I think nightmares are natures way if saying ‘at least’ and dreams are a way of saying ‘one day’.
Which may be the reason why when things feel really wrong and bad, I have more nightmares. Because when things are bad, I need that simple 'at least’ to remind me I can fight through the bad.
May be it’s why I dream more when things are good. Because when life is going right I need that 'one day’ to remind me to keep fighting for the good and the future.
Maybe, just maybe, there’s a reason for the nightmares that plague us and the dreams that elate us.
—  KJS // Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #54

I gotta do Freddy again some time to get more pics! With better claws, blood, and the stripe on my bra lol
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Person that I saw near Charing Cross. A6, 2016.

We rented a small apartment on Seel Street. The larger of its two windows overlooked a demolition site. The smaller onto the entrance to an alley where various lumps accumulated beneath a lone street lamp at night to swap juices.


My 3rd year film at CalArts, “Nightmare in the Morning” is a music video about the way I feel in the morning.
It was an honor to work with the amazing talents who created the original song for it:
Song writer: Abby Lyons
Singer: Natalie Perez
Music production: Daniel Markovich 
This film would have been impossible to make without the support of the people of Gobelins, CalArts and from back home <3