nightmare before christmas poster


Christmas: brought to you by my family’s slightly quirky tree. Striking a nice balance between traditional sparkles, nightmare before christmas and our household’s favourite apocalyptic poster boy.

I know there’s a couple of you out there who this may amuse so here you are ;)

Inktober Day 8:
“It’s the Great Pumpkin King, Charlie Brown!”

Sticking to ink!!!

At first, I had no idea what I should do for this one. Never was a big Charlie Brown fan but I will always love Jack Skellington.
I went from a sketch of the usual Charlie and just Jack-ified him from there.
The letters are inspired by the poster’s for The Nightmare Before Christmas.
I put a lot more time into this one then the others… (Weekdays are busy days you know)
…. and I’m really happy bout how it turned out

Hope you enjoy!