath, the sun touched my hair as he looked up. An excruciating minute longer, and my head was covered by his shadow again. “Yes-I’ve never spent so much time looking at my boots.”

The hairs on the back of my neck stood in protest, I could feel his hazel eyes soften as stared at my bony spine pushing through my skin. “And do you ever see,” I coughed to clear the lump in my throat, “do you ever see your blood on your hands? Our enemy’s blood on your hands? My…my blood, on your hands?”

He let out a sharp breath, as if he was hit in the balls by my knee again. It took him a moment to digest what I was asking, what answers I was seeking. Or maybe it was just to recover from the unspoken words we all thought about.

“What I see most is you. I see you, Nesta.” Cassian paused, “I see the warrior I fought for, the woman I almost lost. The same woman I was ready to overturn the next world and the next just to find you again and do things the right way.” His voice tickled against the nape of my neck, “like I promised. And this time, not fail you,” he turned away as I turned towards him, letting the cold sun touch my hair as he rubbed his face, “again,” his voice almost broke as he burrowed his eyes into me.  

I stared at him, my eyes widening as they brimmed with tears. My bottom lip quivered in defiance as I raised my chin. I opened my mouth slightly, I tried to protest, to reply, but my voice failed me-again. I had seen him look defeated before, when I stepped out of the cauldron and his wings, his beautiful wings had been shredded to nothing. And then again, when he told me to run as he fought off Hybern. My heart thudded against its cage, screeching, thrashing.  

“Weakness is when you feel helpless, when you can’t move forward or backwards. Stagnate.” His head dipped, strands of his darker than night hair fell into his face as his hazel eyes raised to meet mine. “You, Nesta Archeon, are not weak. Take care to remember that.” Cassian’s voice had barely raised above a whisper, not for lack of strength but because he was emanating it through his hands that wrapped around mine.

I couldn’t take it; his eyes could see the deepest parts of me-the depths that even I didn’t want to venture to. The part that stole from the bastard cauldron with spite and malice. That cursed my past, present and future. I swiftly dropped his hand to turn away from him as my quiet sob found its way through me, making my shoulders rise and fall. The stillness stature I usually could maintain vanished as I shook uncontrollably.

Cassian stepped away from me, a building frost replacing his body heat. “My lessons are everyday at seven am,” his cocky voice rising with his left brow, “be there-unless you’re scared to get your ass kicked like your sister.”

“Yet it was me who saved your ass on the battlefield,” I replied, as sharp as the blade that I twisted in Hybern’s neck. I wiped the tears from my flushed cheeks before he could see either reaction. I still couldn’t look at him, if I looked at him then he would see the emotions I had pushed him away from seeing. I can’t let him see, I can’t let him in. I rebuilt the walls within, wall after wall until I was nothing more than bricks and iron.

“Remember that the next time you feel weak, Nes.” He muttered into my ear, his warm breath caressing my entire being.

“Don’t call me that,” I snapped, turning so quickly I thought I might topple over. My blazing blue eyes were matched with his, eye level and absolutely thickened with passionate angst.

“Nes,” Cassian replied smoothly, the corner of his lips turned upward. He raised his wings and with one flap down, he had sky rocketed into the air.  

I wanted to look up but I couldn’t see him without seeing the hundreds who had died. I couldn’t see him without hearing my blood curdling scream in my ears as I called to him in battle-begging him to be with me. My trembling hands shook, pulling my attention downwards. The twist of my lips had altogether disappeared, tears leaking heavily from my eyes. I’ve lost control, not only of my life but of my reactions-my body.

“You’re not weak.” I repeated to myself over and over until the tears stopped shedding and the ache in my chest dulled. “Thank you,” I mumbled, covering my eyes as I took a deep breath before heading downstairs to my room.

On the stairs down from the roof, I could hear the singing of Elain in the garden several walls down. The sound of metal clinking as Elain handed Azriel her shovel and spike, he released a frail smile and even the movement of his lips-I heard it. I could hear the brush strokes of Feyre, painting Rhysand in their bedroom. His seductive laughter curling around them like a dark curtain.

A sickening burn churned in my stomach which only quickened my steps till I reached my room. I slammed the door shut, forgetting about my newly developed strength as the sound reverberated against the walls. My back slid against the wooden door until I reached the floor in a pile of onyx skirts. I studied the plain obsidian dress, the tight sleeves and bodice were crushing me, digging into my thinning flesh.

Flashes of Tomas’ hands ripping at my skirt, broken pieces of straw beneath me as I dug my nails into the flesh of his face. My screaming echoing through the barn as he pulled at me until I kicked him in his hardened staff. My caught breath as I ran, my thundering heart as tears burned down my cheeks. “You are not weak,” I whispered to myself, closing my eyes.

A second flash of Feyre, the curse breaker and Elain, the seer and me-the repulsive older sister who failed them. Venom and rage pumping through me until Feyre took on the role of protector, of savior. Another flash of my father breaking, begging and until he became nothing more than a shell…until saving us only to die at the hands of Hybern as I did nothing.

My shoulders stretched as I rested the back of my head against the door. “You are not weak, you are not weak.” I repeated as I softly banged the back of my head against the door. Several deep breaths later and I slowly rose, my back stiffening, my heart jolting at the thought of what Cassian said. Of each word, each letter that he carefully crafted into an arrow.  

“I am not weak.”      


“We were born of nightmares…To take over this world, we made the Wind Fish sleep endlessly! If the Wind Fish doesn’t wake up, this island will never disappear! We would have been the masters of this place… But you had to come here and disrupt our plans! Heh heh! You can never defeat us!!!”

-Shadow Nightmares/Dethl, “Link’s Awakening”

The Bone Carver on: Nesta

I got an ask by @liquifyme that was asking me about my opinion on what Nesta is. Mainly what nesta is because of the bone carvers little “talk” with Cassian. I was originally going to send her an ask response back but that didn’t work. So then I was going to message it to her.. thats when I was like “You know what, I should get others opinions on this”. So @liquifyme this is for you girl but its going out everyone. Hope you’re ok with that. Id love to hear your theory too. So here I go! (You may need to take breaks to process some things)


I have thought and thought about this since you sent it to me. I even went back and read that part three different times. I have no solid answer except that that portion of the book, those few sentences are crafted gorgeously.

Now here comes my un-solid answer that is making me go crazy.

The book says (and copied this letter by letter)

“What came out was not what went in.” A rasping laugh as the Carver laid the shard of bone on the ground beside him. “How lovely she is - new as a fawn and yet ancient as the sea. How she calls to you. A queen, as my sister once was. Terrible and proud; beautiful as a winter sunrise.”

Thats the Carver but then we get a glimpse of Feyres thoughts.

Rhys had warned me of the inmates capacity to lie, to sell anything, to get free.

BUT her thoughts are “interrupted” when the Carver starts saying Nesta’s name over and over claiming the wind moans and chants it.

So why would Sarah put those last two bits in. We later find out that the Carver doesn’t even want to leave and that he loves that prison that he literally put himself into so why would he ‘lie to get out’? Because he isn’t lying.

Ok keep that in your mind (he isn’t lying) because this gets a little more confusing from here on out.

I forgot at what part but I know its nowhere near the prison, Amren says “The ground has ears” Or something like that. And I don’t think its because she knows the risk of spies being around. I think its because Amren can hear the wind, the earth, the water, everything just the same as the Carver. They are both unimaginably powerful and ancient so they can both hear things no one else can. They also both are not high fae… at least not fully-ish.

In another part of the book, earlier before the prison trip, Amren says to Nesta at dinner.. DIRECTLY at nesta too, “When you erupt, girl, make sure it is felt across worlds.” 

Rhys tries to make a joke to cover up the seriousness of that sentence but then Amren says “I mean its, Rhysand-”. Amren RARELY uses his name like that so this is serious. But why would it be able to be felt across WORLDS? Not their earth, not prythian.. WORLDS as in other dimensions. As in across galaxies. __________________________________ You can answer that by saying “She has a fucking piece of the motherfucking cauldron inside her! HELLOOO open your eyes donnie!”. And yes thats true. But let me remind you, The cauldron made the earth Prythian is on and it is inside that earth with them so that means it controls their earth’s or planet’s or whatever you want to call it, their timeline. But not the other galaxies. So for Nesta to have even half of it, if she is lucky, inside her, thats not enough to be felt across worlds. 

Ok, Tuck those little bits away too (she is that powerful? & Amren/Carver can hear things) because we will need it later. 

Next part: Its a huge stretch and there isn’t a lot of solid/un-solid proof but my mind somehow put it together so just bare with me please. 

“Warrior Heart”

“Lord of Bloodshed”

“Prince of Bastards”

Those are the 3 different names the Carver call Cassian as he taunts the living shit out of him about nesta. So lets dissect them a little along with his past. 

Warrior heart: By the way he rose through the Illyrian ranks, and the way we see him fight in the final battle, its no doubt that he has a warriors heart and mind. Especially when Mor and Feyre are talking and Mor says “It is like a dance for him.” and the unspoken words ‘and he is the master of it.’. Going into his past with this name is hard because maybe he’s this good because he is spiting the world after he was thrown away a birth. Maybe the fighting is in his blood. 

Lord of Bloodshed: Yep again reasonable.. He is feared greatly throughout Prythian and I think somewhere else in the series he is called this. So this is plausible he’s earned this title. He may not have an “actual” title but he has this one. 

Prince of Bastard: This is probably the most understandable. He is called a bastard constantly, He was thrown away at birth and then thrown in the mud to see how long he would live, He slept outside most of his childhood, He fought to earn his title while training, hell he fought outside of actual training because he enjoyed it and it earned him better things… for a while until he got older at least. He is the bastard everyone knows and he probably the greatest bastard. But what gets me is that word. Bastard. (This is also the part where you’re going to go ‘donnie… girl…. you’re crazy) Someone isn’t a bastard because they are disowned by a mother but they are a bastard by blood. The definition is: a person born of parents not married to each other. — But thats normal for Ilyrians. So why is Cassian taunted for it when most Ilyrians are the same? Because he isn’t full Illyrian. By the grace of the gods he got his mother’s bloodline genetics but he isn’t sired Illyrian. Im not going to dive into this fully because i simply have nothing to back it up but I think his father was someone of great power and thats where ‘prince of bastards’ comes from (meaning he would be like a prince if legitimized) and why cass has so much Illyrian power to channel through the syphons. He is constantly called bastard by everyone else simply because of fate and I rely on fate because in ACOTAR fate seems to have a lot of sway with things. Im not going to say what Cassian half is because i simply don’t know but I’m not convinced it high fae either. 


Ok lets go through what we know and then go through what the carver says again. 

What we know and what is vital to remember:

  • The Carver isn’t lying.
  • Two beings not fully High Fae can hear things meaning those things that carry the messages are apart of them some way.
  • Nesta is too powerful for logic 
  • Cassian is other (not high fae)
  • Nesta is referred to as other as well (i don’t remember where but its in the book)

K serisouly remember those. Go back and read them if you have to. We are moving onto decoding now. 

Again. You’re going to say I’m insane and this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to far a stretch but someone asked for my opinion and I’m giving it. Even though it isn’t sound at all and has nothing to back it up. 

“What came out was not what went in.” A rasping laugh as the Carver laid the shard of bone on the ground beside him. “How lovely she is - new as a fawn and yet ancient as the sea. How she calls to you. A queen, as my sister once was. Terrible and proud; beautiful as a winter sunrise.”

Lets go sentence by sentence. 

“What came out was not what went in.” Well duh, everyone says that! Thats what we are trying to figure out. This sentence is useless. NEXT!

“How lovely she is - new as a fawn and yet ancient as the sea.” Well… thats a little weird. But yea, everyone says how stunning her beauty as high fae is throughout the book. And yea, she really young compared to time so yea she’s a young a s a fawn if you wanna make a weird simile like that. And yea, she’s old as fuck, like the sea, because she has a piece of the ancient cauldron in her. ANd the cauldron is other.  Soo this is a weird sentence but yet we can still make sense of it. 

“A queen as my sister once was.” Wait what? Confusion central! Where did this queen part come from? Will it be by marriage or power? or maybe a bond… 

“Terrible and proud; beautiful as a winter sunrise.” Im not going to ‘decode’ this. He is literally just describing her and her personality. 

Ok thats done. If you notice then good for you! You are very smart! I skipped a sentence. Probably the most important sentence. 

“How she calls to you.”

Well it the mating bond duh! No its not. Then its his urge to fuck her! No. wrong again … His urge to protect her? His promise that we learn about later? Nope.

It has to do with their mating bond (whether its said they have it or not, they have it lets be real. and I’m using it) and that sentence. 

Now is the time you need to remember all the stuff from before because Im unleashing a bunch of shit and its going to just kind come out. The only way to understand it is if you remember all we’ve been going through this entire post that is waaaaaay to long and could have been shorter if i didn’t ramble. 



So Cassian and Nesta are other. They call to each other because they are the same. Cassian is sired by some powerful species and Nesta is that species. Cassian is called a prince because his father is the ruler of the species or at least very high up in it. But he’s a bastard and his mother probably ‘hid’ or was scared of him so he can’t claim the title even IF he knew. Because of the mating bond between Nesta and Cassian, and the love I’m waiting for them to openly show, Nesta will be his queen. Thats why she is a Queen like Stryga. Whether she takes the title because of the bond or because she killed for it or because it is rightfully hers in some weird way I don’t even know about.. she is queen. When Nesta came out different she came out as something that isn’t High Fae. So when Nesta calls to ‘different’ or ‘other’ things this is why. Its because she somehow apart of The wind, the earth, the water, she is apart of all energy in a different way like Stryga, like the carver, like amren, and like this very very distant part of cassian. Its also why the wind moans her name. Why she could be felt across worlds. Nesta is not High Fae and she is not a piece of the cauldron. She is even more powerful. 

I know this is long long long stretch and theres nothing to back anything up especially the other species part… but this is what I somehow patched together and this is the only was I could explain it. 

Please pester me with questions. I probably won’t be able to answer a lot because I don’t even know but I’m open to them all the same. If you guys reading want to have ToG or ACOTAR discussions with me and be even more confused or just have questions about the series, DM or Ask me 

@liquifyme  I hope this answers your question and this makes you as crazy as me lol. Id love to chat more with you so please dm me anytime. 


Hyrule Hellions Entry #7: Shadow Nightmare(s)/DethI

Link’s Awakening, as a whole, is drenched in symbolism and is one of the franchise’s most reflective games.  I liken it to The Odyssey because of its more chaotic and ambiguous structure.  The dangers are more eclectic than your typical Zelda game, and the paradox of the Koholint setting gives the gamer a lot to think about when you factor in dream interpretation.  DethI may seem like a recycling of baddies, because it is–but to a greater end.  You have to remember that this game came out two years after A Link to the Past and was to be the last new Zelda game to be released for five years.  So the game, and The Shadow Nightmares, capitalized on this recent expansion of the Zelda world by bringing in and adopting forms that the more classically romantic epic A Link to the Past used as incarnations of the purest evil.  This creature is also fighting for its survival, as the Wind Fish’s slumber would destroy the demon(s) in addition to the world it/they seek(s) to conquer.  It’s in this game where we find that the destiny of a hero named “Link” is not just a victory over Ganon–there is a kind of curse in being this hero.  While this quasi-damned state is better explored in later games, Link’s Awakening introduces us to the concept that would later be major motif.  The Shadow Nightmare, an expert at what it does, mocks both Link and the player by incorporating the great enemies of Link’s past into its protean assault on our hero.  It is trying to scare you just as much as it is trying to physically harm you.  This battle, appropriately, is the most direct assault on Link, who is already in a dream world that is by no means a place of rest for the hero.  While the comparison to Wart in Super Mario Bros. 2 can be made, the Shadow Nightmares are legion–imbued with pure spirits of hate.  Their advances are more a metaphysical instinct, while their defensive procedure is more menacing through the tactic of opening old wounds.  Mixing older forms with new, the Nightmare shared by both the Wind Fish and Link presents a deadly dance with a possible eternal sleep that will never give either a reprieve.  


Finished the shit-comic from this sketchdump because I still think it’s funny. :3c

Nightmare Prevention Masterpost

Here’s a masterpost to help prevent nightmares, how to interpret them and how to deal with them.


Crystals: Agate, Amethyst, Angel Phantom Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Chrysoprase, Dream Quartz, Emerald, Fluorite, Lepidolite, Malachite, Smoky Quartz, any crystals that are black

Herbs: Anise, Ash, Bracken, Cayenne, Cedar, Flax, Garlic, *Hyacinth, *Kanna, Lady’s Slipper, Lemon Balm, *Mistletoe, *Morning Glory, Mullein, Mustard Seed, Purslane, Rosemary, Sage, Salt, Siberian Ginseng, *Skullcap, *Tobacco, Vervain, Wood Betony

*Herbs that can be or are toxic to ingest or burn, do research before handling these herbs

Incense: Cedar, Chamomile, Rosemary, Sage

Animals: Spiders (spiderwebs)

Metals: Silver

Simple Tips:

  • Make chamomile tea with moon water/gem elixir and drink before bed
  • Keep your bedding and pillows washed and clean
  • Cleanse your room before going to sleep
  • Take a bath or shower before bed to relax and cleanse yourself
  • Keep a bowl of salt near your bed
  • Sleep with crystals beneath your pillow or near your bed
  • Fill a bag or sachet with herbs to keep under your pillow or hang above your bed
  • Sleep with a stuffed animal or blanket that you feel comforted by
  • Try not to snack too close to bed time, indigestion can lead to nightmares
  • Stretch before bed
  • Do breathing exercises or meditate before bedtime
  • Crack your window slightly to bring in fresh air while you sleep
  • Avoid nicotine, alcohol or caffeine too close to bed
  • Listening to calming ambient sounds can help

Dealing with Nightmares

Nightmares can be very stressful and terrifying. Everyone has them and sometimes they are caused by your own subconscious thoughts and worries. 

  • Keep a notebook or dream journal with a pen near your bed. When you wake up from a nightmare, even if you are distressed, try to write down your emotions, thoughts and what you can remember about the nightmare down.
  • Come morning research the symbolism of the things that happened and appeared in your nightmare. Also consider what they may mean personally to you. Do you have any memories or experiences that relate to what happened in your dream?
  • Look it all over after you finished your research. What picture does it paint? Is something from your waking life affecting you? Stresses? Arguments? Relationship problems? If so perhaps it is time you try to resolve these problems.

After waking up from a nightmare you can still feel rather distressed. 

  • Take deep breaths, as scary and distressing as it is, it is still just a dream
  • Get some water
  • Stretch or walk around if you can, get the jitters and shakes out 
  • Cleanse your room if you can, spray some moon water about or bring in some salt, help remove the negativity you just felt
  • Read a book, it can help relax you again and make you feel sleepy, especially after such a stressful experience
  • After you wrote down what you remember from your nightmare, don’t dwell on it right now. You can worry about it later, for now find other things to do if you are not interested in going back to sleep
  • Listen to calming music or sounds
  • Watch calming images or videos if needed such as rain falling, ocean waves, changing clouds, looping gifs, etc
  • If someone is around and there to listen, you can talk it out with them. It can really help calm you
  • Drink some chamomile tea, it really helps
  • Wash your face
  • Cuddle, pet or speak with a pet
  • Hold your favorite stuffed animal or blanket for comfort
  • Make a crystal grid of calming stones and negativity removal stones 
  • If you do not plan on going back to sleep or if it is already morning, take a shower or bath
  • If you do not plan on going back to sleep, light some white and black candles to cleanse yourself and space of the negative energy brought by the nightmare. Do this with caution, make sure you are not too tired to do this. Fires are not fun or safe 

Calming Crystals: Amber, Amethyst, Astrophyllite, Blue Lace Agate, Calcite, Celestite, Danburite, Desert Rose, Dioptase, Dolomite, Dravite, Fire Agate, Fluorite, Galena, Goldstone, Hematite, Howlite, Infinite Stone, Magnesite, Milky Quartz, Pietersite, Rhodonite, Sodalite, Sugilite, Tiger’s Eye, Vauxite

Cleansing Crystals: Amber, Ametrine, Aquamarine, Calcite, Chlorite, Fluorite, Gyrolite, Blue Tourmaline, Milky Quartz, Salt, Serpentine, Sunstone, and Turquoise

Calming Herbs: Basil, Chamomile, Hops, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Passion Flower, Rosemary, Siberian Ginseng, St. John’s Wort

Cleansing Herbs: Anise, Bay, Birch, Boodroot, Cedar, Chamomile, Fennel, Horseradish, Hyssop, Iris, Lavender, Lemon, Lemon Verbena, Mimosa, Parsley, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sage, Sagebrush, Shallot, Thyme, Tobacco, Turmeric, Vervain, Yucca

Research herbs to ensure they are safe before using them

Nightmare Prevention Spells:

*Spells that are not mine