Stitchpunk Challenge:

Day #20: Longfellow

A nightjerk is a creature who kills stitchpunks and reconfigure their souls so that it exists in their eyes leaving the old container to crave for the souls that haven’t been tainted in the eyes. 

Longfellow is one of the two subvariations of nightjerks. He’s the more intelligent of the two, running a business of capturing stitchpunks and selling them as slaves. He wears that mouse-skull helmet at first to scare his prey before running in to capture.

This is one of the few tagteam characters I’ve made since this character’s creation came from Herio asking me what would be Oliver’s slave-owner’s name. Since the slave owner is my character, that means he’s on the challenge. This is the first time I’ve drawn him, so he looks really creepy to me.

Cadogan, the Nightjerk Kaiser.

Due to his large size(compared to the usual stitchpunks), he can command the insane nightjerks to quiet down. His size also leads the others to respect him. Otherwise, he lets his subjects do their work with kidnapping potential slaves.

Now that Kolden is working double duty at Queen Ebony’s palace as a slaver and kidnapper, he requested Nip Kump to give him a flap. There are two reasons for the flap, but I’ll mainly explain one of them.

Now the he can finally move his arm into his body, he can take out hidden blades to fling at people that he plans on kidnapping.

Ever since Longfellow fell in love with 667 and hid his love affair from his entire race, the nightjerks found out with a vengence. Kolden, here, tried to eviscerate Longfellow, but Longfellow and 667 escaped.

Now the lovers are trying to fit in the rebel city while Longfellow is redeeming himself for his actions of bringing the nightjerks to the city for finding 957 in the past. Tau and his citizens are still trying to gain his trust.

When he takes off his robe, Longfellow is very stick-thin(even moreso than Praccus). One distinguishing feature compared to the other intelligent nightjerks in his foundry is the ‘tattoo’ on his back. 

The bull signifies something, yet I’m not sure of it’s significance yet(just like Virgil’s interests in the tarot cards on his bedroom floor before he was guild-less). So right now, it’s a mystery.