Okay..So I finally got my 5 cubes and made the axe and – I’m a little disappointed.  Personally I don’t like the skin it was given, doesn’t really suit the VM2 armor much y'know?  I might recolor Ace’s gear to see if I can match it better.  In other news, I didn’t get to properly roll the lines on the axe either..Need to get some spellbind. 

Also anyone notice that the VM2 axe has a lower ilevel than the warrior VM2 weapon?  Why is that?  Oh well.


It may have taken 2 months longer than EU TERA (and 8 months since En Masse first requested them from Bluehole) but the Visionmaker 2 ‘Nightforge’ weapon skins have FINALLY been released in North American TERA’s fashion coupon store! Yay!

- VM2 weapon skins cost 500 fashion coupons each.

- The fashion coupon store offers both PvE (blue) and PvP (red) costmetic skins for you to choose from.

- These are only available for classes that existed during the Wonderholme patch: Lancers, Warriors, Slayers, Berserkers, Sorcerers, Archers, Priests and Mystics.

- The weapon skins are tradable, which means you can sell them on the trade broker for in-game gold.

- When using VM2 weapon skins for the first time after buying them, they will soulbind to the character if they are the correct class to use it.

- The weapon skins are bankable.

- However, the weapon skins cannot be stored in the guild bank.

Here’s hoping that other weapon skins will make it in to western TERA as well, like Fraywind, Dreamkeeper, Noctenium, Agnitor and most of the pre-level 60 weapon designs that KTERA already has.


EU TERA confirmed getting VM2 (Nightforge) weapon skins with Dreamstorm patch

Atmorph, EU’s Shop Content Manager, said they will be added to Meruma’s Coupon store, which means they will be purchased with Fashion Coupons. Also they will be available for 8 classes like during the Wonderholme patch (Lancer, Warrior, Slayer, Berserker, Archer, Sorcerer, Priest, Mystic).

Personally, I am extremely excited for these as I’ve been waiting for their arrival to western TERA since February. EU/NA are also missing many low-level weapon skins that KTERA has included in their Dressing Room. I am wondering when these will be introduced too.

Now if En Masse would say when VM2 weapons skins are coming to NA TERA, that would be great as well.

EU TERA’s Dreamstorm patch is currently delayed as Gameforge identified major bugs during testing. A release date has not been announced as of writing.

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