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maybe it's a dumb question but how would react Sd!Dream if, one day, original!Dream and him met each other? (and how would react Dream too)

Didn’t you ask something like this already…?

Ah well. I wrote something anyway.

DS!Dream: He ate the fruit… and you let him?

Dream: I-I…

DS!Dream: You let him turn into that? Don’t you care what happens to everyone around you?

DS!Dream: You should’ve thought ahead.

DS!Dream: Seeing as how you come off to be, I can guess that your version of Nightmare is about as smart as you are, so I’m not surprised that he would do something that stupid. My brother would never do that.

DS!Dream: But even knowing that was an option, you didn’t do anything.

DS!Dream: You really are an idiot…

Dream: … Stop…

DS!Dream: Sorry? Speak up, please.

Dream: Stop! It was my duty to PROTECT that fruit! Not eat it!

Dream: You’re the traitor around here!

Dream: You’re not even that nice! How can you be filled with all that positive energy and be like this?!

Dream: You’re not me!

(Original Nightmare suddenly teleports in.)

Nightmare: Ew. So much positive energy in here, makes me wanna puke…

Nightmare: Oh there you are Dream.

Nightmare: Get your ass over here. We’re going ‘home’.

(Nightmare picks Dream up with one of his tendrils. Dream doesn’t even fight; he even hold his arms up in surrender when being lifted.)

Dream: Nightmare, this isn’t necessary.

Dream: I’d rather be anywhere else than with this alternate version of me.

Nightmare: Hoh snap! Found someone you hate?

(Nightmare puts Dream down.)

Dream: No, but he definitely makes me feel gross.

DS!Dream: I’m standing RIGHT HERE!

Nightmare: Oh shut up. I betcha without that aura of yours, no one would like you.

DS!Dream: Pft. What do you know?

Nightmare: What do I know? I know that I want to leave as soon as possible.

(Nightmare grabs the sleeve of Dream’s shirt.)

Dream: Brother, can I hold your hand?

Nightmare: No.

(They teleport out.)

Every Day

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1,497

Song: Every Day By Rascal Flatts

Description: Dean is left lying next to you, awoken by a nightmare when he begins to think about how you two met. Over night, his nightmare turns into a blissful dream when he thinks of all the times you kept him sane. Written in Dean’s perspective.

My entry for @nicolejones412 ‘s writing contest!

Warnings: None :)

A/N: Italics mean flashbacks/memories, bolded italics are song lyrics

Originally posted by frozen-delight

You could’ve bowed out gracefully
But you didn’t
You knew enough to know
To leave well enough alone
But you wouldn’t

Dean quickly sat up in bed and looked around for the demon that he believed held Sam and you captive. Now realizing his dream, he sighed and left the bed to get a glass of water, only for him to come back to see you stretched out over the whole bed.

He smiled and placed his filled glass on his nightstand, carefully moving your hand so he could settle back into the sheets. Dean tried to relax but remained tense from the threatening dream. 

Unconsciously, you moved your arm up and over the bedding, stretching it out again but this time, instead of moving it over the sheets it was Dean’s chest. He chuckled to himself again and took your hand in his, careful not to wake you. 

Looking over at your restful face he was reminded of the first time you were introduced to him, all the way back in 1995. 

He was only sixteen and barely driving, only just earning his junior license. John had believed Dean was ready for his own hunt now, he was already a man in his eyes. 

However, behind all the joy and excitement Dean portrayed to his dad, he was about as ready to kill a monster on his own as a baby armed with a bent fork.

Afraid to disappoint his only parent, he didn’t let a word slip to anyone about his fears of going off into a hunters world by himself. The first case he was assigned to was two vampires that were using the back of a high school as a hunting ground.

Bobby however wouldn’t let Dean go alone and argued with John about the dangers of Dean’s first hunt. The young boy would take his father’s side, although Bobby could see past his facade. Unknowing to either of the Winchesters, Bobby had called in a favor from an old friend who had sent his own sixteen year old daughter out on an undercover mission to help Dean just for Bobby’s sake.

That sixteen year old girl was you, and it wasn’t your first solo hunt. Your father had trained you to fend for yourself ever since you were little, and was comfortable letting you help out a potential friend.

Through out the week of going undercover, you had befriended Dean, however he had no clue you were even related to a hunter. 

When the time came to kill the two lone vamps, Dean fumbled through the motions and struggled to put up a fight. The heavily wooded area in the back of the school didn’t help him. He had no clue that you were standing behind one of the many trees, trying to stay out of his way however struggling watching him loose.

Just as a vampire almost had Dean pinned against a tree, you stepped out in an effort to distract them, and cut a long scratch across you arm, giving them the smell of fresh blood.

While you had them distracted, Dean beheaded them and checked if you were okay.

“(Y/N), what are you doing here? You can’t know about this life, you shouldn’t know about it. It’s dangerous.”

You laughed and shook you head at his comment, still not understanding the current situation.

“Dean, I’ve been hunting my whole life just like you. I only am here tonight because Bobby was worried about your safety, he called me in as a favor.”

Dean was flabbergasted, unsure how a sweet and smiley girl like yourself could be a fearless hunter.

“You could’ve just left ever so gracefully, I would have had the situation handled.”

Your laugh rang out again through the woods, this time you slapped Dean on the shoulder to help keep your balance, making him feel shy after his attempt to mock your personality didn’t phase you.

“Nah, Dean Winchester I won’t ever bow out gracefully.”

I drive myself crazy
Tryin’ to stay out of my own way
The messes that I make
But my secrets are so safe
The only one who gets me
Yeah, you get me
It’s amazing to me

Dean set down the now empty glass and snuggled into his bed, moving closer to you and resting his head on top of yours. When he closed his eyes, you were again the first thing that came to his mind, the scent of your shampoo filling his nose.

He smiled into your hair and gently placed a kiss on the top of your head, reminded of another memory of you two. Dean wasn’t to pleased by the circumstances of the event, however this moment you two had shared never failed to remind Dean of your strong bond.

He had driven away to meet the crossroads demon, stepping on the pedal making it almost touch the floor. Dean truly believed that he was alone, however is sadness and rage blinded him, he didn’t notice your own classic car following his impala.

You witnessed almost the whole thing. You saw only the part of sealing the deal with a kiss, which broke your heart knowing that one of your life long friends (which you didn’t have many of) was selling his soul.

Jumping out of the car, Dean noticed you, tears streaming down his face once again. This time he didn’t feel sadness, only fear, seeing the disappointment written on your face. The demon disappeared, and Dean fell to his knees.

You rushed over to him and crouched down to his level, grabbing his face with both your hands and wiping away his tears. You didn’t say anything, you only held his as he cried and stuttered out an apology. 

“(Y/N), I’m sorry I couldn’t leave Sam, he couldn’t be dead!”

His head was nuzzled into your shoulder and all you did was held him, letting your own tears drip down your face. After a few moments, Dean’s crying let up and he pulled away former embrace, both of you still on your knees.

“How long do you have?”

“A year.”

Dean whispered, both of you making an attempt not to cry. You nodded, not daring to say another word in fear your voice may give your emotions away.

“Please don’t tell Sammy, he can’t know not now.”

“Dean Winchester you’re gonna kill yourself with all these secrets.”

“They’re not secrets if I share them with you.”

You cracked a sad smile and shook your head, standing up and offering a hand to help up the dead man walking.

“I didn’t think you would find out this way and I don’t expect you to get why-”

“I understand why you sold your soul Dean, you don’t have to explain yourself to me. Love is a powerful thing and the bond you and your brother have is unbreakable.”

Dean looked at you, his slightly puffy eyes searching your face for any indication you were lying to him, finding nothing of the sort.

Unknown at the time to Dean, this memory would stay in his mind forever, not because it was the day his time started to tick, but because it was the moment he fell in love with you.

How every day
Every day, every day
You save my life

Dean woke up with the smell of bacon and eggs in the air. He got up and began to move towards the kitchen, the sound of popping grease getting louder and louder the closer he got to the smell.

When he came to the doorway of the kitchen, he just leaned on the woodwork and watched you cook, Sam already out on a morning run.

You turned around and meet his eyes smiling, moving the hot pan over a plate and emptying the perfectly cooked bacon onto the already half-filled plate.


You asked, Dean’s head leaning against the doorframe, his arms and feet crossed as he looked at you awe.

“Nothing, I just had a good night.”

He answered, walking towards you and wrapped his arms around your waist, slowly kissing your neck starting at your collar bone and stopping behind your ear.

“You must have had a good night, what did you have a nice sleep?”

You questioned him again, laughing at his giddy morning mood which isn’t common.

“Very nice sleep, in fact I think it was the best sleep of my life.”

Dean moved towards the fridge and opened it, taking out the milk. Just as he was about to take a big swig from the carton when you interrupted his actions.

“It’s spoiled, Sam went out to get more.”

He quickly put it down on the counter and stepped away from the chunky milk, then began to laugh.

“Really, what has gotten into you this morning? You’re lucky I even bothered saving you from that milk.”

“I just have a song stuck in my head that made me think of you, that’s all.”

♫ “I lie awake
I drive myself crazy
Drive myself crazy
Thinking of you
Made a mistake
When I let you go, baby-” ♫

Ed: “Oswald! Do you mind? I’m trying to get some sleep here.”

Hallucination Oswald: “Hey, you’re the one who’s keeping me in your bed with you, Ed. (smirks) Would you like to discuss why that is?”

Ed: (turns away and digs head into his pillow, tightly shutting his eyes) “No! Just stop singing that, please.”

Hallucination Oswald: “Alright, I will.”

Hallucination Oswald: ♫ “You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare…” ♫ 

Ed: (groans, muttering to himself): “Definitely a nightmare…”

♫ “Either way I don’t wanna wake up from you...” ♫ 

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Supongamos que Nightmare mata a Dream. Nightmare tiene que tomar el alma de Dream rapido porque si no se muere cierto?

la tiene que tomar rapido y comersela (despues de todo es la ultima manzana dorada que le falto por comer)


i. there’s a ghost standing at the foot of my bed and it’s you, it’s you, it’s you, it was you ii. i can’t stop thinking of all the things i should’ve done that i never did, all the things that i should’ve said that i never said iii. say goodbye and don’t look back, so long to happy every after iv. all those words we wrote are just the rules of the game, and the rules are the first to go v. your disappearing act is getting harder to bear vi. and i’ve forgotten just how you smell, i only remember i loved it so well vii. if you are chased by a nightmare i will dive into your dreams, and if you are followed by old ghosts i will watch them till they leave viii. follow me back home, ‘cause the night is young and i’m tired of being alone
     / / / a mix for emily and alison during ali’s missing years | 8tracks | playmoss

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lugia anon here!! hi again vair! it was great to see that post because I've always wanted to know more about you ^o^ I'm an enormous kirby fan myself! what are your favourite games?

Hey there friend! As a general note to you and anyone else reading this I’m literally always up for personal questions so ask away whenever you’re curious. 

Anyways, Amazing Mirror is easily my favorite in the series! I was positively obsessed with it as a kid, and I only just got a 100% on it like 7 months ago. I think that, even though the Kirby formula is super simple, Amazing Mirror had a really big scope with lots of fun puzzles and stuff that made it the longest lasting game in my opinion. Nightmare in Dream Land was also a bunch of fun and was my first Kirby game that I owned. Canvas Curse was a masterpiece for its time, singe handedly convinced me to get a DS and normally it takes a Pokemon game to do that. Squeak Squad and Super Star Ultra were great too. Oh and I recently played Triple Deluxe and LOVED IT SO MUCH but like most recent games I felt it was a tiny bit lacking in content. I haven’t played Robobot yet but I really really want to, and I recently for Return to Dream Land that I have yet to play through!

Evening Ponderings

Have you ever wondered what your coping mechanism is? Sometimes I wonder if mine is drinking- but I don’t drink often enough for that. I’ve wondered if it’s mental separation- but things are definitely too personal for that. Sometimes I wonder if it’s seeking solace in time away from my loved ones- but then I think I’ve liked that long before I started “coping”. Or merely “living”. I’m not “living the dream”. I’ve started to think it’s just a story told to kids to say life isn’t actually so bad… but actually, adulting fuckin sucks. Finances are a nightmare- cause working special ed (or even my dream job as a police officer) will never pay well. I get, and will continue to be) beat up daily, verbally abused, and stressed beyond belief. All in the spirit of helping special needs kids become more independent. Maybe my coping mechanism is saying I don’t need one- thinking I’m invincible. That I must be strong or I won’t be good enough for any job of service. Or maybe that I’ve already hit breaking point and am just coasting on by now. It makes me wonder how real my happiness is when I talk to friends or family. How real is the joy when it’s often so short-lived?
If it consistently takes me 4 alarms to get out of bed, what does that tell me about my life? Is my coping mechanism hiding in the depths of sleep?

Why is my joy so short-lived when my happiness in life is making a difference? When it’s helping people? I find real purpose in it, yet I have to fight to shake off bad moods 60-70% of the time. What happens when that increases to 80-90% of the time. Am I not going to want to help people anymore- regardless of what it costs me? Am I going to be one of those bitter, burnt-out people who are almost impossible to help because they won’t help themselves? I really hope not. I hope I find a healthy way to cope. And not just cope. Live. Love. And be truly happy.

Just some evening ponderings.

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I´ve recently startet to have nightmares more frquently, and when I do I often become aware of it. This is the closest I´ve ever got to have lucid dreames. However when I do I normally force myself to wake instead of dealing with it, but like I´ve said it has started to happen more frequently. Any advice?

You could try anti-nightmare spells, if you are looking to not have the nightmares, check this post out. If the goal is to lucid dream, then after you wake up, right every little bit of detail down that you remember. This helps with dream recall as well as helps you realize when you are in a dream, because when you are dreaming things are always just a little off. I like to focus on my hands when I am lucid and/or loosing lucidity when I lucid dream (which isn’t on a regular basis, mind you.) For some reason this helps me realize that I am dreaming.

My dreams are always either hyper realistic or completely surreal and I wish for once I could have a GOOD vivid dream and not a horrible nightmare


“ They say the universe has a great sense of humor. That sometimes having your dreams come true can feel like a nightmare. Because getting what you want always come with strings attached… ”

THE HALCYON — someone who is optimistic and carefree in their lifestyle, typically naive and oblivious to any surroundings. they can be enthusiastic and childish in what they say, & if they ever get sad, it’s normally for a short period of time.

a dream dressed like a nightmare - SQ ficlet 19

Prompt: What do they dress up as for Halloween/idk whatever holiday they celebrate which involves dressing up?  (500 words) 


“Don’t look.”

Both Emma and Henry turn around, their mouths falling open and their eyes bulging when they take in the vision standing awkwardly at the foot of the stairs.

And then Henry becomes hysterical and Emma claps her hand over her mouth to stifle her undignified hoots.

Regina crosses her arms over the navy blue corset encasing her chest, the short, puffy sleeves of her dress completing the illusion of a toddler in the middle of an earth-shattering tantrum.

“When you two are quite done behaving like hyped monkeys,” she hisses, “maybe you’ll allow me to go upstairs to change into something decent and end this ridiculous ordeal.”

“Nope,” Emma says immediately, wiping off tears at the corners of her eyes. “A bet’s a bet, your majesty. Don’t be a sore loser.”

“It’s actually quite cute, Mom,” Henry reassures her with a wicked grin, and the glare she gives him in return would give a grown man nightmares—but not her son who’s too familiar with her bullshit.

“There’s no way I’m going to the town Halloween party in this horrifying garb, Miss Swan.”

“Hey, I made a point of finding you the finest quality for this costume, show some gratitude lady, I had to go through so much pink websites my eyes can’t ever unsee that color.”

“And you know Grandma is gonna have a field day seeing you like that,” Henry cackles, while his mother looks on the verge of having a nervous breakdown at the thought, and looks at Emma with pleading eyes. The Sheriff sighs, and gets up from the couch, walking to her lover, who immediately takes a step back and looks away with a pout, standing still against the teasing kiss Emma lays on her cheek.

“You know you’ll still be the most beautiful woman at the party, right? Despite the 12-years-old’s outfit?”

Regina snorts, and rolls her eyes, biting her lips against a smile as Emma starts pecking her cheek and Henry leaves the living-room with a nonchalant “Gross, guys,” and soon she’s laughing, fighting the Sheriff off as the kisses start tickling her neck.

“Enough! I’ll go. But know that when I get revenge for this, it’s going to hurt.”

Emma flashes her teeth.

“I can’t wait. Oh, I almost forgot!”

She runs to the kitchen under Regina’s apprehensive look, and comes back with a shiny red apple in her hand and the most infuriating shit-eating grin.

“For accuracy. You’ll have to bite into this apple at some point tonight, Snow White.”

Regina grunts, pockets the apple in her disgustingly yellow skirt, before looking up at Emma, eyes roaming over her leather outfit—of course, she gets to go as Xena—, pausing on her pushed-up breasts with a devious glint.

“Oh, but don’t worry, dear. There’s quite a few things I plan to bite, tonight.”

She struts proudly on her way out and Emma watches her leave with heat in her eyes.

“Hot damn. Who knew a Disney princess could be so racy.”



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What are your thoughts on Witch of Hope and Maid of Heart? :>

Witch of Hope and Maid of Heart

Well, the Witch is active +6, and the Maid is active +1. This averages to +3.5, halfway between the Thief and the Knight! I’ve done this before, and called it the Merc; one who steals and weaponizes their aspect.

Hope and Heart don’t directly correlate, but they certainly have a lot in common! I’d call it the aspect of Dreams, an especially emotional kind of hope!

So, you’re the Merc of Dreams, who takes your enemies’ wildest dreams and turns them into their darkest nightmares!