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🌱Green Witch Tips🌱

I get a lot of asks about plants; what dried herbs to start with, what kind are good for beginners, what I would recommend new witches own, how to grow them, etc. That’s totally okay because you guys know I love helping you out but to make things easier I’m just going to talk about plants for a while, okay? Enjoy!

Let’s Start At The Beginning🌿

“What should a beginner witch have in their cabinet?”

I get asked a lot what are some good herbs or dried flowers to have for people who can’t grow their own. Just remember, it’s not necessary to have herbs in your practice, all you need to be a witch is a desire to be a witch! But these are the herbs I recommend and/or are my personal favorites.💜

  • Orange Peel - This is great for uplifting energies and bringing happiness into your life, they can help with intuition, bring prosperity and abundance, and they can help strengthen friendships and relationships. They’re loaded with Vitamin C & A, it’s a powerful antioxidant and great for relieving congestion(add it to your bath!) You can eat them, burn them, make a tea, add it to your bath, whatever you see fit!
  • Basil - This is great for bringing in money and prosperity, love, flying/astral work, exorcisms, and is great for protection. Basil has potent antioxidant, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties. It is also an anti-inflammatory.
  • Mint - Mint is probably one of my favorite healing herbs, it can help bring you strength, luck, money, and safe travels. Mint is an anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic. Ideal for treating indigestion, flatulence, varicose veins, headaches, migraines, skin irritations, rheumatism, toothache, and general fatigue.
  • Chamomile - One of my favorite meditation plants, it also aids in centering and finding peace, protection, self-love and healing! It’s great for fevers, indigestion, it works as an anti-inflammatory for wounds, and makes a good insect repellent.
  • Rosemary: It’s often used for protection, love, purification, healing, sleep, and youth. When burned it emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations and is used to rid a place of negativity. It provides anti-inflammation, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antisepticproperties. And research provides ample evidence that rosemary not only improves memory, but helps fight cancer. 
  • Onion: It is used for protection, exorcism, healing, money, and abundance in life. Grown in pots or in the garden they repel negative energy and evil intentions. You can cook onions to attract money and luck. Onions are high in vitamin C, a good source of fiber, and are good for regulating blood pressure.
  • Thyme: It can be used for good health, healing, sleep, courage, love, purification, psychic powers. It can be burned for good health and purification and can be used in healing spells. It can be used to help bronchitis, whooping cough, sore throat, colic, arthritis, upset stomach, stomach pain (gastritis), diarrhea, bedwetting, intestinal gas (flatulence), parasitic worm infections and skin disorders.

Growing Your Own Indoor Plants 🌿

These are what I recommend for beginners(inside) I tried to include a variety of herbs, succulents, and houseplants because I know some people prefer one of the other. This includes generic care tips like storage needed, how much light, water, etc. If you’re looking for magical plant care tips scroll down to the next category! All plants picked are cat and dog friendly.

  • Spider Plants - absorb negativity while improving both the energy and air quality of your home. They’re great for low-key daily cleansing. The pot does not need drainage, moderate sunlight, during growth water once or so a week, at adult(one year) water more frequently, during the summer do not let the soil dry out, keep it moist! Generic garden soil is fine.
  • African Violets - ruled by the planet Venus, promoting spirituality and peaceful vibrations. Their five-petaled flowers are protective and link the plant with the pentagram. Keep them in a warm location where they get plenty of light, and these darling little plants will happily bloom for you all year round. They’re roots are very fragile so over watering can definitely kill them, make sure the soil is completely dry to touch before water. They do best with soils that include peat moss or vermiculite.
  • Succulents - bringers of love and abundance and can be among the easiest of house plants to grow.  Succulents are ruled by the moon. Succulents definitely need plots that have drainage holes, the soil should be a mix of rocks and soil or just buy premade cacti soil! Water two to three times a month depending on size. Full sunlight is best!
  • Swedish or English Ivy -  are protective as well as decorative, and never more so than when trained to grow outside on house walls. Potted and brought indoors, they serve the same function, for their curious stems and leaves drive away evil and negativity from their dwelling place. They are also though to promote fidelity and fertility. Medium light, simple garden soil, they do like moss, ivy’s prefer to be on the dry side when the soil has been dry for 2-3 days then water!
  • Catnip - can bring love into the home, works for cat magic or dieties, helps promote happiness and aids in sleep/astral travel magic. It can be successfully grown on a sunny windowsill, providing you give it enough water and remember to pinch out the flowers to encourage leaf growth. You can start pinching off leaves as soon as the plant hits about 6 - 8 inches.
  • Basil - it can help steady the mind, brings happiness, love, peace, and money and protects against insanity. Keep basil in direct or medium sunlight, keep soil moist, make sure to pick the leaves regularly to encourage growth throughout the summer.
  • Lemon Balm - associated with the moon and neptune, can be used to dispel melancholy and depression, it is traditionally used for compassion, fertility, happiness, healing, longevity, love, mental health, prosperity, and divination. Lemon balm likes a steady supply of water, but good drainage is a must.The plant recovers quickly from wilt, so it’s best to err on the side of dry rather than too wet, which will encourage root rot. Any good, fast-draining potting soil will likely do.
  • Thyme(a personal favorite) - planet venus, it’s good for clairvoyance, cleansing, courage, divination, dreams, exorcism, faeries, happiness, healing, love, money, prevents nightmares, protection, psychic development, aannnddd purification. It’s a pretty useful little plant and it’s super cute if you ask me! Water completely each time but allow the pot to dry before watering again. Fertilize thyme with a weak solution of fish emulsion or liquid seaweed once a month - I swear by it! Trim off flowers and dry them for a sachet or use them in tea, bath, etc!
  • Rosemary -  It’s often used for protection, love, purification, healing, sleep, and youth. When burned it emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations and is used to rid a place of negativity. Same grow tips as thyme!
  • Orchid -  it can be used for elegance and beauty, concentration, strengthening memory, love, intuition, harmony, focus, and will power. I personally love having my orchids around during self love magic and glamour spells. It needs ample water but should be allowed to dry out some between watering - make sure to not over water it. Some orchids can be air plants!

Magical Tips For Growing Plants🌿

Just some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years, some of these may not be super witchy but still definitely helpful for strong plant babies!

  • Sing or talk to your plants daily! Not only will the positive energy they receive help them grow strong, so will the more direct source of Carbon Dioxide. 💕 
  • Use rain water or moon water to water your plants! You can really use any kind of water but I advise against sea water unless you boil the salt out first.
    • Bonus! Charge your water with crystals. I like to leave mine out under the moon with moss agate, clear quartz, and rose quartz to encourage growth into a strong, beautiful plant.
  • If you smoke weed, ashes are lovely to give to plants once a week, most ashes work to be honest. You can also use left over tea leaves to compost as well, you can infuse/encourage your plants with energies of the tea!
  • You can also include eggshell powder or water from when you boil eggs in your waterings once a week to help aid it’s growth. 
    • I wouldn’t suggest feeding them plant food until their adults though just because it’s really simple to over feed them. But it’s okay to throw some eggshells in the beginning.
  • Sigils! Put sigils on everything, your watering can, the containers your plants are in, on the window they receive their sunlight from! Have fun, gardening is a great time to explore yourself and your craft.
  • Leave your plants under the moon to let the charge. Or when they’re in the sun let that charge them to bring energy and happiness into your home and life.
  • Leave crystals next to your plants or create little spell jar to keep in your garden. I have one of citrine, clear quartz, bay, oak, and a little love letter to Freyr because he’s my patron god and a god of nature.
  • This may sound weird but I swear my little green guys love jivin’ to music, play some and dance around with them, let them be lively and included in your life. We’ve been listening to a lot of Janis Joplin lately.
  • If your plant indoors you don’t have worms!! Oh no! Poke little holes in your soil (after their healthy sprouts) to make sure the soil isn’t compacted.
  • Understand how much space your plants are going to need.  It’s a common mistake for gardeners to get too small of pots. Research the type of roots your plants have - not all grow down some grow wide and need wider more shallow pots.
  • Look for the best place in the house for each plant, and don’t be afraid to try different locations until you find the best spot. Some plants are picky and that’s a-okay!

I hope this is able to help someone with their little green babies. Gardening can bring such joy to ones life, I hope it can for you!🌿

Tony rushes in. FRIDAY, good girl that she is, already has the lights on and is babbling away, but she lets Tony take over. “I’m here, Sugarplum,” he says, moving towards the bed. “How you doing?”

Rhodey sighs so deeply Tony’s a little concerned. “Fine. It’s all in my head. You don’t have to come running every time I scream a bit.”

“That is the saddest sentence I have ever heard, and I have heard some of the shit that comes out of my own mouth,” Tony says. “Scooch over?”

Rhodey painstakingly and laboriously moves himself so he’s firmly on one side of the bed, and Tony wishes he kept his mouth shut and hadn’t asked. The bed’s big enough, he still could have gotten in even if Rhodey was in the dead center, there’s no need to make the guy move when moving is a momentous act now.

“Wanna talk about it?”



“I said no, Tony,” Rhodey snaps, then takes another deep breath, this one more reasonable. “Shit. Sorry, I…sorry. I know, I’m being an ass, and…”

“And that’s what happens. You see me complaining? You’re okay, Rhodey. Feel free to tell me to piss off. My skin’s thick enough to take this.”

“Is it?” Rhodey asks.

Tony sighs now. “For you. Always.”

“I don’t wanna test that. I don’t want to snap at you. I don’t want to…”

“You should sleep,” Tony says, interrupting, but keeping his voice soft, so Rhodey can talk over him if he wishes. “I’m here now. Try to get some more sleep. And then…maybe we can talk about the shrink thing again?”

“Never thought I’d hear Tony Stark…” Rhodey mutters.

“Yeah, well, have to grow up sometime,” Tony says as lightly as he can. “I hear emotionally healthy coping is a part of that.”

“Bullshit,” Rhodey murmurs. He sounds tired, and not in a good way. In an exhausted, broken-down way, like he’s barely able to play along with Tony’s rambling anymore. “Plenty of adults don’t manage.” He pauses a moment. “We’ll talk about it tomorrow. Again.”

“Okay, Sugarplum,” Tony says, adding it to his list of things to talk about. “How about sleeping now?”

“Yeah.” Rhodey’s eyes close. “Hey, Tony?”


“If you…slept in here…you wouldn’t have to come running in the middle of the night.”

A pause, the room feeling suddenly like the air is made of glass, like one word will shatter it.

“Nevermind. Stupid idea. Forget I said anything.”

Tony shakes his head, even though he knows Rhodey’s eyes are closed. “Not stupid,” he says. “Never stupid. You’re a genius after all, Colonel Rhodes.” He wants to lean down, kisses Rhodey’s head, but restrains himself. Not yet. He adds it to the list of things they should talk about. “I want to stay.”


“Yeah, Sugarplum,” Tony says, but he knows Rhodey is already mostly gone, wonders how much of the conversation they’ll have to repeat tomorrow.

“FRIDAY?” Tony asks, voice barely a whisper. “Lights.”

They dim, and Tony settles beside Rhodey. he allows himself to touch Rhodey’s arm, one hand gently landing there, keeping contact as his eyes close and he too falls into sleep.

Herbs and their (many) uses

For January, week 2 of the 2016 Grimoire Challenge - An alphabetical list of herbs I have on hand at the moment, as well as their practical and magical uses, and some warnings about certain herbs. (Please note that a lack of warnings on an herb doesn’t mean it’s perfectly safe to use! Check all the warnings before using any unfamiliar herbs.)

Common correspondences mostly compiled from Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs bc it’s awesome.


  • Allspice
    • personal - energetic, versatile, fiery
    • common - money, luck, healing, fiery
  • Astralagus
    • personal - soothing, focusing, airy
    • common - grounding, protective, airy
  • Basil
    • personal - luck, money, protection, earthy
    • common - love, purification, wealth, fiery
  • Bay Leaves
    • personal - protection, luck, fiery
    • common - blessings, exorcism, strength, fiery
  • Calendula
    • personal - soothing, healing, protective, watery
    • common - protection, psychic power, fiery
    • medical - anti-inflammatory, use for minor wounds, abrasions, rashes
  • Chamomile
    • personal - soothing, calming, watery
    • common - money, sleep, love, purification, watery
    • medical - anti-inflammatory, soothing, indigestion, anti-anxiety, cramps
  • Cinnamon
    • personal - energetic, luck, confidence, success, fiery
    • common - love, luck, happiness, spirituality, success, healing, psychic powers, protection
  • Clove
    • personal - energetic, protective, luck
    • common - luck, prosperity, friendship, love, fiery
    • medical - antiseptic, acne, toothaches (oil)
  • Eucalyptus
    • personal - cooling, calming, healing, watery
    • common - healing, protection, watery
    • warnings - essen. oil is very strong! dilute well
  • Fennel Seed
    • personal - luck
    • common - confidence, protection, healing, fiery
  • Feverfew
    • personal - calming, soothing 
    • common - protection, watery 
    • medical - cramps, inflammation & infection 
    • warnings - pregnant people should not take this! 
  • Hibiscus
    • personal - vibrant, energetic, love, fiery 
    • common - love, lust, divination 
  • Lavender 
    • personal - calming, soothing, purifying, cleansing, watery 
    • common - cleansing, sleep, protection, purification, happiness, peace, airy 
    • medical - antibacterial, bug bites 
  • Marshmallow Root
    • personal - steadying, smoothing earthy 
    • common - protection, psychic power, watery 
    • medical - antibacterial, lots of mucilage, good for bug bites 
  • Mugwort
    • personal - good for smoking! 
    • common - divination, astral travel 
    • warnings - psychoactive, contains thujone 
  • Nutmeg
    • personal - energetic, sturdy, earthy 
    • common - luck, money, health, fidelity, fiery 
  • Palo Santo
    • personal - sacred, consecrating 
    • common - cleansing, sanctifying, purifying, 
    • palo santo is endangered 
  • Passion Flower 
    • personal - love, lust 
    • common - peace, sleep, friendships, watery 
  • Peppermint
    • personal - soothing, calming, healing 
    • common - healing, prosperity, protection, consecrating, sleep, fiery 
  • Rosemary
    • personal - memory, focus, mental ability, cleansing, versatile
    • common - memory, purification, healing, ward off nightmares, fiery
    • medical - memory improvement 
  • White Sage
    • personal - cleansing 
    • common - cleansing, purifying, wisdom, airy 
    • white sage is endangered 
  • St. John’s Wort
    • personal - uplifting, lightening 
    • common - health, protection, strength, love, happiness, fiery 
    • warning - can increase serotonin levels; check for other interactions
  • Star Anise
    • personal - psychic development, luck, success 
    • common - protection, divination, lust, airy 
  • Thyme
    • personal - strength, courage, endurance, psychic development
    • common - strength, courage, ward off nightmares, luck, psychic development, watery 
  • Witch Hazel
    • personal - cleansing, clarifying 
    • common - protection, calming of passion, fiery 
    • medical - astringent (makes a great toner)

Gladly! (link to my first)

Tbh if you haven’t already, check out all the other fics written by those authors in my previous post

Pucker Up by lethallergic - THIS IS SO CUTE OK college kissing booth AU, taekook are so flirty aND PLAYFUL AND HAPPY tgt this is my jam!!!!!! 

Love Will Always Be a Lesson (Let’s Get Out of its Way) by mindheist - I’m pretty sure you guys know how this reduced me into a sobbing mess already but yea, Hollywood AU, fucking years of pining, TAE+KOOK MEANS SO MUCH TO EACH OTHER I’M NOT OK, plus all those recurring motifs that hit you hard at the end I’m so 

The Sun Half by noloveallowed - Yo this is g9. Like. Amazing. Game of Thrones AU (I know 0 abt it but I still loved it), the characters - even aside from taekook - are so intriguing and layered, and I LOVE how the author writes Jeongguk all the little traits and characterization is spot on imo AND IT’S SLOW BURN. HOW TO WAIT TILL THE UPDATE 

Maybe We’re All Just Fools by airplanewishes - This was also one of the first taekook fics I read and loved but I didn’t include it before cos i’m a FOOL ok college AU, fake dating because I love that stuff sue me, lots of pining and angst 

Comeback Kids by Rix - This is a breath of fresh air as it deviates from fandom popular portrayals of tae and kkook. Enemies to lovers (holy shit), in which bangtan are in the university hockey team, brospeak ensues along with  obviously smitten kkook who’s also very much in denial 

♠ Lupi by kpopismydrug - Werewolf AU and amazing world building?? I feel like the author’s take on werewolf customs and nature was very unique and I enjoyed watching taekook’s r/s develop!

Wet Nightmares by deerfolk - Incubus!tae..! I’m trying not to rec anything that is more on the pwp side, but I like the premise of this one and Taehyung’s personality that shines through the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) parts  

♠ Watermelon Thief and Errand Boy by sassyneki - College AU, this is so sweet and funny and the moment taehyung stole the watermelon I was sold tbh (you’ll see what I mean) 

Just a reminder that these are very subjective, there are other fics that are great but just suit other people’s tastes better!! (also pls rec me stuff I’m always thirsty for well written taekook orz) 

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Indoor Herb Garden

The best part about Magic is making things yourself. If you can take the time to piece something together, it ends up being more powerful than something you can just buy.

Today I will be discussing indoor herb gardens. To start you have to think about where is the best place to have the garden? Find a little window sill that has light during the day but keep the plants at least 3-4 inches away from the window so the herbs don’t cook in hot sunlight.

Next you have to think about what the best herbs could be to grow inside. I suggest you go with oregano, mint, rosemary, and thyme. Each of these can be found at your local flower shop or grocery store.

Now the magical aspect of these herbs are the reason you are growing these (besides the fact you have fresh herbs to cook with now) here are the specific qualities of each herb:


  • Planet: Venus
  • Element: Air
  • Magical Uses: happiness, tranquility
  • Other Magical Uses: Animals, grieving, harmony, love, peace, protection, psychic development, weddings


  • Planet: Venus
  • Element: Air  
  • Magical Uses: cleansing, consecration, dreams, happiness, healing, love, money, passion, prosperity, protection, psychic development, purification, release, renewal, rest, sleep
  • Other Magical Uses: Animals, divination, endings, energy, exorcism, good luck, grieving, spirit offering, success, transformation
  • Lore: Mints are sacred to the god Hades, because a young lovely named Minthe was transformed into a mint to keep her from Hades’ embrace. Mint is also sometimes attributed to Zeus. Pair mint with topaz or chalcedony for best effect.


  • Planet: Sun
  • Element: Fire  
  • Magical Uses: cleansing, confidence, consecration, courage, exorcism, good luck, grieving, happiness, healing, knowledge, love, memory, passion, peace of mind, prevents theft, protection, psychic development, psychic protection, purification, release, ritual, rituals for the dead, water rites/sea rituals, weddings
  • Other Magical Uses: blessings, dreams, endings, energy, elves, fidelity, honesty, inspiration, invocation, longevity, meditation, new moon, prevents nightmares, sleep, strength, transformation, wisdom, Yule
  • Lore: Rosemary is associated in Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” with remembrance, so its link to memory is old. Even older are its associations with general magic and healing, with feminine power–folklore states that a healthy rosemary plant grew where a woman was head of the family–and with goddesses, especially of the sea. Catholic healers associated it with Mary.


  • Planet: Venus
  • Element: Air
  • Magical Uses: clairvoyance, cleansing, consecration, courage, divination, dreams, exorcism, faeries, happiness, healing, love, money, prevents nightmares, protection, psychic development, purification
  • Other Magical Uses: compassion, confidence, contacting other planes, grieving, magic, meditation, Midsummer, passion, release, renewal, rituals for the dead, Summer rituals, wishing
  • Lore: Thyme has strong ties to faery lore. Pair it with pearls.

You can also decorate the pots and add crystal to the soil to empower the herbs. Make it all your own and your magic will become more powerful.


Headcanon #29

Nightmare developed an idiosyncrasy that imparts a need to sleep next to someone or else he gets anxious, thanks to Dream always being by his side when they were younger.

Cross started fulfilling this before they officially got together.

Adding Horror Elements to Your Writing

Truly terrifying your readers takes skill. Not only do you have to focus on getting the pacing absolutely right, you also need to understand what makes something scary. When you’re writing, you can’t rely on cheap thrills like in most horror films.

Here are a few tips on adding horror to your story:

Let us know the stakes

We need to know what’s at risk for your character if you want to scare us. We need to know the immediate consequences for your character. We don’t want to be guessing what your character is afraid of happening. Let us know what will happen if they fail.

Develop your characters

No one will care about your horror novel OR any of your novels if you don’t develop your characters. This is often a mistake with beginning horror writers (and well-established ones)—they don’t make us care about their characters. We need to know who they are first before we care about what they might lose.

Write with emotion

Horror truly requires writing with emotion. As a writer, you need to be able to put yourself in the place of your character. You need to be able to describe their fear because that will make your writing more terrifying for your readers. They need to feel what your character is feeling emotionally.

Use all your senses

Focus on using all your senses when writing horror. Smells, sounds, and tastes will all add to the creepiness of your novel. Saying something smells like rotting flesh really adds to your story. Explaining that footsteps sound like heartbeats will build tension. Always consider everything that’s happening in the room and use it to improve your novel.

Have your character make mistakes

Sometimes fear in horror novels comes from characters doing something we know they shouldn’t. What if they accidently killed someone and tried to hide it? What if they got up in the middle of the night to investigate a noise? Build the tension by letting your characters make poor choices.  

Give your readers hope

If your readers have no faith in your character from the beginning, your novel won’t be very exciting. Simply putting a character through awful situations does not make a good horror story. We need to believe they can survive. That’s what keeps us reading.

Create new monsters

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas. Turn a vampire into something else by reconstructing our ideas of what a vampire should be. Create a new monster entirely. If there’s something from a nightmare that frightened you, develop it.

Don’t tell us when to be scared

This is when show, don’t tell really comes in handy. You can’t tell your readers, “Amy was really scared.” You need to show us why she’s scared. Simply stating that a character is frightened does nothing to scare your readers. Show us what’s happening and we will know why your character is terrified.

-Kris Noel

Please Don’t Go

Summary-  You’ve lived with Ethan, Mark, and Tyler for awhile now, but you have been having nightmares. Ones that woke you up at night. One night, you were having one of the worst nightmares of your life, and your blue-haired beauty came to rescue you.

Word Count- 1787

Pairing- Ethan x Reader

Warnings- a little fluffiness and maaaaybe some angst ;)

A/n- I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. Ethan is too beautiful for this world. I’m going to stop mentioning this, but Daisy helps me TREMENDOUSLY whenever I write, so just know that she does help me with a lot of the work on my stories

Tags- @lapseasteelis @mycuddlycorner @acklesdowneyandhiddles-ohmy @not-moose-one-shots@dannnyphantomm

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Mythology!AU  ➢ Odelle Swanova as Freyja, the norse goddess of love, beauty and war.

You’re gonna win that midnight crown, big-boned beauty queen. In brassy curls, eyes as blue as all the nothing held above and the underside of all the world. You got your coat of falcon feathers. You know love and war are pretty much the same. And you know all of your warrior girls; so you call them in the dark by name. And they all feast in your basement hall. Your father is a sad and god-broke king, but you’re a spun of frost and gold. Your girls don’t mind the battle din that descends, they sort through the mud and bring the worthy to your door. But you are county fair royalty, the gracious and dangerous sunrise girl who leaps over nameless lakes. Who leaves the unjust dead to rot. Who writes down all the sinners’ names. Who knows who’s done the dearest wrongs. See, at her side the terrifying shadows form tusk-tipped wrath and red-eyed rage. Oh, she can see you from the height of dawn, they’ve carved her likeness in Styrofoam; she’s Minnesota storm-frost bred. She gives her best friends grand warrior wings and her falcon-feather dressings flare out the frozen steel of midnight. She’s a host-field bound. She’s your worst nightmare.


Featured Herb

Thyme (thymus vulgaris)

Folk Names

Garden Thyme, Common Thyme








clairvoyance, cleansing, consecration, courage, divination, dreams, exorcism, faeries, happiness, healing, love, money, prevents nightmares, protection, psychic development, purification, compassion, confidence, contacting other planes, grieving, magic, meditation, Midsummer, passion, release, renewal, rituals for the dead, Summer rituals, wishing Lore: Thyme has strong ties to faery lore. 

Magical Uses and Practices: 

Thyme is feminine in nature and associated with the element of water and the planet Venus. Thyme is also associated with Freya, Aphrodite and Ares.

Thyme can be used in spells to increase strength and courage.

When working hard to achieve a goal that seems unachievable, thyme can be used to keep a positive attitude.

Smudge your home with thyme to dispel melancholy, hopelessness and other mellow but negative vibrations, especially after a family tragedy or during a long sickness.

Place thyme beneath your pillow for a restful sleep and happy dreams and to prevent nightmares.

Faeries love thyme. Its addition to your garden will attract them and it can be used in spells to communicate with faeries. Thyme is associated with fairies and wearing a sprig of Wild Thyme, or essential oil of Thyme, is said to help one to see fairies. To see the fey, pick flowers from a patch of Wild Thyme where the little folk live and place the flowers on your eyes. If you place sprigs of Thyme on your closed eyes and sleep upon a fairy mound, this will also supposedly guarantee your seeing fairies. Dried, powdered Thyme, sprinkled on doorsteps and windowsills, is an invitation to the fey into your home. Wild Thyme, gathered from the side of a fairy mound, is especially potent for use in fairy magic.

Women who wear thyme on their person are irresistible to men, and carrying sprigs in your pocket aids in developing your psychic abilities. You can create a magical broom using thyme, to banish negativity, or burn some in a bowl to help boost your courage before confrontations.

Thyme is also a purifactory herb; the Greeks burned it in their temples to purify them and so Thyme is often burned prior to magical rituals to cleanse the area. In spring a magical cleansing bath composed of marjoram and Thyme is taken to ensure all the sorrows and ills of the past are removed from the person. Thyme can also be carried and smelled to give courage and energy.

Thyme is believed to be Lucky in two different ways, for Protection and Cleansing and to bring about an increase in money. When using Thyme as a Protective Curio to Stop Nightmares, folks burn it on charcoal and breathe the smoke. The best-known use of Thyme is in Money-Drawing spells.

Some people plant Thyme in their gardens, saying that as it grows, their money will increase. Others take a dollar bill, fold it around Thyme Leaves, fold it again to make a packet, tie it up with green thread, and bury the packet in the middle of a Crossroads on the night of the Full Moon.

When carried on the person, Thyme is thought to inspire courage, attract good health, and protect from negativity, such as at funerals or other sad or unpleasant occasions. Carry a sprig in your pocket or make a sachet. Thyme can also be added to the bath for purifying and mental clarity. Put a handful in cheesecloth and hang it from the faucet while the bathwater is running. 

History and Folklore:

Thyme was called thymos by the Greeks, which meant “fumigate” or “smoke”. This indicates that it was used as a smudging herb. The Greeks thought very highly of Thyme. It was mixed in drinks to enhance intoxicating effects and induce bravery and warriors were massaged with thyme oil to ensure their courage and restore their physical power. Women wore thyme in their hair to enhance their attractiveness. The phrase “to smell of thyme” meant that one was stylish, well groomed, poised, and otherwise attractive. 

Thyme is a Mediterranean native spread throughout Europe by the Romans. Their soldiers added it to their bathwater to increase bravery, strength and vigor. It enjoyed a long association with bravery. In Medieval England, ladies embroidered sprigs of thyme into their knights’ scarves to increase their bravery. In Scotland, highlanders brewed tea to increase courage and keep away nightmares.

Thyme was used as early as 3000 BCE by Sumerians as an antiseptic. It does indeed have impressive antiseptic qualities.

It was used as an embalming herb in ancient Egypt and was burned in other places as offerings to celebrate Rites of Passing. It was placed in coffins throughout Europe to ensure passage into the next world.

Household Use:

The tiny flowers will attract bees to your garden. Honey made from these flowers is highly prized.

Sachets of thyme hung in your closet or folded in with your stored clothes will keep moths out, and smells nicer than mothballs.

Oil of thyme can be used as a household cleaning agent as it is good germ killer and drives away pests. Just put a few drops in a spray bottle with 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar.

A strong infusion of thyme makes a great hair rinse for dark hair and repels head lice. You can add rosemary as well if you have problems with dandruff.

Medicinal Properties:

Thyme has been used as a cough remedy and digestive aid as well as a treatment for internal parasites.

The active constituent, Thymol, has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties and a strong scent that helps loosen phlegm and sooths the respiratory system. It is used in many over the counter cold remedies.

It is also used for athlete’s foot and hemorrhoids.

For internal use, steep two teaspoons of fresh herb or one teaspoon of dried herb in one cup of boiling water. Drink no more than twice a day, in the morning and evening, to relieve lung problems and dispel parasites.

A stronger infusion can be used as a mouthwash to treat sore gums, as a foot soak to get rid of athlete’s foot, a body or hair rinse for lice or dip a rag in it and use it as a compress for skin inflammations.

Thyme can also be added to massage oils and bath oils for the treatment of rheumatism and general aches and pains. These oils can also be used for colds and lung complaints.

Use oil of thyme by dropping into an infuser, or into a pan of boiling water and inhaling the fumes up to four times daily to relieve congestion. Never take essential oils internally.

Herbalist Nicolas Culpepper recommends using thyme as a treatment for whooping cough.

In The Good Herb, Judith Benn Hurley says that the oil found in thyme, called thymol, has “antiseptic and antibacterial properties.” She also points out that thyme is popular with aromatherapists because of its ability to heal respiratory ailments and coughs


anonymous asked:

You know the thing thats pissing me off about this trial is its pointless. rape isnt that bad. taylor should get over it. You should just get over what happened to you, it wasnt that bad.

It wasn’t that bad? It isn’t that bad? You have no idea what it’s like. Not single clue. It isn’t that bad you say. Rape isn’t that bad? You have no idea how it changes your life, how it scars you. No fucking clue. When I was eight years old my brother raped me. Do want to know what the worst part of it is? My brother was 10 when he raped me. He was 10. I was 8. He got the idea from a friends dad, who told him what to do and how to do it. And he did. I remember being scared out of my mind because I didn’t understand what was happening or why my brother was hurting me. I loved my brother, he was one of my best friends. my brother was always bigger than me, I was tiny. I remember falling on the floor, landing so hard the wind was knocked out of me and I couldn’t breathe. I remember his hand on my throat choking me. I remember being pinned by my wrist and him on top of me, he was heavy and I couldn’t move. I didn’t say no, I didn’t say stop, I didn’t push back or fight him, I froze. I couldn’t move. I wanted to but I couldn’t. All I wanted was for it to stop and I was screaming inside but I couldn’t make a sound. I froze. And he finished and left, and I laid there for a long time in pain, hurt and confused. And for a couple years after that he would would randomly grab my ass like it was his god given to, just for kicks. That ruined who I was, that moment ruined me. I was eight years old, I was an innocent child and that was taken from me. I didn’t get to be innocent anymore, I didn’t get to be eight and carefree and happy. I don’t get to be innocent anymore because he took that from me and if you were to ask him about it he’d laugh. I hate my brother now. I hate him for what he did to me. For the next nine years I would do everything in my power to destroy me in an effort to just maybe be okay again. Throughout the next nine years I would have suicide after suicide attempt because I didn’t want to be here anymore, because I didn’t want to have to see him anymore. Self harm would become just a part of my daily routine and it would be my respite, my escape. It would save me for a time but ultimately just another thing that destroyed me. And I hate that. I had no one in my corner, no one I could turn to. My brother would make it seem like it was my fault if I ever told, he had help. I couldn’t tell my mom, there’s no way in hell I would put her through that not after everything she’s been through. My dad was a hell no. And my little siblings weren’t an option. I had no one, I was alone and I was broken.  I wouldn’t let  anyone touch me in anyway or hug me. People can’t grab my wrists and I can’t be in small spaces. I go by Becca instead of Rebecca because of him. I have anxiety and I battled depression. I had insomnia developed from nightmares and I have almost daily panic attacks. What he did scarred me for life. You don’t know what it’s like to be raped. To have no control over what someones doing to you, to have someone on top of you hurting you. To have to wake and see him after spending all night battling the demons that he left you, and battle them some more. You don’t know. You have no idea how it changes you, how it destroys you. How there are scents I can’t smell without vomiting from. There are rooms in my house I can’t go into without having a panic attack. But I do, I know. Because that’s my life. I have to see him everyday, have to talk to him and pretend like it’s all okay. And I’m not the only one. So many women have to deal with that and worse. We know what it’s like. We know every damn detail of that hell.  And I pray to whatever god may or may not be out there that you never have to know. I hope that you never have to understand. Rape isn’t that bad?

But you know what? I’m still here. I’m still alive and fighting. I’m surviving and more than that I’m learning how to live, how to get through it. He doesn’t win anymore. Will he punished or will there be justice for what he did? probably not. But I’m alive and I’m working on being okay and he is not winning anymore. I win. I’m more than a victim, more than a survivor. I’m a fighter, I’m a girl who went through hell and won’t let it define her. I’m stronger than you, I’m stronger than him and I have myself to thank for that. I have people in my corner now. I have people fighting for me and helping me, and I love them for that and am so thankful for them holding me up and being strong for me I couldn’t anymore. But I survive because of me. And someday I won’y ever have to see my brother again, someday I’ll be free and won’t have to look back. I’m still broken and healing, and everything is not okay. But I’m winning. And assholes like you and my brother get no say, you have no say in any of it.

Magickal uses of Anise, a summary.

Element: Air

Magickal correspondences: divination, luck, protection, warding off nightmares, psychic development, purification, youth, promotes prophetic dreams and meditation.

If you put anise cuttings near your bed, they will ward off nightmares, and if hung from a bedpost, it is said to restore lost youth. Star Anise  is also known to promote prophetic dreams when burned before bed.

Anise seed can be placed in a sachet with bay leaves for a purifying bath, or dried and burnt for protection and/or mediation rituals. You can also make your own tea from star anise, and drinking one cup of this tea a day will aid psychic development.

Anise seed is also said to ward of the evil eye.

★ Abilities/Spiritual Crystal Healing A-Z

Amazonite: fixes the alignment of your astral body and your physical body. Empathy
Ametrine: aura cleansing,astral projection, clairvoyance, 
Amber: cleansing, past life, shields you
Amethyst: dream recall/dream work, meditation, nightmares, past life, development, contact spirit guides, telepathy, protection (against psychic attacks and for spiritual work)
communication/angels, meditation, intuition

Black Obsidian: dispel negative energy, protection (negative energy), protection (general), protection against psychic attacks,
Black Tourmaline: 
dispel negative energy, protection (negative energy , turns to positive), protection (general), shields you
Blue Calcite:
Blue Lace Agate:

Carnelian: concentration, psychic protection, clairvoyance, clairaudient, psychometry
Citrine: positive energy, protection (negative energy), protection (general), development

Fire Opal: clairaudiance,
 astral projection, balance, meditation, protection (general), enhances spiritual connection, aura cleansing

Howlite: communication, psychic protection

Jade: dream recall/dream work, protection (general), 

Lapis Lazuli: concentration, dream recall/dream work, meditation, protection (general), protection against psychic attacks, intuition, contact spirit guide/angels,

Moonstone: divination, protection (general), intuition, contact spirit guides, development, balance

Pink Tourmaline: protection (during rituals), changes (spiritual)

Quartz: strengthen aura, communication, brings good karma, dispel negative energy, protection (negative energy), protection (general), development, astral projection, astral travel

Red Jasper: protection during astral travels
Rose Quartz: Empathy, protection (pregnancy)

Selenite: contact spirit guides, meditation, past life, stone cleansing
balance, communication

Tiger’s eye: cleansing, divination

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