nightlight sparkle

“Sandy made long whips of Dreamsand and began to snap them at every coiling tendril, shattering the dark attackers.  Nightlight was equally effective with his staff.  He stabbed and slashed at the black sand, hacking deep rips and troughs into any shape that threatened.” – The Sandman and the War of Dreams


Starlight Castle is FINISHED!! I am so happy with the final result!

Starlight Castle is the empyreal home of celestial ponies (Glow ‘N Show, Sparkle, Starlight babies, and their like) and ruled by Queen Starglow. She is the keeper of a great treasure, the heart of a star, which is powerful enough to give and nurture life on planets, but is also powerful enough to destroy worlds in an explosive super nova. These ponies are the keepers of constellations, the shepherds of stars. They are diviners and their magic is meant to empower the moon phases and maintain gravity on Earth.

Prompt #273: “Crisis Averted” by Rawtooth

Dinner at the Sparkle residence was normally an uneventful affair, filled with much quiet chewing, bouts of digestion, and muted requests of ‘please pass the salt’.  But that night’s dinner –

“I have a coltfriend!”

– was just a touch different.  The table’s reactions to the happy declaration of youthful love were as varied and instantaneous as the ponies that did them.

Shining Armor, having been in the process of demolishing a particularly stubborn piece of steamed broccoli with his teeth, reflexively inhaled and immediately began choking to death on the treacherous piece of mom’s home cooking.  Velvet Sparkle, for her own part normally a most sensible mare, lost her mind at her daughter’s words and began yelling over the sound of her son’s choked coughs.  Nightlight Sparkle merely gave a sigh and took a sip from the beer set in front of him before unhurriedly flipping to the next page of the newspaper, golden eyes peering through spectacles for daily updates on the hoofball leagues.  Twilight Sparkle merely beamed at them all as she enthusiastically munched on a brussel sprout, flinging bits of vegetable everywhere.

“Twilight Sparkle, who ever said you could get a coltfriend young lady?  Didn’t we tell her no coltfriends until she was eighteen, right honey?!”

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