George Washington:


Apologies (sequel to “Formalities”)

Marquis de Lafayette:

Through His Eyes

Seven (smut)

Frustration (smut)

Reflections (Part 1)

Reflections (Part 2)

Hercules Mulligan:

Please Stay (smut)

John Laurens:

I’ve Missed This (smut)

It’s You

Thomas Jefferson:

Hate at First Sight


Peggy Schuyler:

Movie Night

Forgive Me (Specific fic, but you can still read if you want)


Don’t Have to Say Goodbye

A Night to Remember (smut. Specific fic, but you can still read if you want)


I’ll add as I write and post them!






Okay..So I finally got my 5 cubes and made the axe and – I’m a little disappointed.  Personally I don’t like the skin it was given, doesn’t really suit the VM2 armor much y'know?  I might recolor Ace’s gear to see if I can match it better.  In other news, I didn’t get to properly roll the lines on the axe either..Need to get some spellbind. 

Also anyone notice that the VM2 axe has a lower ilevel than the warrior VM2 weapon?  Why is that?  Oh well.


<+12 Masterwork Sunlict Gown>

At last, after seemingly never ending process of farming I +12’d my Nightforge PvP chest (3% it too, which ate a lot of Spellbind). I had some leftover, so I re-rolled my Strikeforce boots from 1% to 3%, and now I am as tanky as ever. Not to mention my static thought I was handling eating damage pretty well in my Wonderhole chest (shudder), so with this thing on me I will be ten times more annoying. I also got Murderous Intent, which isn’t an accomplishment at all because I’m on CH. But ah, this feels so good. Biggest thank you goes to Serene, Artoria and Kassim, and a huge thank you with an extra kiss to my boyfriend Kwonnie for helping me in various ways to achieve this. ♥ ♥ ♥