Stitchpunk Challenge:

Day #20: Longfellow

A nightjerk is a creature who kills stitchpunks and reconfigure their souls so that it exists in their eyes leaving the old container to crave for the souls that haven’t been tainted in the eyes. 

Longfellow is one of the two subvariations of nightjerks. He’s the more intelligent of the two, running a business of capturing stitchpunks and selling them as slaves. He wears that mouse-skull helmet at first to scare his prey before running in to capture.

This is one of the few tagteam characters I’ve made since this character’s creation came from Herio asking me what would be Oliver’s slave-owner’s name. Since the slave owner is my character, that means he’s on the challenge. This is the first time I’ve drawn him, so he looks really creepy to me.