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LGBT History: Gay GI’s fought their own Holocaust in the US

Excerpt from the Book Coming Out under Fire The History of Gay Men and Women in World War Two: In Combat, gay GIs pointed their guns at enemy soldiers. But some gay servicemen also found American guns pointed at them. Those who were caught having sex, or who were rounded up in systematic witch hunts at stateside or overseas bases, or who were asking for help coping as homosexuals in the service, found themselves fighting a war for their own survival. As officers began to discharge homosexuals as undesirables, the gay GIs who were their targets had to learn how to defend themselves in psychiatrists’ offices, discharge hearing rooms, hospital wards, and “queer stockades.” There they were interrogated about their sex lives, locked up, physically abused, and subjected to systematic humiliations in front of other soldiers.

Officers who conducted interrogations were neither friendly nor understanding. Their jobs was to extract confessions and the names of others homosexuals by systematically destroying a suspect’s emotional defenses. Confessions were the proof needed to issue a discharge, and names helped interrogators round up more suspects. The interrogations usually began with some form of confinement or restriction to barracks, often under armed guard. Many patriotic gay soldiers and sailors felt betrayed by their government when they were thrown into locked wards with violent psychotics, suspected criminals, and prisoners of war.

In December 1943, Pvt. Norman Sansom was admitted to a locked psychiatric ward at Walterboro Army Air Field in Georgia, he discovered that all the other ‘patients’ were German prisoners of war except for two other gay American soldiers. Making the best of a bad situation, the three gay patients cheered themselves up by teaching the Germans how to sing “This is the Army, Mr. Jones.” “I can still here them now on the ward,” Sansom recalled. “Every morning we’d have our little ‘musicale.’ They couldn’t speak any English at all, but they were able to sing, ‘Dis is dee Army, Mister Shones.’”

Gay men who were locked up sometimes were terrorized by sadistic guards who, in private areas of the stockades, subjected them to psychological torture. “They treated us like scum,” recalled Bill Thompson, who was placed with other men from Noumea under Marine Corps guard in the brig said, ‘You sons of bitches are going to eat out of garbage cans! Get the fuck out of here!“

“You wouldn’t believe the treatment in the brig,” added David Barrett, who was also shipped to Treasure Island. “There was a guy called Big John. He lined us up in front of all the inmates there who were murderers, rapists, thieves- everything you could think of. He lined us up and he just tore us apart. He told all the rest of them that he thought more of them because we were the scum of the fucking earth.”

As David Barrett and his gay brigmates were transferred from Treasure Island to Camp Shoemaker, in Pleasanton, California, they were thrown into the back of a truck. “Two young marines got in the truck with us,” Barrett recalled. “They said, 'Don’t open your mouth!’ And they sat there with their finger on the trigger of the gun aimed at us the whole drive over there. When we got out of that van, there was a lieutenant there and he said, 'Why didn’t you shoot the motherfuckers!’ That’s how we were greeted.”

Some guards stationed at the stockades believed that homosexual inmates were available to them for sexual services and abused their power accordingly. At Treasure Island, Bill Thompson recalled, the “marines would come by and they’d get detail from the brig to go do something. There were three marines; they picked three of us. The marines just took them off somewhere and got blowjobs…” David Barrett reported similar sexual abuse at the Quonset hut in Noumea, where the Marine guards nightly escorted one man to the outdoor latrine to use him for their own pleasure. “The guards were all getting done,” Thompson explained, “ and then guarding the people that were blowing them! How do you like that! So if it came down to it, they could have put the whole goddamn armed forces in the brig!”

While this kind of abuse took place under cover, other officers more openly subjected homosexuals to public humiliation. When men in Noumea had to walk the quarter mile from the Quonset hut to the mess hall, David Barrett recalled, “we folded our arms in front of us. The rest of the hillside was lined with thousands of guys waiting to go chow, and the minute we’d start down, there’d be whistles all over the place. 'Oh, here come the girls!’ And it was a rough experince to go through.“ "Hey, fuckin’ fruits! Hey, queers!’” Thompson remembered them saying. “It was just humiliating to go through that, three times a day.” Norman Sansom remembered such an experience in Georgia as “one of the most traumatic things in my life. I just felt all of these eyes upon me and could hear 'fairy,’ 'fruit’, 'cocksucker.’ and I just wanted to block it out of my mind. It was almost like being in front of a firing squad.”

During a war time which American propaganda condemned the evils of fascism and intolerance, the men who had to endure brutal treatment for being gay, perceived the military as acting in ways that resembled the fascism they were supposed to be fighting. Whenever gay veterans, especially those locked up in queer stockades under armed guard, compared themselves to victims of the Nazis, they did not do so lightly. As Fred Thayer and his fellow inmates who were labeled with tags hanging from their shirts that said “Psychopathia Sexualis” were being transported from the hospital in New Caledonia to ship’s queer brig, the truck stopped at a disciplinary barracks to pick up Thayer’s friend from the cavalry company, whom he hadn’t seen in weeks. “He crawled into the back of the truck,” Thayer recalled, “looking like something from Dachau. I’ll never forget it. He took one look at me and fell in my arms and cried for the next hour and a half.” From his own ordeal, Thayer weighed “only 112 and I looked like a skeleton, like I’d been through
hell. In a way I suppose I had. But it wasn’t from the Japanese and guns.”

It’s a bit longer than I normally go for, but there was no way for me to get around that unfortunately. It was tricky for me to write a “good guy” Loki because at the end of the day, he’s a little shit. Nonetheless, I gave it my best shot and you guys will let me know what you think as always. This request was made by @cosmichorse95. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: I’m new to tumblr and your blog was one of the first things I found. I LOVE “Stolen”!!! If I may make a request, I would love to see what magic you could work in creating a story revolving around good-guy Loki, before he became the villian. Please!?

“The Very Newlyweds” (Part 1)

Loki patrolled the corridor with a torch in his hand. He was very rarely restless but tonight was apparently an exception. Thankfully, he knew that a stretch of the legs combined with a lifeless conversation might bore him to sleep.

Soon enough, he happened upon a guard, stood to attention outside of the library. With a click of his heels and a bow of his head, the guard acknowledged the prince’s arrival. If his obedience was anything to go on, this was exactly the kind of dull conversation Loki had hoped to find.

“My lord, you are awake late.”
“Depending on your perspective, I am awake early.”
“Has something disturbed you?” The guard asked. His eyes shifted to either end of the corridor as if fearful that an intruder may have been nearby.
“No.” Loki sighed. “I am simply restless. Though I imagine you think me ungrateful. You must find working in the eve terribly tiresome.”

The soldier smiled bashfully.
“It is nothing I did not expect when I accepted the position.”
“Spoken with poise and tact.” Loki smirked. “Pray tell me, why guard the library? Are there particularly dangerous books you wish to keep at bay? I admire your courage.” The soldier knew that Loki was mocking him but smiled nonetheless.
“I do not guard the books, my liege. I am supervising the person reading them.”

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I Promise

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Title: I promise
Summary: You are pregnant with Daryl’s baby and find out after he is taken by Negan and the saviors; Rick has to break the news to you.
Warnings: Pregnancy
A/N: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 100 FOLLOWERS! In honor of my top post, which is Never Letting You Go, I decided to write a Daryl story to celebrate.
Pairing: Daryl Dixon x reader

All you wanted was your family to be safe.
Within the past month, so many events have taken place in Alexandria. The walker herd breaking in, the wolf’s breaking in… All you wanted was your family to be safe.
Your family wasn’t your actual ‘family’, it was a rag tag group of misfits that are pieced together to survive in this horrid world. Only few had been taken away. You miss them dearly.
The problem was, about half of them went to take Maggie to the hilltop. Daryl had been gone for a few days with Rosita and Glenn. Now that Maggie is having unexpected pregnancy pains, everybody wanted to take her to the hilltop. You agreed but volunteered to keep Alexandria in tip top running condition, Rick agreed and said it was for the best. You knew he trusted you to stay with Judith and keep Alexandria under control.
The only problem was, your period was late. You had skipped an entire month, you had never done that before. Not even during your college years, the most stressful four years of your life. It was the first time since the world got turned upside down.

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Zombie Apocalypse AU//


  • Arya is all alone in the beginning, in a coma at the hospital. She wakes up and eventually finds a small encampment on the outskirts of King’s Landing. This is where she reunites with her family.
  • Her mother is the first to die. Defending Robb from a White Walker, brave to the end. Unfortunately, her sacrifice was in vain. Sansa cried nightly. Rickon vanishes not long after.
  • Ned Stark protects his other children by shoving them up a tree, leading the White Walkers away. They never found him, and Bran landed with a horrible fall that rendered them immobile for weeks, with a small limp after.
  • Arya kills Walkers with a cold apathy, unable to register that these were people. Jon tries to talk to her, but she does not respond.
  • The four find a barn, where they stay for a few weeks. It burns in the middle of the night, and a Walker horde separates them. Arya is alone.
  • A group of unruly men, led by two people named Yoren and Beric, take her in. She is not quick to make friends but proves her worth quickly during the middle of a mission when she saves two of their numbers, Hot Pie and Lommy.
  • She does guard nightly with one boy her age named Mycah, until he gets killed in a fight. Arya is the one to put a bullet through his head so he does not return.
  • From that point, she catches the eye of Gendry “The Bull” Waters. They make fast friends, and always set up camp next to each other. 
  • A Walker gets Lommy’s leg. They can’t save him.
  • The group finally finds an abandoned refugee camp. They are safer there, and Arya finds Bran, Rickon, Jon, and Sansa there. 
  • Arya continues to sleep by Gendry, despite there being plenty of cots near her siblings. One night, she tells him about her parents, and he his mother.
  • The camp is attacked by a man named Ramsay Bolton and his soldiers. Many of them don’t make it, including Rickon and Yoren.
  • It is Sansa who delivers the final blow to Bolton while out on a mission. She instantly earns the respect of the group.
  • The now self-named Brotherhood relocates to a large, gated community of houses, where life seemingly returns to normal.
  • Hot Pie keeps the food supply in check and oversees all the food that comes in and goes out. He bakes frequently and even helped Gendry make some bread for the Starks once.
  • Arya finds her mother as a walker - bruised, battered, and bloody - in the woods. She has nightmares that don’t stop, even after she put a bullet through Catelyn’s brain, no matter what Gendry does.
  • Sansa throws a party six months in. Arya and Gendry dance for a long time, and probably have a few too many drinks. Arya doesn’t remember what she said to Gendry.
  • Bran discovers medical books and becomes a self-taught medic. Jon and Gendry both help build him a device to assist him in walking better after the fall.
  • In a supply run, a White Walker comes too close to Gendry for Arya’s liking. She yells at him after, and they don’t speak for a week.
  • He bakes her a loaf of bread (once again with Hot Pie’s help) as an apology, and she forgives him.
  • They go out together daily to clear the woods of walkers. Nobody in the Brotherhood works together as well as they do.
  • Arya finds a deck of cards one day, and she convinces Gendry to play with her while on guard. Bran sometimes joins in.
  • Gendry starts to come over to Arya’s home every night. Neither really slept well without the other by their side.

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Across the Waking Sea: Chapter Three

Find Chapter Two here

Chapter Three is rated M/E. Not sorry.

Summary: Six months after the defeat of Corypheus, Inquisitor Trevelyan and her lover, Commander Rutherford, sail to Ostwick to attend her sister’s wedding. It doesn’t take long, of course, for problems to arise. The most pressing problem, however, is who wants Evelyn Trevelyan dead?  

“Chapter Three”

Tossing and turning in her bed, Evelyn sighed heavily. Her shoulder was sore from the packed earth floor of the blacksmith’s, and she was sure a bruise would bloom on her knee where it had knocked into the doorframe as she rolled herself over Marie. “Knew I needed to repair that stone…shouldn’t have gone with the cheapest offer,” the smith had muttered, crawling out from beneath both Trevelyan sisters and disappearing into the back to fetch the sword.

Panting, Marie had gaped at the massive stone, shattered now, but each piece easily weighed twenty pounds of more. An accident, Evelyn thought, but one that was too close for comfort. They had agreed not to mention it to their mother; she was nervous enough already with Tatiana’s upcoming nuptials.

Fortunately, dinner hadn’t been quite the ordeal Evelyn had anticipated, as her mother seated Cullen to Evelyn’s right, perhaps in apology for her comments at tea. While her lover’s proximity meant that the conversation was more pleasant than expected, with Cullen, Evelyn and Marie discussing Chantry politics, theology, and the Inquisition, the closeness of Cullen’s body, his sweet but spicy cologne, and his hand creeping from her knee up and between her thighs, with teasingly light touches…well, he had driven her to distraction. She managed to keep herself in check, as Emilie provided a welcome distraction, wanting a story read to her in between dessert and coffee, and she held Antony for a while to give Cossette a brief respite.  Unfortunately, as soon as Evelyn’s father and the Teryn signaled the end of the meal by toasting to the engagement of their children and retiring to the library for brandy, Jean appeared to escort Evelyn and Tatiana back to their rooms. She’d managed only a quick kiss to the corner of Cullen’s mouth before being swept out of the hall.

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|| Moonlight, or lack thereof.

It’s a rather peaceful night, for once. Sneaking out was hardly an accomplishment anymore, as for how conspicuous the nightly guards made themselves, but tonight there was hardly a sound as Ross slipped from the confines of the school. Being inside at night always makes him so restless, especially in such a huge building like this. Thankfully, he’d mapped out the majority of the paths he would ever need to take by around halfway through his first year here – sharpened hearing and night vision certainly helped with that whole ordeal, even though he had wound up getting scolded more often than not back then.

It’s nights like these that are altogether a relief and a stress. For one, the moon is not much more than a thin claw hanging in the sky, very little moonlight falling upon the school grounds. It means he’s safe for the night, but it also means that his heightened senses are a bit dull. Perhaps that’s why it seemed so quiet out tonight, and why it would get worse for the next couple of days.

With a quiet huff, he flops down on the ground, just staring up at the stars. At least the sky is still a sight for sore eyes, even sans moon.