nightingale's nest

faerie klance headcanons
  • Lance is a water sprite who mostly sticks to the local pond
  • Keith really only likes to appear at night to dance with fireflies and owls
    • he’s a nocturnal boi
  • They’re pixie boyfriends! but it’s hard because Lance is usually asleep when Keith is most awake
  • Keith loooooves when Lance braids his hair with lilies and lotuses
  • Lance made a flute out of some reeds on the bank one day
    • He composed a song for Keith and Keith almost cried
    • Keith had the owls hoot the melody while he danced with Lance on the creek bed
    • The fireflies gave nice mood lighting. it was sweet
  • A nightingale made a nest in Keith’s hair once and Lance named it Bobert
  • Keith loves feathers. He picks up loose feathers all the time in the woods
    • Lance gave him a heron feather once
    • Keith cried
  • Lance absolutely loves it when Keith strokes his gills when he’s out of water
    • It’s kinda sexy yet relaxing to him
    • Keith loves it too tbh
  • Keith is such a wild boy, he loves messing around and having fun!
  • Lance is a swimmy boy and mostly likes to chat with fish at the bottom of his pond but he likes to wander around near the creek, too
  • Keith likes to hoot along with the owls sometimes and Lance thinks it’s beautiful to listen to
    • Lance wanted to try too and sang along with the frogs
    • Keith appreciated the effort, it’s the thought that counts after all isn’t it honey? no don’t cry lancey please I mean it I love it

Where I Was Put to Rest

Title by @techiehux

(I saw this once and thought it would make for a good song title)

(soft piano)

Many a time has come and gone

Where this feeling stirs about in my breast

It’s the fond memory of my home sweet home

Where I was put to rest

How I long to come back and rest my head

In a place where I know I belong

To lay for a while in my bed

And hear the nightingale’s song

If only there was a way

For me to get back home

If only if was nearby

And then I wouldn’t have to roam

Then like a nightingale

Returning to her nest

I’ll come back to where I was put to rest

(Some strings, flute solo)

The memories won’t fade, with me they will remain

And as the years go by, I’ll never feel the same

The seasons come and go

The cycle never ends

Eventually we’ll lose our family and friends

All the joy and all the tears were only for the best

So when I roam

I’ll come home

To where I was put to rest

(No lie, I almost cried a little while writing this)