nightingale armour


Inktober day 31 :)
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Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions, They were all really good, I chose my favourites to do here but I might take inspiration from all the others at a later time :D

You can see all my other inktober drawings here :)

Had a wonderful time shooting our Dragon Age costumes in an authentic castle with my Canadian crew. I’m actually really insecure about my cosplays (more specifically: me in them) and I’m so happy with the photos Lazlo took because they actually make me look way cooler than I actually am :) 

@kolibrichan (myself) as Leliana

Photo by Lazlo @ Häme Castle, Hämeenlinna, Finland, July 2016
Costume done by me
Inquisition brooch and buttons done by @dei-sandvich

anonymous asked:

"Excuse me, do you know which way Dawnstar is?" -the-dark-elf-mage

Avalon smiled and nodded. She pointed to the west smiling. “That way sir.” She was wearing nightingale armour with a giant axe on her back.

Prop Commissions?

I’m thinking about opening up prop commissions as I’ve just upped my entire production with the addition of soldering irons, heat guns, and wood stuff so

if you were interested in ever buying a prop you’d be doing me a big favour by filling out this form! i’m just looking for stuff that people might want to buy! 

For example:

  • Ruby’s scythe/any weaponry from RWBY
  • Scissor sword from KLK
  • Armour/arm pieces (aka the nightingale armour from Skyrim)
  • Inquisitor’s Helmet
  • ect.

Anything specific you’d ever consider buying so I can figure out what I should be offering!

Thanks so much <3