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Music Series: Nightingale by Demi Lovato

This one I had to think hard on, as well, mostly because I already knew the context behind the writing of this song, which sort of threw my creative thinking off a bit. But I think there are still stories in this song, waiting to be told.

I love songs that are versatile to interpretation. I love that a song can mean one thing to the writer, something else to another, and still another meaning to others. That’s poetry to me. I love that. So I hope I’ve done this song justice.

Nightingale” by Demi Lovato. You can find this song HERE on Spotify. Thank you for requesting!




I can’t sleep tonight, wide awake and so confused

Everything’s in line but I am bruised

I need a voice to echo. I need a light to take me home

I kinda need a hero…Is it you?

I never see the forest for the trees.I could really use your melody

Baby, I’m a little blind. I think it’s time for you to find me

Harry sat next to you with his arm around your shoulders, his thumb swirling nervous little circles against the fabric of your dress.

Just two people in a sea of black dresses and suits, watching as reality was being carried down an aisle in a mahogany box, past row after row of filled seats. Death wasn’t something that anyone liked to think about, but it was a reality that, unfortunately, became more common with each passing year.

You had both experienced personal loss before in the passing of a loved one, but when it was someone closer to your age, a personal friend, it made that reality even more real. You had taken her food when she hadn’t been feeling well, and cleaned her house to accommodate the need for tidiness she was no longer able to attend. Harry had run to the pharmacy to pick up her medications for her more than once, happy to help in any way he could. But the reality was, sometimes, it was just out of everyone’s hands.

Can you be my nightingale?

Sing to me

I know you’re there

You could be my sanity

But bring me peace

Sing me to sleep

Say you’ll be my nightingale

“Can you not sleep?” you ask Harry at 2:30 in the morning, hugging him from behind as he sits in his office chair with his journal and pen in hand.

“No,” he answered quietly, grabbing your arms with his hands and caressing them, placing a light kiss against your skin. “Was tired of tossing and turning and didn’t want to wake you.”

“You alright?” you ask, kissing the top of his head, knowing it had been a hard day for both of you.

“Yeah, I guess,” he replies with a deep breath in and out again. “Thought I would try to get a little work done but that isn’t coming easily either.”

You squeeze a bit tighter. “Too much on your mind. At least that’s my problem.”

“Yeah, maybe,” he says, turning in his chair to face you and standing. “How about we try some sleep again, hm?”

Somebody speak to me, cause I’m feeling like hell

Need you to answer me, I’m overwhelmed

I need a voice to echo, I need a light to take me home

I need a star to follow…I don’t know

“Love, I’m going to go for a walk, see if I can’t get this worked out,” Harry says, holding up his journal and guitar the next morning, showing you he needs some time alone for a bit.

“Everyone has a voice that talks to them sometimes…just listen for it,” you grin. He smiles back at you lovingly as he steps out the door and heads down the path of his property, to a place he likes to be alone. Sometimes he writes…sometimes he plays his guitar…sometimes he daydreams. He’s even napped there at times. It’s a quiet, comfy place that gives him a sense of peace and serenity.

Harry sat under the large tree and opened his journal, lying the guitar on the grass beside him, leaning his head back against the smooth bark and closing his eyes. He took a deep breath, frustrated that his creating had nearly crashed to a halt over the past few days. He thought a lot of his friend he had lost, missing her infectious laughter, but glad she was no longer suffering in sickness. He sure wished he could talk to her just one more time.

Wind blowing the trees high above his head. A distant horn on a passing car somewhere. And the beautiful call of a bird, whistling a tune that made him smile. Its song was powerful around him. Each trill and whistle was loud and beautiful as it crescendoed into something wonderful that made Harry concentrate hard on it.

Picking up his guitar, he attempted to quietly imitate the sound, not wanting to startle the bird, wherever it was, but wanting to encapsulate it in song. After a few tries, he was pleased with the sounds he was making from the strings, smiling, looking around for the bird but never seeing.

I don’t know what I’d do without you

Your words are like a whisper cutting through

As long as you are with me here tonight, I’m good

You nearly jumped out of your skin as Harry rushed through the door a couple of hours later, laying his guitar gently on the sofa and walking toward you with a smile.

“I like that smile,” you say, accepting the gentle kiss to your lips. “I guess you had a breakthrough?”

He took the stack of folded towels you were putting away from your hands and sat them down, taking your hand and walking you to the sofa, grabbing his guitar and directing you to sit.

“I want you to hear it, love,” he smiles. “Tell me what you think?”

You nod and smile, loving that this was the first time in a week that you remembered him smiling so much. Harry played you the song, each word and each note more beautiful than the one before. When he finished, he looked at you with eager eyes. “So? What do you think?”

“Harry, that was beautiful! Reminded me of the birds that sing outside of the window early in the morning,” you smile. “Absolutely beautiful! How did you come up with that?”

“I listened for it,” he smiled, as he began to sing it to you again.

Can you be my nightingale? Feels so close

I know you’re there, Oh, nightingale

You sing to me. I know you’re there

‘Cause baby you’re my sanity

You bring me peace

Sing me to sleep

Say you’ll be my nightingale

Nightingale - Demi Lovato

I cant sleep tonight, wide awake and so confused

Eveything is in line, but I am bruised
I need a voice to echo, I need a light to take me home
I kinda need a hero, is it you?
I never see the forrest for the trees, I could really use your melody
Baby im a little blind, I think it’s time for you to find me

Can you be my Nightingale, sing to me I know you’re there
You could my sanity, but ring me please send me to sleep
Say you’ll be my Nightingale

Somebody speak to me, cause im feeling like hell
Need you to answer, i’m overwhelmed
I need a voice to echo, I need a light to take me home
I need to start to follow, I dont know
I never see the forrest for the trees, I could really use your melody
Baby im a little blind, I think it’s time for you to find me

Can you be my Nightingale, sing to me I know you’re there
You could my sanity, but ring me please send me to sleep
Say you’ll be my Nightingale

I dont know what i’d do without you
Your words are like a list of kung.fu
As long as you’re with me here tonight, im good

Can you be my Nightingale, feel so close I know you’re there
Ohhhh Nightingale, sing to me, I know you’re there
Cause baby you’re my sanity, you bring me please, send me to sleep
Say you’ll be my Nightingale

The ‘My Friends are the Best’ Playlist

So I’m bored and since my friends mean so much to me, I decided to make a playlist dedicated to them. This is for @hailfrenchie @do-i-smell-a-fandom @pepperonishellos @shadowtheswag @swagglesmaggles @doehg @esaladbar1 @baconbear23 because they mean so much to me. Even though I’ve known some of you guys longer than others, you guys mean everything to me and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you guys. Like seriously, how do you guys even stand me? I’m annoying af.

This took me a lot of fucking time so you better appreciate it.

*Has been edited*

DISCLAIMERS: The songs are in the order they come up on my computer, which is artist name and random order of songs/albums. Also, some of these songs I barely listen to anymore so some of these songs might not belong with others. I did link the songs; some of them are music videos and some aren’t, depending on if the song has a music video of if there’s talking in the middle of the song ‘cause videos like that bother me. Also a lot of these are love songs or only have a few lyrics that apply but shhhh.

Gravity by Against the Current

“If I could do it again I wouldn’t change a thing ‘cause it’s made me who I am”

In Our Bones by Against the Current

“We’re born to be electric / You and me, we’re painting neon under our skin / It’s a force you shouldn’t mess with / Cause you and me, we’re glowing bright / Radioactive”

Wild Things by Alessia Cara

“We make our own rules, our own room, no bias here”

If These Sheets Were States by All Time Low

“If these sheets were the states, and you were miles away / I’d fold them end over end to bring you closer to me”

For Baltimore by All Time Low

“I don’t wanna say goodnight / The city comes alive, when we’re together / Why can’t Thursday last forever?”

Kids in the Dark by All Time Low

“They left us alone / The kids in the dark / To burn out forever / Or light up a spark / We come together / State of the art / We’ll never surrender”

Missing You by All Time Low

“But if you need a friend / Then please just say the word”

Vegas by All Time Low

“My friends are a different breed / My friends are everything”

Rock N Roll by Avril Lavigne

“When it’s you and me / We don’t need no one to tell us who to be”

Wish You Were Here by Avril Lavigne

“And I remember all those crazy things you said / You left them running through my head / You’re always there / You’re everywhere / But right now I wish you were here / All those crazy things we did / Didn’t think about it / Just went with it / You’re always there / You’re everywhere / But right now I wish you were here”

Darlin by Avril Lavigne

“There’s nothing else I can do / But love you the best that I can”

Here’s to Never Growing Up by Avril Lavigne

“They say ‘just grow up’ / But they don’t know us / We don’t give a fuck / And we’re never gonna change / Say, won’t you say ‘forever’ / Stay, if you stay forever / Hey, we can stay forever young”

Smile by Avril Lavigne

“And that’s why I smile / It’s been a while / Since every day and everything has / Felt this right / And now you turn it all around / And suddenly you’re all I need / The reason why I / I smile”

Fire N Gold by Bea Miller

“There is love inside this madness / We are walking on the moon / Though I don’t believe in magic / I believe in me and you”

We’re Taking Over by Bea Miller

“We’re still standing / We’re still breathing / We’re still fighting / We’re not leaving”

One Call Away by Charlie Puth

“No matter where you go / You know you’re not alone / I’m only one call away / I’ll be there to save the day”

Oath by Cher Lloyd (ft. Becky G.)

“Wherever you go, just always remember / That you got a home for now and forever / And if you get low, just call me whenever / This is my oath to you”

Two Pieces by Demi Lovato

“We don’t know where to go / So I’ll just get lost with you / We’ll never fall apart / ‘Cause we fit together right / We fit together right / These dark clouds over me / Rain down and roll away / We’ll never fall apart / ‘Cause we fit together like / Two pieces of a broken heart”

Nightingale by Demi Lovato

“'Cause baby you’re my sanity / You bring me peace”

Better in Stereo by Dove Cameron

“You, the other half of me / The half I’ll never be / The half that drives me crazy / You, the better half of me / The half I’ll always need”

As Long As I Have You by Dove Cameron

“I tried on my own / I thought I’d get there / Around and round / But I was only getting nowhere / Then you came along and gave me something / Something that I could believe in, trust in / And I won’t go back again”

Count Me In by Dove Cameron

“There are times my world is crumbling and the rain is crashing down / But everywhere you are the sun comes out”

Bright by Echosmith

“And I see colors in a different way / You make what doesn’t matter fade to grey / Life is good and that’s the way it should be”

The Kids Aren’t Alright by Fall Out Boy

“And in the end / I’ll do it all again / I think you’re my best friend”

I Walk the Line by Halsey

“Yes, I’ll admit that I’m a fool for you”

New Americana by Halsey

“We know very well who we are / So we hold it down when summer starts”

Garden by Halsey

“And you think my bruised knees are sort of pretty / And I think your tired eyes are kind of nice / And when I first met you, there was a garden / Growing from a black hole in my mind”

Training Wheels by Melanie Martinez

“I love everything you do / When you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do”

Golden Days by Panic! At the Disco

“Oh don’t you wonder when the light begins to fade? / And the clock just makes the colors turn to grey / Forever younger growing older just the same / All the memories that we make will never change / We’ll stay drunk / We’ll stay tan / Let the love remain / And I swear that I’ll always paint you / Golden days”

House of Memories by Panic! At the Disco

“And when your fantasies / Become your legacy / Promise me a place / In your house of memories”

When the Day Met the Night by Panic! At the Disco

“All was golden when the day met the night”

Always by Panic! At the Disco

“When the world gets too heavy / Put it on my back / I’ll be your levy”

Sarah Smiles by Panic! At the Disco

“I was fine just a guy living on my own / Waiting for the sky to fall / Then you called and changed it all”

A Match Into Water by Pierce the Veil

“I kissed the scars on her skin / I still think you’re beautiful / And I don’t ever wanna lose my best friend / I screamed out, ‘God, you vulture / Bring her back or take me with her.’"

St. Patrick by PVRIS

'Cause I think you’re a saint / And I think you’re an angel / I said ooh / You give me something to talk about / Something to talk about / I said ooh / You give me something to think about / That’s not the shit in my head / You’re a miracle

Eyelids by PVRIS

“Our eyes fighting the light / But I’m not ready to say ‘good night’”

Things Are Looking Up by R5

“I couldn’t get it right / Until you opened up my eyes / You turned my whole world upside down”

Smile by R5

“I wanna see you smile”

F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D. by R5

“My heart’s lonely without you / My eyes only see you and me / Stupid thinking about you / It’s hard, hard 'cause you make me feel good”

We’ll Be the Stars by Sabrina Carpenter

No, we’re never gonna turn to dust, / Yeah, all we really need is us / Don’t be scared to close your eyes / No, we’re never gonna die / We’ll be the stars”

Two Young Hearts by Sabrina Carpenter

“We can run / I will follow you to the end of the earth / Where we can see forever / They can never tear us apart”

Emergency Alert by Shannon Taylor

“It’s so hard to control the whether in my brain / But when you hold me through the storm / I feel your colors fill my veins / So believe me when I say / Your sunshine, your sunshine’s here to stay”

All at Once by Shannon Taylor (ft. James Tyler Hagen)

“I know that you think I am so insane / But I just love the way you say my name / Over and over your words keep me going / I know that I get so insecure / Honestly, I’ve never been so sure / Over and over we get a little closer”

Gold by Sleeping With Sirens

“We made our mistakes / It’s not too late / We had to learn the hard way / Bridges will burn / Now it’s our turn / We had to learn the hard way / 'Cause all we ever want is gold”

The Strays by Sleeping With Sirens

“Hold on, don’t look back / You know we’re better, we’re better than that / Lost and thrown away / You know we’re better, we’re better than that / We are the strays”

The Other Side by Tonight Alive

“I meant it every time I said I loved you”

TALK ME DOWN by Troye Sivan

“I wanna sleep next to you / But that’s all I wanna do right now / So come over now and talk me down”

HEAVEN by Troye Sivan (ft. Betty Who)

“So if I’m losing a piece of me / Maybe I don’t want heaven”

YOUTH by Troye Sivan

“My youth is yours”

Doubt by twenty øne piløts

“Scared of my own image / Scared of my own immaturity / Scared of my own ceiling / Scared I’ll die of uncertainty / Fear might be the death of me / Fear leads to anxiety / Don’t know what’s inside of me / Don’t forget about me / Don’t forget about me / Even when I doubt you / I’m no good without you”

We Don’t Believe What’s On TV by twenty øne piløts

“I used to say, ‘I wanna die before I’m old’ / But because of you I might think twice”

Glowing Eyes by twenty øne piløts

“We all are stranger creatures than when we all started out as kids”

Lovely by twenty øne piløts

“Won’t you stay alive / I’ll take you on a ride / I will make you believe you are lovely”

Ruby by twenty øne piløts

“You’re an angel fallen down / Won’t you tell us of the clouds / You have fallen from the sky / How high? How high?”

Friend, Please by twenty øne piløts

“And I have nothing else left to say / But I will listen to you all day, yes I will”

Holding On To You by twenty øne piløts

“You are surrounding all my surroundings / Sounding down the mountain range of my left-side brain / You are surrounding all my surroundings / Twisting the kaleidoscope behind both of my eyes / And I’ll be holding on to you”

Truce by twenty øne piløts

“Stay alive, stay alive, for me”

Heathens by twenty øne piløts

“All my friends are heathens”

Ok the last one’s a joke… kind of.

But in all honestly, I want to thank my friends for always being there for me. I love you guys so much!

MBTI as songs
  • INTJ: Boulevard of broken dreams (green days)
  • ENTJ: Viva la vida (coldplay)
  • INTP: You're gonna go far kid (offspring)
  • ENTP: I don't care (fall out boys)
  • INFJ: Nightingale ( Demi Lovato)
  • ENFJ: Castle on the hill (Ed Sheeran)
  • INFP: Imagine (John Lennon)
  • ENFP: Someone new (Hozier)
  • ISTJ: Perfectly Lonely (John Mayer)
  • ESTJ: Royal (Lorde)
  • ISTP: Stop this train (John Mayer)
  • ESTP: Confident (Demi Lovato)
  • ISFJ: Treat you better (Shawn Medes)
  • ESFJ: It's time ( Imagine Dragons)
  • ISFP: Walking on sunshine ( Katrina & the waves )
  • ESFP: Neon Lights ( Dancing years)