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Okay so I recently hit 2k followers (whhhuuuttt??? Crazy people) and I realized that my previous follow forevers have been really empty and haven’t included nearly enough of the people and blogs that I really love and admire and that make me keep coming back on this goddamn site every goddamn day. GODDAMN. You’re all babes. All of you. Even Roxy.

*Blogs in bold are extra special because they take time out of their lives to frequently talk to me and/or I’ve been following them for a million years.


abigailwlker ah-gavin akomish a-lonelygod alenkobuscus beebop85 beltsquid berrisfueller bigbadcherry bigbywolfs boatsong cciintra cchickki cerseilannasster cerviceps charlie-grant charlikills checkmarks cherryofgold chocolaten1nja crybuscus 


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heartos hitsuuji-san howexactlydoesonesuckafuck ihatecliffhangers iheartxushu iures janbird jurassicjackjoels-beard joelmillers joelmillur joelscoffeeshop karabone ladycomstocks larkasionnach leavingtheshire letsgetonwithit littleowlbuscus lolzforshits lukebarkov luketoddwho


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scribblykimbree set-phasers-to-frickle-frackle sexbangs sexbutt sgtshaneford shinjiikar shinigamixeyes siofraisapikasaur sirheisenberg snowbigby sol-relay ssophoo streetfightingwoman stuff-for-gamers supcake suzuki-method teamdattony tessmillers thataintforkids thecursedtea theflamboyantpedantic thesilentspy theshescott tinyblueflowers tobuscus troybakerrr troybakerz truejaku tuesti tylerbgoud


veritaaas verggil visor-of-artorias vomitingbrains wntersoldler xgibbleyx xsnapcrackledeathx yocalio

(If you were on one of my previous follow forevers and you can’t find yourself there now it’s probably because you’ve either been really inactive or you’ve changed you url and I can’t find you anymore.)