Stitchpunk Challenge:

Day #20: Longfellow

A nightjerk is a creature who kills stitchpunks and reconfigure their souls so that it exists in their eyes leaving the old container to crave for the souls that haven’t been tainted in the eyes. 

Longfellow is one of the two subvariations of nightjerks. He’s the more intelligent of the two, running a business of capturing stitchpunks and selling them as slaves. He wears that mouse-skull helmet at first to scare his prey before running in to capture.

This is one of the few tagteam characters I’ve made since this character’s creation came from Herio asking me what would be Oliver’s slave-owner’s name. Since the slave owner is my character, that means he’s on the challenge. This is the first time I’ve drawn him, so he looks really creepy to me.


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tagging: @nightjerk-nightbitch@sammyanddee​ i dont really know a lot of people sksksk

1. favorite color
blue, i love blue, i could marry with a blue dress

2. favorite songs
if i’m james dean you’re audrey hepburn - sleep with sirens

headlights - eminem

we own it - 2 chainz and wiz khalifa

3. favorite bands
one direction, twenty one pilots, 5sos, little mix, green day, linkin park, kudai and i really dont remember the others names ksksk

4. fictional place in which I would reside                                                      
i’d be glad to live in springfield, with the simpsons

5. gender

6. hogwarts house
i know this makes reference to harry potter but i don’t know exactly what means, i didnt watch neither read the saga

7. something that is important to you
the stories, my stories

8. birthday
september 3th

9. places i want to go
rio, brazil

10. places i’ve been to

11. currently studying/working
im waiting my test results

12. shows i really like
supernatural, teen wolf and pretty little liars

13. current lockscreen/wallpaper
my lockscreen is a picture of jared padalecki and my homescreen is a picture of fetus jensen ackles

14. why did i choose my url
i ship ziam and wincest so hard and i dont give a shit what the others can think or say about it

15. 3 things you’re proud about your personality
im brave and carismatic, i can not find the third thing

16. salty or sweet

17. last book I read
the psychoanalyst

18. favorite online shopping site
I don’t make shop online

19. favorite movie
how the grinch stole christmas, silver linings playbook, i miss you already, beauty and the beast, olympus has fallen, now you see me, civil war, wreck-It Ralph, tangled, mulan, shrek, kung fu panda, big hero 6, lilo & stitch, brother bear, titanic, mean girls, ice age, and many more

20. what did i want to be when i grew up                                                      i wanted to be a psychologist