Batfam Headcanons (2 of ???)
  • Jason comes up with nicknames in his head for all his siblings.
    He only uses a couple of them on occasion, but he’s somehow come up with a lot of them. Did he spend a drunk night with Roy or Arty brainstorming them? We may never know.

  • Dick is ‘Dickie Bird’ ‘Dickie’ ‘Big bird’ ‘dickface’ ‘dickwing’ ‘nightjerk’ and ‘wing’
  • Tim is ‘Baby bird’ or ‘Red’ when he’s seeing him as a little brother or when he’s talking about him to one of the others.
    ‘Replacement’ when he’s pissed about something or when he wants to be difficult (#often) or when he’s bantering with him. 
    ‘Tim-bo’ coz his name is tim and he uses a bo staff.
    ‘Timmybird’ said sardonically and tauntingly at first, but developed into an actual affectionate nickname that tim hates but jay enjoys - jason will sometimes ruffle his hair when he calls him it because Tim’s usually too tired to try and dodge.
  • Damian is ‘bat brat’ ‘demon spawn’ ‘demon child’ or ‘baby bat’
  • Steph is ‘eggplant princess’ she’s the only one who actually got to choose her own nickname, but sometimes jay will just call her ‘princess’ which she is surprisingly okay with.
  • Cass is ‘sis’ or ‘Cassie’.
  • Barbara is ‘Steel on wheels’ ‘Babs’ ‘Barbie’ or ‘Bat-lady’ as in ‘whatever you say Bat-Lady’.
  • And Duke. Duke is ‘Hatchling’ ‘kid’ or ‘Bumble Bat’.

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Could you tag ur favourite wincest blogs so people go follow and show some love?💕

Of course! I have listed all wincest shippers I follow because I love every single one of them. 

Some of these blogs are multishippers and not just wincest. I bolded those who are multishippers, although I’m not sure if I got all of them. Some of them post more wincest then other ships, some are the other way around.

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