nightmare before christmas concept art


Since Midterm week is finally over and I can relax I decided to share with you all my inktober illustrations. sadly with abroad I don’t have time to do a day by day but I try. hope you enjoy them! and 100 stars if you get the acnl jokes :)


Mischief Monday,
Tim Burtons: The Nightmare Before Christmas,

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Tim Burton’s the Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton has a distinct style, a love of stripes and monchrome, and it shows even in his initial sketches for his movies. His sketchy type has made him prone to lots of texture, and elongated proportion, and these come across wonderfully when rendered by other artists. This Disney production based on his poem is no different- and would define “Burton” even into the modern era (combined with Beetlejuice). 

The exhibit has been a lot of fun! Too bad I couldn’t take pictures inside but there were sooo many sketches from when he was just starting. Lots hauntingly beautiful pieces~ they even featured some puppets from a few productions such as Frankenweenie, Corpse Bride, and Invaders from Mars. Not a lot of main cast like Jack skellington but there were cool concept art of Nightmare Before Christmas!

There was also a small theater to watch old short films he directed and designed; Vincent being my favorite. It focused a lot on insanity, isolation, and loneliness. So dark and creepy I love it!! I love the effort they put into the exhibition. The gift shop was amazing too; so many collectibles EVEN LIMITED EDITION FIGURES OF BATMAN, JOKER, SWEENY TODD, AND EDWARD SCISSOR HANDS ARGGGGHHH