“I don’t care how many speech options it’ll turn off; I want to be able to choose ghoulification in Fallout 4.”

Fallout Confessions

So we now for sure now that Natsu is E.N.D, Zerefs most powerful demon, but why does everybody assume he has to be a future villain because of that. From the galuna island arc we certainly know, that there are demons who (can and want to) live in peaceful coexistence with human beings. Of course it’s very probably that he is going to be evil… but we also shouldn’t completely ignore the probability of him being a good demon…? One that only has to to release the world from Zerefs maliscious existence maybe…? #wishful thinking…. TT.TT
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“I LOVE the new Cinderella movie! I was very hesitant about seeing it because I’m not a huge fan of remakes, but it was amazing! When her mother said, “Have courage and be kind, my darling” It reminded me so much of something my grandpa used to say before he passed away. I know he would have loved the movie too. And now I really want to get that quote tattooed when I have the money!”

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So my best friend and I have been super close for 3 years. He is really sexy he is tall, got the perfect body, and he has an amazing personality. In school we both had a free block he took me into the empty theatre and we ended up fucking really hard for the whole block which was like an hour and thirty minute. It was the really passionate loving but rough sex, he loves being bitten on his neck so when I bit it he would moan out and go harder which made me cum 3 to 4 times.

Confession: I grew up in a predominantly white community and took ballet and modern dance classes, continuing dance throughout college. I’ve been constantly surrounded by Eurocentric standards of beauty, especially in the ballet studio, where whiter and less curvy bodies are considered correct and aesthetically pleasing. Due to this, I’d always been insecure in my looks and dancing. So recently, when a man who I considered a brother in the dance world sat me down, looked me in the eye, and told me it was time for me to stop messing around and shine with my talent because I was beautiful both as a woman and a dancer, I broke down and cried like a baby.

“When I was looking at colleges I had a portfolio review at what I thought was my dream school. I got into the program (barely) but it was a horrible experience and I was really crushed. My parents blasted the Lion King soundtrack the whole way home to cheer me up and the Circle of Life became my life’s anthem. “Til we find that place on the path unwinding….” It let’s me know everything will be alright.”