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A Brief Guide To Some of My Favorite Kirby Anime Episodes

As you might’ve already known, I’m a big Kirby fan. I love my brave orb son. Specifically, I love the Kirby anime, which you might know as either Hoshi no Kaabi or Kirby: Right Back At Ya! I dig it so much that I spent a sizable chunk of my time going through and screencapping every episode, including the all-too-short 3D special and the… interesting pilot. If that doesn’t sound like much, let me remind you that the anime is exactly 100 episodes long. That’s a lot of Kirby content!

Naturally, that much material means a lot of K:RBAY’s run goes through the motions with the show’s usual formula – copying abilities, saving the Cappies, and admiring the power couple that is Dedede and Escargoon – and spotting the diamonds in the rough is trickier than you’d think. Luckily, this guide is here to help! I wouldn’t say these are objectively the best episodes; just that these are the ones I enjoyed the most for various reasons. At the risk of blabbing your ears off about this beloved children’s cartoon, I’ll stop right here and tell you all about my favorite episodes! I’ll try not to list too many of them. (I should mention that this guide mostly focuses on the subbed version, which can easily be found on Youtube for the most part, though the dub is even easier to find and, admittedly, has its own charm.)

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Kirby Lore: What is Canon?

Instead of focusing on a single topic, this time I’m just going to clear up what is and isn’t considered canon in the Kirby games. A lot of weird things take place in the games, so it can be a little difficult to pin down which events actually happened and which didn’t. I’m hoping to clear things up a little.

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see under the cut for an absolutely ADORABLE daddy!spirk fic sent to me by my wonderful anonymous friend, that inspired this comic

Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise has nightmares about bath time. He is a decorated Starfleet officer. He has seen battle, led fights, ordered people to their deaths. He can sit calmly in his command chair and face the entire Klingon armada calmly and comfortably. But the ritual of cleaning his own children haunts him. 

At least Jim can be certain that it’s not his fault. No, this aversion to water is all Vulcan; Thalia is no better than Sorek, and Spock is, secretly, just as bad as them both. At least he is capable of getting clean without destroying the entire bathroom.

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Every time I see wonderful business plans being made for One Direction, I go “THIS IS IT, MAYBE THIS TIME” and then get excited and then I see that it’s executed in the most, inept and nonsensical manner and I am all, “WHY MUST YOUR TEAM ACT OUT PLANS LIKE LOBOTOMISED ANTS” and then I realise that that’s an actual insult to ants. Ants can organise well-structured colonies. Nevermind launching a proper ad campaign. Their management team can’t even organise a hotel care package.