Chanyeol’s self composed song ‘’Heaven’’ lyrics (Analysis)

So, this is my first post & the first analysis in tumblr (since I had a lot in twitter lol).

Anyways, this is based on my own opinion, accept it or not; it’s your decison.


Let me start from the beggining.


Chanyeol once asked a queston ‘’If you could describe Baekhyun with one word, what would it be?’’

He answered ‘’SKY’’.

Since 2014, when Chanyeol started using Instagram, he often started posting pictures of sky as well and he still posts them, till now. Let’s see.

Now, I’d like to show you something from Baekhyun’s account. 

This pic. As we all can see, the caption is a cloud, which a certain person (and not only him) uses when posting a pic of SKY. But this is just a selfie and obviously it’s not related to the sky. Baekhyun doesn’t wear any blue thing or etc that might be related to a cloud, yet the caption says it all.

Now here.

Chanyeol puts different captions while posting sky pics. Such as ‘’Beautiful’’. But also, he puts clouds. 

In conclusion, we can guess, since Chanyeol thinks the sky resembles Baekhyun, he was actually the one who posted Baekhyun’s selfie with such caption. Usually Baekhyun rarely posts anything. When he does, he always puts some long captions, thankses fans and so on. But here we see a single cloud which, I do repeat, doesn’t really relate to the post.

Of course, it might be a coincidence but as they say ‘’Coincidence isn’t a coincidence at all’’. Haha, anyways, you may have your own opinion about this posts.

NOW, let’s go the the main topic, since we all, I think, realized the word ‘’Sky’’ for Chanyeol is related to Baekhyun.


‘’Heaven’’ is a song composed by Chanyeol (!! only the lyrics !!)

Now, let’s start analyzing what’s behind the lyrics~

‘’Hello angel, you’re like a painting

You’re all I see when I look to the skies…’’

These two sentences are quite simple, I think. The author (Chanyeol) as we see, talks about his beloved one and tells us that he sees his beloved one when he looks to the skies. The beloved one is related to the sky. 

‘’City street lights, even if the lights go out

And the moon disappears, It’s bright because

I have a star that fell from the skies

And it’s you…’’

As we see, he keeps repeating the word ‘’light’’ several times. He compares his beloved one with lights as that one, he claims, is brighter than all the street lights.

Lights, lights lights… Would it be safe to remind Baekhyun’s power is exactly the LIGHT. Not only that, but also the fact that he’s the light, the brightest member of the group, and as EXO claims he keeps them as one.

‘’Even the brightest jewel in heaven

For sure couldn’t be brighter than you

Don’t drift away from me

Baby won’t you stay

I’ll love only you forever..’’

Quite interesting that Chanyeol keeps talking about lights and brightness. Indeed, the beloved one is brighter than any jewel :)

‘’I keep laughing for some reason every night

Even when I close my eyes, I can’t sleep

I spend the entire night with thoughts of you

Your sparlking smile lets me breathe..’’

I really should mention, that besides any romantic relationship, Chanyeol and Baekhyun are besties. People say ‘’The best relationship is when you both can be lovers and best friends at the same time.’’

Chanyeol’s stans and Chanyeol himself admitted it. During the concerts, awarding events and so on, we see they’re all over each other, smiling and laughing at jokes only both of them understand. So I guess, we can bravely relate the first sentence to this, because no matter anything Chanyeol laughs most when he’s with Baekhyun and at anything that Baekhyun does.

The following sentences are very intimate as well. Some people might misunderstand it and say ‘’It can’t be about Baekhyun, because they’re groupmates and they’re always together.’’

Nope, they’re not. All of them have different schedules and they spend quite a little time together. The facts say it; for example in their last interview for VIVI Magazine 2016 Chanyeol said ‘’We chat together till we both forget about time’’ .   (almost as sweet as the lyrics to be honest haha).

Your sparkling smile lets me breathe..’’

Well, quite common for Chanyeol because since 2012 he mentioned his ideal type is someone who smiles a lot. 

I don’t even know someone who smiles more than Baekhyun. It’s my opinion, maybe yours differs? Haha, anyways, the sparkling smile

The part about wings is SO interesting. Today (10.12.16) Baekhyun said he was an angel in his past life, his wings disappeared when he came to the human’s world, but there’s still left. He also demonstrated. Lets see.

So there we see, only Chanyeol knows what’s Baekhyun actually doing. He even asked Baekhyun to kneel and turn around so that people would see his ‘’wings’’ better from behind.  Baekhyun isn’t really fond of complimenting himself. So I guess, someone actually gave him the idea of him being an angel and having wings behind back.

Did Chanyeol discover those wings himself? As he says in the song, he’s sure, his beloved one ‘’hides wings behind back’’. Hm, who knows.

Chanyeol keeps talking about skies and skies and skies… 

‘’The sky gave you everything
And this world gave me you
I want to keep you by my side
So you can’t fly back into the sky
Hold you down, keep you with me
Hug you…’’

As we keep reading the lyrics, we can be sure that It’s impossible to write such heartwarming lyrics If you’re not in love.

Chanyeol about the lyrics said himself ‘’I’ve written the song as If I was really in love’’

The next sentences that I’m gonna talk about are very veryyyy important, at least to me. In my opinion, they’re the key of the song.

‘’She says, easily, so easily

To not jokingly call her so pretty..’’

Many people keep saying Chanyeol used the pronoun ‘’she’’ as he describes his beloved one, so It can’t be related to Baekhyun.

Let me tell you, it proves absolutely NOTHING. Chanyeol is an artist, he’s an idol who has responsibility over his members, over his fans. He has an image and no matter what he must keep that image. It would be totally thoughtless if he did put ‘’he’’. There would be rumors, articles that media sites post every day, and of course hundreds of people that would be ready to judge him and question his sexuality. Chanyeol is one of the idols that gets criticized even when he does nothing. It would put his career on risk if he did really put not she, but he.  We all know Chanyeol apologizes for everything, he cherishes his fans too much to be that free in his actions. 

As a proof to my words, I’ll tell you an example of Western artist, a singer Darren Hayes. He, in 2006, got married to his boyfriend. 

In past, before admitting to be in a relationsip with a guy, Darren sang songs that included pronouns ‘’she’’ too. Such as ‘’Insatiable’’. (You may check the lyrics yourself to get sure).

I have more examples but lets not waste time.

To think, he was afraid that public would judge him, so he kept his relationship in secret. Even while living in such democratic and free country as the USA.. Considering South Korea, where homosexuality is judged way too hard, its totally normal Chanyeol is trying to ‘’stay safe in shade’’ too.

So, as we see, those pronounces prove nothing.

Anyways, the lyrics

The word that caught my attention was ‘’jokingly’’.

To be honest, if we analyze, it’s impossible to call a girl pretty jokingly. I mean, a guy compliments a girl by calling her pretty and there’s no way for it to be a joke. You call her pretty to make her happy, to make her smile and I don’t think any girl would stop it. Jokingly call a girl pretty would be even offensive because (‘’You’re pretty. Lol no, never mind I’m just kidding’’) ??? Nonsense. 

But the author (our Chanyeolie) says

‘’She says to not jokingly call her so pretty..’’

Does not make any sense right? Now let’s change the pronounces.

‘’He says to not jokingly call him so pretty..’’

See? :) Now, it makes sense. 

Korean guys, especially idols, have a bit feminine features of face. So usually their fans or friends call them not handsome, but pretty.

I think there’s no need to remind that most of Baekhyun stans (and one of them is me) call him pretty most of the time because he has cute, feminine side. He can be manly, but the cute side, of course, overwhelms.

All EXO members call him cute and pretty, you can rarely see them call Baekhyun ‘’handsome’’. Chanyeol calls him pretty most of all. Me, a fan since 2012, never noticed him to call Baekhyun ‘’handsome’’. 

The key is, Baekhyun always stops them when they call him pretty. Even when his fans call him pretty, he asks to not to.

Between guys, it’s such a joke. They tease each other by calling pretty or beautiful. And as we see in this song, Chanyeol teases his beloved one and calls pretty while that one asks to not to. You can relate, I think.

An important thing that should be mentioned I think is also the fact that during the interview for their EX’ACT Album, Baekhyun was asked a question.

‘’Which lyrics do you like best out of all the songs’ lyrics in this album?’’

And as we see out of ALL THE SONGS Baekhyun chose exactly Heaven and exactly those lyrics :)

His explainations looks so weird to me as well lol.

Another thing.  Here is ‘’Heaven’’ line distribution (credits to cyhun9461)

As we see, the one who actually sang most is no one else, but Baekhyun.

44.4% of the song lines are Baekhyun’s. Jongdae, Kyungsoo are in vocal line too but their lines are only 27.6% & 29.5%. 

Even Chanyeol, who actually composed the song, has 36.8%.

Thank you, if you have read this. I did put a lot of efforts in this article and I hope you all will like it. As I said before, the article is based on my own opinion, which might be different from yours. So yeah, thanks again :)

Texts Between Boyfriends (3?)-- Family Time

Even: isakkk

man of my life

fire in my heart

Isak: ??

Even: what are you doing today after school?


Even: that wasn’t funny last week, still not funny

Isak: It’s very funny. i stand by it


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Isak: An Avengers gif? I thought those movies were below you

(pretentious dick)

Even: :(

anyway what are you doing after school?

Isak: idk it’s your family night isn’t it? so probably lay at home in bed and text you all night

Even: :D come to family night with me. parents are asking if you would

Isak: really? like play board games and shit with your parents and sister?

Even: ja

Isak: ok. cool. but you should know that I kick ass in monopoly


Even: i just texted your mom and she says you cheat

Isak: since when do you have my mom’s phone number?

Even: when we had dinner with her last week

Fuck teacher keeps looking suspiciously at me. meet you in KB when your classes are done! <3

Isak: ?!?! this conversation is not over?


The time of the month while he’s away (Bruce Wayne headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request: Can you please write some headcanons with Bruce x Reader where she is on her period and he is away on a trip so the boys try to take care of her because she has the worst cramps?

  • This shit would be a collaborative effort
  • Either Jason or Dick would be the one to find out
  • Because they annoyed you and you nearly tore them a new asshole
  • “Ma, I’m sorry, can we help?”
  • Alfred making the boys take a trip to town to get supplies
  • Like pain meds, sweets and anything else you would want.
  • Tim would be hiding in the cave all the time to avoid conflict
  • Damian would be surprisingly cuddly
  • Ready to cuddle and watch movies
  • even brings you a heating pad
  • The boys would call Bruce to ask questions
  • Bruce tells them what candy you want, What movies you love.
  • He even tells Jason to read your favorite book for you
  • Dick would run you a warm bath
  • puts his personal favorite bath bomb in it 
  • The house is more quiet then it has ever been
  • The boys are pile together for movie night
  • even Tim gets out of the cave to cuddle with everyone
  • Alfred makes y’all hot chocolate
  • Ends up being persuaded to join you
  • only because you were about to cry when he tried to say no
  • Bruce being proud of his family being able to support everyone
  • Patrol also is either canceled or less boys go on them because you don’t want to stitch anyone up
  • When you feel sad, Dick makes ridiculous jokes to make you laugh
  • Damian is Annoyed ™
  • The boy’s are on their best behaviour


With love,

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YEEEEE I know it’s crazy how there is such a lack of fanart for this series like? I’m gonna try and remedy that, five years later lol

Anyway here have this stupid thing I drew last night

Even memes count as fanart okay

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chocobros hc on thoughts of s/o look and act innocent and sweet. except they're into horror,gore,terror,and violent stuff than cute stuff. like movie, playing video games of that, etc.

Hey Anon! c:
Thank you for your request and I’m terribly sorry it took forever. As I’ve mentioned before uni is quite stressful atm. -.-

However, I hope you like this! C:


  • He’d find out during a movie night/date night 
  • He let them chose the movie not thinking much of it
  • He prepared for a Disney & DreamWorks night
  • Even believed he’d fall asleep halfway through so he bought energy drinks
  • Oh my, was he wrong
  • The second the title screen plays he’s in shock
  • Immense shock
  • Out of all the DVD’s they picked Friday the 13th?!
  • He tries to hide how shocked he is but it’s quite difficult
  • Totally stares at his s/o, trying to figure out how someone so innocent can be into stuff like that
  • When they notice and ask what’s wrong he shakes it off
  • But as he spots the other DVD’s his s/o prepared for them, he spits out his drink
  • Halloween, Wrong Turn, Final Destination,…
  • This boi is shook
  • But he owns all these DVD’s - of course he’s into horror
  • Once he’s over the initial shock, he begins to realize how lucky he got
  • A cute af s/o that so happens to like horror related things?!!!
  • However, it takes him a few hours to process this
  • In those few hours, all he does is stare at his s/o and watch how they laugh as another group of people split in the movies and die shortly after
  • His shock turns into fascination
  • Loves. His. S/O. Now. More. Than. Ever.
  • Considers him the luckiest man alive!


  • Prompto would find out by visiting his s/o and catching them playing a game
  • Game date! They chose on a date where they’d chill and play games
  • Well, Prompto expected countless rounds of Mario Kart or Mario Party
  • Nope. He was wrong. 
  • No cute Nintendo colors at all
  • Instead, his s/o only plugs in one controller and introduces him to the world of horror games
  • What starts off with Silent Hill and Fatal Frame soon turns into F. E. A. R. and Alan Wake
  • Prompto is rip. 
  • Jumps all the time
  • Absolutely horrified and in shock
  • Did. Not. Expect. That. 
  • As they pass the controller over, he rapidly shakes his head 
  • His s/o urges him to play a round of Outlast
  • They also told him it’s just an exploring game
  • Well, no. 
  • This boy shrieks and throws the controller away from him within the first 10 minutes 
  • What the fuck 
  • He’s a cute cinnamon bun that might shed a tear or two from fear and bc a jump scare terrified him
  • Loves his s/o but wasn’t prepared
  • Terrified and horrified of his s/o until they quit the gaming and they crawl into bed together, watching a round of cartoons
  • However, his heart belongs to his s/o - of course he’ll accept that side of them 
  • Perhaps he might even learn to love horror stuff.. Or at least get used to it


  • He finds out while he just casually visits them
  • A simple sleep over is planned, nothing special
  • While Ignis prepares food, his beloved reads the new issue of their favorite magazine Scream
  • The moment he heads over to them and tells them food is ready, he spots the magazine 
  • Not shocked, in fact just a tad bit confused 
  • Didn’t expect his little cute angle to wipe out a gore and horror magazine 
  • Doesn’t hesitate to tell them about it
  • I certainly didn’t think you’d be into such.. vile things.
  • Makes him more curious about his s/o and sides he might not have discovered yet
  • Invites them to take the magazine to the table 
  • Wants to know what her favorite movies are and wants to read the magazine with them
  • He’s really interested in the subject because he didn’t really care for it before
  • As he sees the happiness in their face and how glad they are about him being accepting, the happier he gets
  • Doesn’t judge his s/o or think of them badly
  • Just wants to get to know them even better 
  • Urges them to watch horror movies with him
  • Supportive af 
  • Will end up buying them lots of horror DVD’s, magazines, game or books 
  • But he expects them to watch it with him


  • He’d find out while switching through TV channels and his s/o tells him to stop at some bloody horror movie
  • Confused about why they chose this movie
  • Prepares to comfort them 
  • Thinks it’s boring and unrealistic 
  • Complaints about it to make his s/o feel less scared
  • Except.. They are not scared
  • They tell him to shut up
  • Now that man is shocked 
  • Quietly pouts beside them and watches how they react to every death or bloody scene or even jump scares 
  • Blatantly asks if they’re into horror stuff at some point 
  • Of course, they reply with yes which is quite the surprise for the King’s shield
  • However, it’s not a bad surprise - he likes it
  • Actually thinks it’s pretty badass his s/o likes such cruel things 
  • It gives him the freedom to talk about his real life “slasher” action without pretending like it wasn’t brutal 
  • Now he can share how violent he had to be without fearing his s/o would be scared of him 
  • This guy is ready to watch every horror movie in existence with them, same goes for games 
  • Of course, he lets them know how awesome they are 
  • Didn’t think someone so adorable could bear something so cruel.
  • And then he brags about how he had better killing moves than the killer on TV
Twin brother!Jaehyun

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Request: Anonymous said: hey jai! can you please make twin brother jaehyun? thank you and i luv u :*

  • listen up
  • at one point he’s like the best twin bro you’d ever have
  • but on the other side
  • he’s so ajfhhejheg
  • like srsly when u were younger he’d prank u so much and it always made u mad but u could always prank him back so :-))
  • when jae took it too far tho sometimes and u ended up ignoring him or crying, he started crying too and begged for u to forgive him
  • he loves u a lot okay but he just doesn’t say it that much i guess??bc he feels like he already shows how luch he loves u through a lot of actions
  • actions speak louder than words
  • anyways
  • yoonoh’s the type to make u watch sad movies w him
  • so u can both cry together
  • omg he’d invite u to the dorms and the others r staring at u bc u two are so similar and it’s so ajhjehjehg to them
  • he’d honestly send u memes at like 3am when he can’t sleep
  • ‘y/n can u buy me food im so hungry’
  • ‘fuck off jae it’s 3 in the morning’
  • ajzfhjfhj he’s probably the one who wakes up first and whenever he sleeps at urs he wakes u up
  • “y/n how do u want ur eggs”
  • “yoonoh cant u see im s l e e p i n g”
  • ur both always spotted eating 
  • honestly if he got the chance, he’s start an eating show w u
  • would steal ur food when he knows that u have food
  • bye u two would watch musicals together
  • and probably sing all of the songs together
  • jaehyun the type to tease u s o m u c h
  • like there’s no limit
  • ok there’s a limit
  • when he reaches that limit he immediately starts apologising
  • “pls im sorry i’ll buy u food now stop crying ok”
  • and then he’d hug u
  • fhljhejhgjhegjh he’d be a bit protective
  • especially if it’s w his band members
  • he told them that no on can date u bc he doesnt want that
  • it’s not like he means it that much tho lmao
  • as long as ur happy he’d be okay w it but ofc it’d still be weird to him
  • yoonoh is gonna make u look for aliens at night
  • even if u dont believe in aliens
  • he swears that he saw one and he h a s to show u
  • ajlegjehgjhge he pretty much shares everything w u
  • even his biggest secrets
  • bc like ur his twin so ofc he wants to tell u and show u everything
  • also he’d make u go pokemon hunting w him whether u like it or not
  • no mercy 
  • its okay tho bc u can eat ramyun after that so
  • i feel like he’d also like going to concerts w u??
  • especially if it’s like the only chances that he gets to spend his time w u
  • jhajhejhg
  • in conclusion
  • jaehyun would be a gr8 twin brother
  • also i think i wrote smth twice ajghehgjehgje sorry ;;

‘Last Goodbye’ English Lyrics

Just one star
And you
That place was my long night
Though I hesitated to say I love you
There was no lie

You were angry
And so quiet
That place was my long night
Even in the darkness, I couldn’t sleep
Because of your crying voice

If I was next to you
Just by being next to you
I was happy
Don’t take even that truth
And make it into a bad memory

For long days
And long nights
I really loved you
Although I thought that having no choice
Wouldn’t make any sense

Please don’t remember me
As someone hateful
I still don’t really know
I still can’t erase the traces of you
It’s so precious

Good night, good bye
The time after those words
Felt like a long day
We grew deep into each other
I was afraid of that

You stayed still
And I did too
That was our long day
Times we spent together
As if they meant nothing
Just became a memory

If I was next to you
Just by being next to you
I missed you and I was happy
I really mean that

For long days
And long nights
I really loved you
Although I thought that having no choice
Wouldn’t make any sense

Please don’t remember me
As someone hateful
I still don’t really know
I still can’t erase the traces of you
It’s so precious

The sky is so white
I had to take ahold of my heart
Now with my last voice
I’ll say my last good bye

Please don’t remember me
As someone hateful
I still don’t really know
I still can’t erase the traces of you
It’s so precious

Can you do a headcanon of Ben taking care of sick y/n

@drinix He’d be so selfless!

Ben taking care you would entail:

  • Forcing you back to bed and to call in sick (skip out on classes if you’re still at university) when you slowly make your way into the kitchen, determined to be productive
  • Checking your temperature and insisting on taking you to the doctor to make sure you’re not to badly ill when he realizes you’ve broken 103 degrees
  • You whine and moan but at the end he wins, and you passively agree as you dress in sweats and a shirt 
  • He’d fill out all the paperwork and listen intently to the nurse as she’d explain you just have the flu
  • Driving you home and getting you comfortable on the couch. Providing lots of pillows, blankets, tissues, books and access to remotes so you can binge watch shows
  • Calling his mother for a quick chicken noodle soup recipe that he can whip together for you
  • While you were dozing off rushing to the store to buy you tons of medicine, ingredients for soup, crackers, Gatorade and tea
  • Feeding you soup when you stubbornly insist that you’re fine until the hot broth touches your lips and you divulge in it quickly 
  • Because its surprisingly really good and doesn’t taste like canned food
  • Playing games with you so you have a break from sleeping and watching TV
  • Keeping your mom updated on your progress (because of course he let her know knowing she’d worry about you) via text
  • Having him carry you to your room as it gets later into the night and asking if you want him to stay with you throughout the night
  • Even though he knows you’re contagious and you politely decline because you don’t want to get him sick,he ends up climbing under the comforter with you anyways
  • Because he’d rather be sick going to his next job (which is two weeks away) then not spend each moment he can with you
boyfriend yeoone/changgu

requested by a lovely anon. hope you like it.

Originally posted by v-dyo

  • boyfriend changgu is the cutest and clingiest boyfriend ever
  • might have asked you out first with some heartfelt confession you just couldn’t reject whatsoever because you have a heart
  • sends you texts every morning and night
  • even in between schedules
  • “did you eat”
  • “how are you”
  • “remember i love you”
  • shopping sessions when he has free time
  • likes you to pick out clothes for him so his boyfriend game stays strong
  • (not that he actually needs it)
  • buys you gifts out of nowhere
  • “just because i love you”
  • always holds your hand whether it’s just the two of you or around other people
  • tells you straight away when he feels jealous
  • unless he feels like it’s really out of place
  • because he trusts you a lot
  • the happiest when you and the members get along well
  • cute skype sessions when you don’t see each other for a long period of time
  • send you videos of their performances
  • “i look cool right?”
  • “i practiced this really hard”
  • “do i look cool?”
  • “you do look cool now let me sleep”
  • “thanks for pointing that out ily”
  • the most encouraging boyfriend
  • so you always know you can go to him when things get rough
  • which you mostly don’t even need to say out loud
  • because he’ll know in a heartbeat that somethings wrong
  • and he’ll do everything to cheer you up
  • even embarrassing himself
  • all in all he’s lovable and gives his all for the relationship
  • don’t break his heart
Junhoe boyfriend means...
  • you’re both divas who annoy the heck out of each other
    • but that’s why you love each other
  • you both take forever to get ready
  • and once ready you just give up on going out
  • he’s super lazy when it comes to surprising you and cute things
  • like he’ll be eating cookies and you’ll be like “june you never surprise me with things like i surprise you”
  • and then he’ll hand you a cookie and be like “surprise”
    • he’s such a smartass but you love it
  • he’s not super into pda
  • but if he suddenly has the urge to kiss you
  • he’ll do it
  • even if the guys are around, it doesn’t matter, he’ll just make out with you right there
  • he occasionally is cute and not a sarcastic ass
  • but most of the time he loves annoying you and arguing over stupid stuff
  • but deep down he truly loves you so much
  • like he’d do anything for you
  • when you are upset he just holds you
  • sings you to sleep
  • let’s you cry on his shoulder and he listens to everything you say
  • like he loves having talks with you every night
  • even stupid talks about this video you watched of a cat trying to climb a wall but it keeps falling into a barrel of water
  • he just loves hearing your voice and seeing you get so excited over something
  • he lets you wear his shirts to bed
  • and not because you don’t have clothes, but because he absolutely loves the way you look in his shirts
  • with your hair up in a messy bun and no makeup on
  • like it turns him on like crazy
  • spur of the moment sex when one of you just feels the need
  • routine late night cuddle sessions
  • falling asleep in each others arms because that’s where you feel the most safe

-again sorry i this sucks, haven’t done these or this format in awhile so yeah :)

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Eric and Jack headcannons!

  • Okay so after the events of Semi-Formal, Eric and Jack officially reconnect and all and start hanging out again
  • You know, chilling, going out to movies and bars on free time, and Eric starts helping Jack try to reform his company and all
  • And Eric is just on cloud nine tbh his best friend is back!!! This is great!!! He’s really missed Jack and all their whacky misadventures together all these years.
  • And Jack is happy too, obviously, but after a couple months during which he has seen Eric literally every day, he’s just like…wait…shit…something doesn’t feel all Platonic about this. Which freaks him out, obviously.
  • Because like??? He’s Jack and it’s Eric and they were always all about the girls when they were younger and he’s literally felt remotely like this before except for Rachel, wha t the fu ck.
  • So Jack starts lowkey freaking out and he wants to just cut ties again and transfer firms or something but like…Did you hear all that gay shit he said in Semi-Formal about Eric’s voice never leaving his head and how sticking with Eric has been his only good decision???? He knows he can’t just leave again. Plus, the more he reconnects with Eric, the more apparent it is that other than his siblings and Rachel, Eric hasn’t really had any relationships or strong friendships in a while. Jack peaceing out again would probably crush him.
  • So Jack decides to just boil in a stew of confusing emotions and sell it with a smile
  • (Eric can tell it’s a fake smile but Jack clamps up whenever he asks what’s wrong)
  • Okay so meanwhile,
  • Shawn was doing a job in Oregon a few months prior to all this when he gets a text from Cory reading:
  • “I T  H A S  B E G U N”
  • So Shawn is like wtf and he responds like “Cory this is the most ominous message you have ever sent me what is happening omfg” 
  • And Cory responds with a stalker picture of Eric and Jack laughing by the punch bowl
  • And Shawn just responds with a lot of screaming-face emojis (Shawn Hunter fucking loves emojis don’t fight me on this)
  • “FUCK.”
  • So they just continue to freak out like that for a while.
  • Shawn and Cory really fucking ship their brothers okay. They just know they’re perfect for each other. They’ve been shipping and scheming to get them together since Shawn was living with Eric and Jack, but after the unfortunate 15 year radio silence, they started to loose hope omfg.
  • But now, after what Cory is witnessing at this dance??? They are back with a vengeance omfg. The second Shawn gets back in New York they’re just like WE NEED TO STRATEGIZE.
  • They decide until any new developments happen, they should just mostly stick to their old tactics- Shawn will be super vague and implying around them and see if they pick up and try to talk to him about it. Cory just makes outright statements framed as jokes so he can judge their reactions (A-la that ‘So nothing’s changed!’ quip he made when Jack jokingly said Eric was his date)
  • So for the next couple months, as Eric and Jack reconnect and Jack starts to get more and more confused about his feelings, Cory and Shawn are keeping that up, and also lowkey follow them some nights when they’re ‘hanging out’, and also try to get all four of them to hang out so Cory and Shawn can ‘observe and collect date’ (they just like using all the terms it makes them feel cool)
  • “Brothers Brunch Dates are totally a thing!!! It’s the new fad!” “Oh, really? Cool, I’ll call Joshie and-” “NO WE DON’T LIKE HIM ANYMORE LEAVE HIM OUT OF THIS.”
  • Cory just knows that Joshua will somehow manage to fuck all this up for him. He’s been putting hard work into this relationship for damn near two decades hE WONT BE DEFEATED NOW
  • Okay so they keep up their antics, but they don’t notice how uncomfortable Jack is getting, they’ve been expecting Eric to crack first.
  • So one night, Shawn’s at the apartment flipping through a fucking binder he’s compiled of ‘evidence, theories, and plots’ to get Jack and Eric together when he groans and throws it down on the table, and he’s just like “It’s been five months why the fuck aren’t the married yet.”
  • “Shawn, they need time. We just have to wait-”
  • Shawn.”
  • So Topanga hears that nonsense and comes to investigate lol. She had a general idea that they wanted their brothers together, but she didn’t know that they had reached, like, plotting and scheming levels. So she sees Shawn’s binder and f l i p s
  • So they tell her everything, everything they’ve been trying to accomplish on the lowkey since they were teenagers. Topanga’s just like “You’re failures and I’m gonna make this happen in 2 seconds.” and whips her phone out
  • So the guys are like wait no??? Because they thought she was calling Eric or Jack, but when they realize who she calls they just. Groan. How had this never occurred to them before now?
  • Okay so back to Eric and Jack.
  • It’s been five months since they’ve reconnected and they are deadass seeing each other every night
  • Even if Jack has a business meeting out of town or Eric has to jet off for senator work, they still fucking facetime with each other every night ugh these losers
  • And Jack’s been really dedicated to making his life better- he starts to turn his company around and tries to make them more environmentally friendly, he starts helping out a lot of charities, through Eric he’s been able to reconnect with Rachel and now they’re all friends again.
  • But he still is so confused over what he’s feeling towards Eric. He keeps telling himself he’s crazy, it’s just because they haven’t seen each other in so long, stuff like that. But the stress of bottling everything up is getting to him so he starts gambling again
  • Because he’s a fucking idiot but anywho
  • So now Eric’s really fucking worried because he knows Jack is hiding something and his gambling problems acting up are literally never a good sign
  • But Jack’s telling him literally anything except whatever this problem is so he’s like!!!! How am I supposed to help you!!!
  • He’s like really distressed about this, he’s worried Jack’s just gonna up and stop talking to him again. He brings this up whenever he talks to Rachel, because she’s a therapist she should be able to figure this out right
  • She can’t lol. She thinks Eric’s making a big deal about nothing, but she does wonder why both of them are acting so strange.
  • Then, she gets a call from Topanga that basically boils down to “I need you to get Eric and Jack together” and she’s just like. Oh my GOD. How did I possibly miss this???
  • So Rachel flies her ass to New York almost immediately lmao. Didn’t tell anyone she was coming, just shows up in the middle of one of Eric’s meetings and demands he buy her lunch.
  • So he agrees lol and they go out to some cute little restaurant and the second they sit down Rachel just grabs his hands and is like, “Okay, so. Sweetie-” and they spend this entire fucking lunch (that ends up being like 4 hours long omg) just delving into the innermost parts of Eric’s mind and person omfg
  • It got really fucking intense okay omg
  • And a lot of it she was like dissecting his relationships with people and she put a lot of focus on his relationship with Jack. Like, he’s oblivious to what she’s doing at first, but after a while he catches on and admits that he’s thought for quite a while that maybe it’s not exactly platonic but he always convinces himself he’s just being stupid and ignores it
  • So they talk that out and ambush therapy sesh ends with him coming to terms with the fact that he ‘like-likes’ Jack
  • “What show are you seeing?”
  • “His cousin gave him the tickets, I think he said it’s called Hedwig or something.”
  • “That’s…that’s a really gay show in the first place.”
  • So they talk about that for a little longer, she helps him calm down about the whole thing, and then Eric really has to get back to work so he heads off.
  • So now she’s on a quest to track down Jack Hunter
  • She went to his work and was told he had the day off, so she’s like “I’m gonna have to track his ass down to a shady casino aren’t I”
  • She did
  • He was loosing
  • So she confronts him and he’s freaking out bc even though they’ve reconnected and have been talking again, he hasn’t physically seen her in literally like 12 years omfg
  • So she drags him out and to the park or something and they have fun catching up for a bit
  • So finally, she decides that instead of working into it like she did with Eric, Jack won’t stand for that bullshit. So literally out of the blue she’s like “You dumped me and left me alone in the Peace Corps. Explain the motivation.” and Jack is like w e  l  l   u m
  • He tries to escape but she grabs him and goes to town trying to analyze why he left and he’s like “Maybe I just wanted my inheritance back?” and she’s like “Okay well then explain your lack of serious relationships or even meaningless flings in the past decade START TALKING I DARE YOU”
  • So he just starts listing off all these excuses and she just keeps antagonizing him until he finally snaps and yells “IT’S BECAUSE I HAVE FEELINGS FOR ERIC OKAY” and then everything goes silent because he’s never said that out loud before so he’s clearly freaking out but Rachel is all but jumping for joy now.
  • Jack looks like he’s lowkey about to have a panic attack and Rachel’s about to say something when they hear an impressed whisper-shout of “SHE!!! DID!!! THAT!!!” and look up to discover Cory and Shawn fucking hiding in the tree above them o m f g
  • Jack yells up “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” and Cory yells back “WHEN WILL YOU FINALLY MAKE AN HONEST WOMAN OUT OF MY BROTHER?” which just gets Rachel cracking tf up
  • Jack is just like???? LEAVE! and Shawn yells back “THIS EFFECTS US TOO”
  • Jack throws a rock at them and they fall out of the tree and run out of the park lmao
  • So now he’s f r e a k i n g out obviously and Rachel’s trying to calm him down and tell him it’s fine and everything
  • But he’s still loosing it because he finally said it out loud and it felt right but the whole situation is so weird to him and now he’s gotta see Eric in a few hours and sit next to him in a dark room for a while f u c k
  • But he doesn’t want to cancel because Eric would be suspicious and he still wants to be near him and u g h
  • Rachel’s not telling Jack that she already talked to Eric and she’s not planning on telling Eric about what Jack said. She wants them to get there on their own,
  • So Jack is like “You know what??? I’m rich, I could totally get a third ticket if I wanted to. Rachel please come with us??” but she’s like “Lol Jack sweetie I flew in specifically to do this my flight leaves in an hour and a half bye have fun make out with Eric for me” and just LEAVES and he’s screaming
  • So he’s panicking and it’s at this point that he runs into Josh Matthews right
  • And Josh was just offering a passing “Oh hey man” but Jack was DESPERATE so he told Josh he had a third ticket to a musical he was seeing with Eric that night
  • And Josh, funnily enough, had just opened up a chain text from Cory, sent to himself, Topanga, Morgan and Feeny, that just reads “SHAWN AND I WERE THERE AND JACK CONFESSED HIS LOVE FOR ERIC THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE THE PROPHECY IS UPON US.”
  • (As Rachel hadn’t told anyone she was coming in, Cory and Shawn happened to find her by accident. They have no idea she talked to Eric too)
  • So Josh reads this text and that looks up at the clearly freaked out Jack Hunter standing before him, and just grins a bit deviously and is like “Yes. Yes, I’d love to come.”
  • Okay omg so the rest of the day, Eric had been hyping himself up and planned to just get this whole thing over with.
  • Like, he definitely doesn’t think Jack has any feelings for him. But he was planning on sitting through the show and reading Jack’s reactions to some of the content, and then bringing it up with him at dinner afterword, and if it was positive he’d bring up what he’s feeling so they could just acknowledge them and get the whole thing out of the way. He didn’t think anything would like, happen, so he just wanted to clear the air so he could make himself move on.
  • So then he gets to the theater and sees Jack and starts internally freaking out…But then he notices Josh and he’s just like “WHAT are you doing here??”
  • And Josh is giving him an “I’m gonna ruin your life’ smile and is like “oh, Jack had an extra ticket and invited me! I LOVE this show, saw it with Riley and Maya last year.’ and then he smiles at both of them and is like ‘I think we’ll have fun’ and HEADS INSIDE WHAT A SHIT
  • So Eric and Jack are outside talking awkwardly for a few minutes but they won’t make eye contact and they’re trying to figure out what’s up with each other omg eventually they just quit and head inside
  • Okay so remembered I mentioned Cory has always had a feeling Josh would ruin his shipping dreams here??? Josh is aware Cory thinks that.
  • So that’s why Josh Matthews sits his ass down right in between Eric and Jack, pulls out his phone yelling “Pre-show selfie!!!!”, and sends the picture to Cory captioned “I’M COCKBLOCKING ALL YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS.”
  • So anyway, the show starts.
  • If you’re unfamiliar, the show has no fourth wall and is very interactive- it’s played out as ‘Hedwig’, a singer who’s career has been plummeting, is playing a concert, and the audience is at that concert rather than a musical, you feel?
  • So of course…Jack’s cousin had to give them seats that were predetermined for the actor to mess with.
  • Jack and Josh both got pulled up on stage, Jack got chased off by a jealous Yitzhak after being all but dry humped, and Eric got kissed during “Sugar Daddy” it was fucking great Josh was having the time of his life. Jack and Eric were lowkey freaking out. They out here tryna struggle with their sexualities and some hot actor in drag is all over them. What the fuck
  • Oh great now he’s stripping down to his underwear
  • Josh can feel the tension radiating off both of them he’s having so much fun what a little asshole
  • So the show ends and boy, these guys thought they were confused about everything before. They have no idea wtf is happening now
  • They both feel a little less, weird about having feelings for each other at least. But they also both still believe the other sees this as the strictly platonic best friendship they’ve always had. So they’re still freaking out but it’s not getting talked about!!!
  • Because Jack was too scared to do it in the first place and Josh’s presence has psyched Eric out omfg
  • So now they’re at dinner and just sitting there quietly, not making looking at each other, as Josh just yammers on about the show lol
  • So finally Eric says something dumb or whatever that gets Jack to laugh and look up, and then he rolls his eye because he realizes Eric still has lipstick smeared all over his lips from when Hedwig kissed him lol
  • So he grabs a napkin and reaches over to get it for him, and he was totally not expecting it to turn into one of those cliché emotionally charged moments you see in the movies, but it DID omfg
  • He’s being gentle trying to get it off and Eric’s not moving an inch and they’re holding eye contact and their breath is hitched omfg
  • After Jack pulls back there’s a long moment of silence before Josh just goes “…Wow.”
  • They both turn and glare at him and he just silently takes a sip of his drink and tries not to laugh lol
  • So dinner happens relatively quietly after that, any conversation is just them asking Josh about school lol.
  • So they all start walking home right. And Josh’s campus was the first stop while Eric and Jack’s apartments weren’t that far away
  • So Josh is saying goodnight and thanking Jack for the tickets and everything, and then he’s about to walk away but he turns back and goes, “Oh, one more thing: YOU’RE BOTH IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER. DISCUSS.”
  • So now Eric and Jack are just like uh Uh UHHHH
  • They panic around each other for a few minutes and look and act like idiots but finally Jack pulls his shit together and he’s like “let’s just head back to your place and talk this all out” omg
  • And they do
  • Talking happens
  • Other things happen
  • And they end up being really surprised by how…natural everything seems, you know? Like they were expecting some big freak out that could ruin their friendship because these feelings are weird and obviously not reciprocated. Not ‘Oh, we kiss now? Awesome!’ like it ended up not *feeling* like the big deal they were expecting, it just felt very natural, just Eric and Jack in their whacky situations. This week they make out on Eric’s couch! Whatever will they do next!
  • So they decide like, okay, this is just a natural next step in our relationship, this is what we do now, not a big deal. But they don’t want to tell anyone yet.
  • Mostly because they don’t 100% know how their friends and family will react (they know some of them, sure, but not all), but also??? Eric’s a senator and Jack’s a very successful businessman. The media would be all over it omfg like they’re still figuring this out themselves, they don’t need gossip mags and twitter and CNN’s opinions on it.
  • So they keep it under wraps. After about 2 weeks they decide they’re officially dating, but still keep it hush hush for a few months (except Josh knows bc he showed up the day after Hedwig demanding answers lmao).
  • Okay, so one day, it’s their 6 month anniversary, and Jack is EXCITED omg he’s out at the store buying a cake and candles and a bouquet of flowers and he’s trying to pick up a present. He’s gonna surprise Eric and finally be the romantic one for once. He’s so pumped, he’s so proud of himself-
  • He gets a text from Eric reading “Heads up, Riley’s sleeping over my place all weekend. We’re just friends.”
  • And Jack is like???? “It’s our anniversary are you KIDDING me what is so wrong with her apartment?”
  • “She’s not saying anything, but I think she got in a fight with Topanga. She’s REALLY upset, I already told Cory I’d watch her.”
  • So Jack is just like u  g h
  • But he heads to Eric’s (his apartment building was getting fumigated) and tbh Riley does look pretty upset but Jack is salty so he’s decided she doesn’t look upset enough to temporarily run away. He doesn’t say anything though and manages to convince her the ‘Happy Anniversary’ cake was on display/sale and he picked it up because chocolate helps girls right???
  • Eric rolled his eyes and Riley didn’t look like she entirely bought it but no one said anything lol
  • So the night wears on, Riley still won’t talk about why she’s upset and Jack can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable around her since he doesn’t know her that well
  • Eric’s perfectly fine though and keeps her talking about trivial things and keeps her occupied
  • And this is a PROBLEM okay
  • Jack had just…forgotten about Eric with kids, okay. Just completely forgot.
  • And now here he is, braiding Riley’s hair and making her tears turn into laughter and playing dumb little games with her and it was magic and Jack is just like
  • All Jack wants to do is make out with this magical idiot of his and he CAN’T because of Riley omfggggggg
  • So at some point Riley nods off on the couch right. And Jack immediately pulls Eric into the bedroom lol
  • So Eric’s like ‘maybe not with the depressed 15 year old in the other room’ but Jack’s like “I mean honestly she doesn’t seem all that upset, this could be an overreaction. We should send her home to make sure!” and Eric’s just like omfg Jack I raised her for the first six years of her life I think I can read her emotions better than you
  • And Jack actually hadn’t heard about that before so he was like ‘wait seriously?’ and Eric gives a rushed explanation of how he helped out Cory and Topanga while they were still in school.
  • And after that Jack is just like??? What the fuck??? You’re an angel???? What the fu c k
  • So Eric kisses him and the door IMMEDIATELY OPENS
  • So now they’re like…Time to Panic. omfg
  • They’re pacing around the room and mapping out a damn game plan on how to discuss this with Riley, explain their relationship, make sure she doesn’t have a problem with it and beg her not to tell anyone, amongst other things. Mapping out the game plan takes them like half an hour omg
  • So by the time they come out, Riley’s back on the couch and has apparently ordered pizza lol. So they turn off the tv and sit across from her all seriously and she’s like??? Something wrong????
  • And Eric’s trying to ease into it or something and he’s like okay princess so about what you saw-
  • And she’s like??? Listen I’m sorry about that I thought it was the bathroom door??? Are you honestly that mad????
  • And Eric and Jack are like omg no we aren’t mad. Aren’t you freaked out???
  • And Riley’s just like…why would I be? You were just kissing. I’ve literally walked in on my parents having sex with a cardboard cutout of Chase Utley watching. Nothing can break me anymore.
  • So they’re like o h m y G o d didn’t need that image but now Eric’s trying to be like okay so like??? You’re okay that Jack is also a guy???
  • And Riley’s like Uncle Eric p l e a s e I have literally no problems with that. I just want you to be happy, and from the way I’ve heard you talk about Jack, I have every reason to believe you are!
  • So they’re all crying and hug it out nbd. Riley doesn’t think anyone in the family would have a problem with them being together but agrees to keep quiet.
  • But then Riley spies the half eaten cake and is like f u c k I’m ruining an anniversary I’m a monster I’m leaving peace out use protection and she’s literally trying to shove all her stuff back in her backpack and escape as Eric and Jack are like “omfg it’s fine we’re not letting you roam the streets at 11:00 at night” but she’s insisting she’ll just head over to Farkle’s because she really doesn’t wanna kill their anniversary
  • But finally Jack convinces her that they want her there and the anniversary isn’t ruined ya-da-ya-da
  • So the three of them have a cute little weekend- Riley and Jack bond, Eric tries to teach them both his pizza eating trick, Riley successfully avoids all her problems for 3 days, and she also makes a point to give them some alone time which is nice
  • So anyway, Cory and Shawn are frustrated and miserable
  • They’ve been trying to get their brothers to fall in love for SO LONG but there are no developments omfg save these poor losers
  • So one day they’re just moping around, sadly flipping through Shawn’s binder and trying to brainstorm, when Shawn mumbles “What if…we…involved the youth.”
  • “The youth?”
  • “The youth.”
  • The youth.”
  • “THE YOUTH.”
  • Maya, Farkle and Riley, who have just arrived from school, are like “Why are you guys just yelling about youth wtf”
  • Shawn and Cory see them and scream “YOUTH” really loudly, like they all jump lol, and shoved the three of them onto the couch and are just like “Listen we need to make our brothers love each other.”
  • Farkle is immediately like “I’m out, I’m sick of romance drama, fucking goodbye, just send whatever you’re having for dinner to my house” and walks out omfg
  • Cory, yelling loudly at Farkle’s retreating figure, “Okay, now that the WEAK LINK IS GONE-”
  • So anyway, they explain their plans and objective to the girls.
  • Maya’s on board in ten seconds flat lmao but Riley is just like…why don’t we let them live their lives and whatever happens, happens
  • “What child of mine would EVER say that?”
  • So they ignore her and go back to plotting and Riley’s deadass just live blogging this whole experience she opened up a group message with Eric, Jack, and Josh and they’re all cracking up and trying to come up with ideas to mess up the schemes or make Shawn and Cory think Eric and Jack got in another fight and aren’t talking again lmao
  • So they have fun with that for a couple weeks
  • Okay so one night, Eric and Jack take Riley and Josh out to dinner because Riley won a writing competition but she didn’t tell anyone else she entered the contest but those three wanted to celebrate it was this whole thing
  • So they’ve got a very private, secluded both in the restaurant, so they feel safe discussing their relationship, and Josh asks them when exactly they were planning on telling everyone else, because the holiday season is coming up so like?? They should figure something out.
  • So they started going back and forth, doing pros and cons of different ideas. Riley and Josh are really anything but helpful lol
  • Jack said something like “I mean, we could just do it over the phone” and they both slammed their drinks down and demanded “But where’s the drama in that?!” in perfect unison, and then gave each other ‘wtf’ looks because they had surprised themselves. That had Eric cracking up lol
  • Eric keeps giving ridiculous ideas like “What if we just let them catch us making out over the Thanksgiving meal” or “Let’s send out some Ambiguously Gay Duo style Christmas cards” 
  • “Eric there’s nothing ambiguous about this
  • And then Jack leans over and kisses him while Riley and Josh give mildly sarcastic ‘awwww’s
  • And then there’s a camera flash
  • f u c k
  • All four of them start looking around in a panic but they can’t figure out who took the picture holy shit they’re freaking out
  • They can’t just outright interrogate restaurant patrons or personal but like!!!! Code red!!!! Code blue!!!! Code apricot!!!!
  • Eric waves over Agent LaChance to ask him to help but he’s holding up his cell phone which has a notification from a huge news site that’s promising they ‘Just dug up some MAJOR DIRT on our favorite New York Senator, story hitting in 15 minutes!’ and like…they screwed omfg
  • So they just all rush out into the car and Jack and Eric are deadass  calling their parents and grandparents and Feeny but since it’s dinner time no one’s picking up so they’re literally just LEAVING VOICEMAILS LIKE ‘HEY FAMILY I’VE HAD A STEADY BOYFRIEND FOR 8 MONTHS WE LIVE TOGETHER SEE YOU AT THE HOLIDAYS LOVE YOU BYE” OMFG
  • So they get to Cory’s apartment and burst in and Eric’s in Serious Mode ™ and is all like ‘Cor dude I need you to not freak out right now because I’m already freaking out and I didn’t want to tell you guys about this yet but I also don’t want you to find out from the news you know???” and Cory and Topanga (and Auggie, Farkle and Maya are chilling there too) are just like omfg what’s happening what’s wrong what’s hitting the news in five minutes??
  • So Eric tells them he’s with Jack and Jack, Josh and Riley are just kinda awkwardly waving in the back and Cory just. silently collapses onto the couch.
  • So everyone’s lowkey freaking out- not in a bad way, just in a ‘holy shit’ way. And then the news report comes on
  • And THAT’S bad omfg.
  • Shawn’s immediately blowing up Jack’s phone like why the fuck didn’t you tell me???
  • Everyone’s calling and texting them omfg phones are blowing up
  • And obviously there was A LOT of negative feedback from the news site itself and some viewers bc politics are a shit show but they powered through all that bs
  • Eventually get married and adopt 3 kids and have 2 via surrogate yay
  • This is like fucking 11 pages long if you made it through honestly congrats bro I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT ERIC MATTHEWS AND JACK HUNTER

160607 Instagram Video Update: song by MQ,CY
lyrics by EXO-L

그남자 작곡 그여자 작사
#V앱 #떼창기대함
(trans) Produced by that man & written by that woman
It was so much fun ✌
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Lyrics: Moon

You come into my mind, late at night
Even if my eyes say it all, you still don’t know
It’s alright even though I’m by myeslf
You will be here with me tomorrow

I stand by you just like the moon
If I stay here for a while, will you notice me?
Don’t stand too far away, I want to be close
My mind is still in the same place

Don’t go
Hold me, through my steps
Don’t Go
I need you

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Where a POT takes you for your date says a lot...

Just my two cents. Everyone has different experiences but in all my years this is what I have noticed.

It isn’t necessarily about how much a date costs a POT, but more about where he takes you and what time of day/week that may be.

Sometimes schedules dictate the time of day/week, but more often than not a POT will take you someplace based on how they see the future relationship unfolding.

My general rule of thumb is:

Weekend verus Weekday

Weekend dates are the best. I don’t mind missing out on other activities if it means I have a promising POT date. Especially since most of my weekend activities tend to go all night anyway so I can always show up to said event after my date. An older gentleman is usually willing to go on weekend dates with someone he is very serious about getting to know. He is likely more serious about the whole SD/SB thing in general. He doesn’t mind canceling or rearranging his plans to accommodate you. Or, if he doesn’t really have any plans and is kind of a lone wolf, he is more likely to become attached to you so he finally has someone to hang out with on weekends. Expect weekend getaways to fun locations, if you start an arrangement.

Weekday dates are usually easier and less work. He is likely meeting up with you right after work but before going home to the wife and kids (if he is married, obviously). These dates tend to start a little earlier in the evening and will be more cut and dry. He will likely bring up the details of the arrangement earlier in the date to get that part out of the way and see how much time he should invest. On weekdays, time is money. He has to go to work in the morning and doesn’t want to be out all night for no reason. Weekday dates are the best way to land a married SD (my favorite kind). His weekends are usually dedicated to his family and therefore you won’t be going on many getaways with him but may accompany him on business trips.

Day versus Night
Evening/Dinner dates usually mean the guy is very serious. He might be Splenda but he will be very serious about his Splendaness.

Day/Lunch dates usually mean the guy is not sure about the whole SD/SB thing and doesn’t want to disrupt his other evening plans just for you. 

Trendy, Upscale Bougie Cocktail Lounge and Eatery
He wants to show you off and see how you do in such an environment. Depending on which city you live in, he may be testing the waters to see if you can handle yourself around celebrities, powerful business men and others who are in an “older man, younger woman” relationship. You will likely see other SBs at these types of places and you will definitely see celebrities if you live in NYC, Chicago, LA or similar locations. Dress is usually similar to going to a club but perhaps with a slightly longer hemline.

If you can handle yourself appropriately (according to him) and other men check you out in this sea of beautiful people, you are IN. This guy will likely be a very good SD assuming this isn’t a ploy and he isn’t pure salt. Expect nice hotels, fabulous restaurants, shopping sprees and surprise gifts on top of a hefty allowance. He wants a fun girl and will provide luxury experiences as long as you keep it fun. Let loose around this type. He wants you to be the center of attention in any crowd without forgetting that he is the one you are going home with.

Upscale, Classy, Expensive Restaurant

He is taking you here because he wants to impress you. This type of setting isn’t so much about seeing how you act in public but more about how you carry yourself as a person in general. Please, thank you, napkin on your lap, using the correct fork, ordering the appropriate wine for your meal, etc. are all things he will notice. Doing something wrong may not be a deal breaker but it may make him lower his offer without you even realizing it. Dress is usually more conservative and less colorful. A figure hugging dress that hits just above the knee with some modest (3-4 inch) heels. You can show a tad of cleavage but don’t over-do it. A guy who chooses this type of restaurant is looking for someone who won’t embarrass him or draw much attention while in public. 

He will likely be a stable SD (again, assuming he isn’t pure salt) and will offer a modest allowance and will treat you with the utmost respect at all times. This type of SD tends to be the most work, in my experience. You have to be “on” more often than not with this type.

The only exception to this rule with this type of location is if it is a day date. Day dates at restaurants that are usually only busy after 8 p.m. is a sign that he wants to avoid crowds all together. He may be embarrassed by the idea of you two together OR he may frequent that restaurant so often that it no longer feels special to him so he doesn’t mind going there during the day.

Casual, moderately priced, semi-trendy restaurant
A guy who takes you to a simple, no-frills type of restaurant is likely looking for the same thing in his SB. He wants you to be casual, easy-going, and fun without being wild. Smiley, girl next door types will do well with this type of SD because you are basically exactly what he is looking for without even trying. Dress for this type of restaurant is casual cool. You can get away with jeans and a trendy top and heels. If you wear a dress, a sundress or girlish dress are good options. Your makeup and hair should still be on point regardless of outfit choice. You can drink a little more at this type of restaurant because chances are it has a casual and fun vibe. These types of places are usually loud with other people’s conversations.

This type of SD is good for a moderate allowance, gifts, trips and fun adventures. He may not buy you Louboutin every month but he will buy you smaller gifts if you simply ask. You will likely stay in business class all the time, including hotels. This isn’t a bad thing at all. You will still be comfortable and it’s still better than making your own bed or flying coach.

Cafe or Diner

These places are usually reserved for day dates. Guys that choose this type of place are usually salt or Splenda, in my experience. They are looking for more of a girlfriend than anything and don’t see the point in “pulling out all the stops”. These are the guys that tend to say they don’t want it to feel like an arrangement. If you choose to pursue a guy who chooses this type of place, be prepared to divulge your entire life story in detail. Since it is during the day, without the sexiness and allure of the night, it encourages the conversation to become very familiar, quickly. Dress for this type of restaurant is simple. Jeans, cute sandals and a low cut or v-neck shirt are appropriate and really all he deserves given the location.

These types of guys can turn out to be good for a decent pay-per-meet arrangement but they likely won’t be very reliable and may never really spoil you.

And this is why I always try to get the guy to choose a restaurant and day of the week. Even if I have to suggest a place or day, I give two or three very different options and then let him pick from those. What he picks says a lot.

Also, please note: These all are based on an actual planned first or second date. Where you meet a POT while freestyling doesn’t really factor into this at all. If you meet a guy at Starbucks and he then takes you to an upscale, bougie lounge… you are winning.

Girlfriend Mina

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  • your mom absolutely ADORES mina
  • she’s beautiful, funny, clever, talented; the type that every parent dreams their child will end up with
  • so mina is always lavished with the best foods when she visits your childhood home, the house is always scrubbed meticulously, bed sheets cleaned if she’s staying the night
  • even extended family comes to visit
  • your family jokes that your younger cousin loves her more than you, because mina always helps them with their math homework
  • you joke that “maybe you should just adopt her and kick me out?” and the silence that descends tells you that your family has already thought of that
  • you have to deal with her tears a lot, since she’s prone to cry whenever she’s happy, sad, angry, etc. just any emotion at all will bring her to tears
  • and she goes looking for you, asking for hugs with big, watery eyes and WHO COULD SAY NO TO THAT?!?!
  • she loves to write; stories, lyrics, just whatever comes to mind
  • you’re the only one who’s allowed to see everything, which shows just how much she trusts you
  • cute, dorky moments
  • pigging out on junk food, esp. pizza and chicken
  • but then you won’t see her for the next few days since she has to work it all off at the gym for an upcoming comeback
  • chores are divided evenly in your home but she always does the laundry. it’s something she’s gotten good at since that was her duty in aoa’s dorm
  • if you’re being especially difficult to wake up, mina has no qualms with blaring out some songs on her bass until you get out of bed
  • drama marathons
  • where she usually cries a lot
  • to comfort her, you try kissing her like the male lead but then she looks at you with those beautiful eyes of hers so you kiss her again and don’t stop until you’re both tangled under the bed sheets, sweaty and hot
  • “wait, i missed the rest of the episode!” mina whines, pushing you away to grab the remote and wind the episode back
  • and say goodbye to round two because she’s re-hooked on the story line and asks you to make her popcorn
Boku no Heroine (My Heroine)
Saburo Suzuki (CV: Miyano Mamoru)
Boku no Heroine (My Heroine)

Requested by @izumi-kurosaki ^__^
Feel free to tell me if you find any errors. ♡

English lyrics 

This is the gem that the tenacious you has unexpectedly brought forth;
The clock hand suddenly swings free, signaling that it’s time to start!

Your blushing red cheeks immediately smile at me broadly
No matter how many times I see it,
I won’t get tired of it
Because my feelings are the real deal!

The way you gather your courage to say “good morning”
The way you become flustered, and hide behind your eyelashes
I’m entranced by all of it!
You’re My Treasure

This girl who’s like the slightly early first star seen at night
Just by looking at her, you can tell she’s not ordinary
She’s always by my side, shining brightly without fading
Because she’s my one and only heroine!

Your eyes that look up at me
Look like happy, glittering crystals
I can’t wait until after school to ride our bike together!
Even when facing countless rivals, you reached out to me honestly
Even without words, I know those feelings are real!

As if we’re being rushed by the sound of the school bell,
Let’s go meet up at your classroom; hold on to me tightly!
First Love Story

This girl who shines remarkably in the spacious sky
Like the first star seen at night
Even if you think she’s ordinary, she’s so special
Even when the clouds try to get in her way, she shines in spite of them
The heroine is, yes, her alone!

This girl who’s like the first star seen at night
That anyone can stop and look up at
Is a crybaby, but a strong girl
Even when the moon sometimes bullies her, she still shines from a high place today
There’s no mistaking, she’s my heroine!

Boyfriend! Mark (GOT7)

(I’m sorry some of these are so cheesy rip)

  • Okay so domestic life with Mark is some quality shit
  • When you wake up, he’d be laying beside you on his stomach with an arm draped over your waist 
  • You’d think he’s still asleep so you’d try to sneak away quietly, but he would tighten his grip on your waist and pull you closer to him
  • And then you would continue to lay in bed for the next 20 minutes
  • On some mornings you wake up and he’s not there
  • So you go into the kitchen and hes in his t-shirt and underwear cooking breakfast for the both of you
  • Honestly cooking with Mark would be a mess
  • You both arrange these special cooking nights to spend time together and to make a nice dinner
  • But then it all goes downhill when one of you starts throwing flour or Mark would tickle you and you’d get into a huge tickle fight
  • And then the food would be burnt and you’d end up ordering take-out
  • Lazy days with Mark would include: a bucket of popcorn, more blankets than you really need, and your favorite tv series
  • You would be laying on Mark’s chest and his arms would be tightly wrapped around you
  • Sometimes he’s whisper random things like “What did I do to deserve someone as perfect as you”
  • And you would just be a blushing mESS
  • Mark doesn’t want to admit it, but he prefers the vicinity of your apartment rather than the boys’ dorm because some of the members tease you
  • especially Jackson
  • The two of you would just be sitting next to each other on the couch in the dorm and Jackson’s head would peek out around the corner like “What u doin??”
  • The members like you a lot because sometimes you’ll bring them chicken or ddeokbokki
  • Whenever you have the time, you go to their stages and concerts and you always make sure to tell Mark where you are so he can spot you in the crowd
  • When they’re touring, Mark makes sure to call you every night
  • Even on the nights when he’s super tired and exhausted he’ll call just to hear an “I love you” or “goodnight” ; It’s all he needs
  • Walks in the park with Coco !
  • Seeing you play with Coco and being all adorable makes Mark’s heart skip a beat and he falls in love with you all over again
  • Pretty much any time you do something cute Mark just about dies
  • When it comes to you, Mark’s a love struck puppy
  • He has a infatuation with your cheeks
  • He likes kissing your cheeks, pinching your cheeks, poking your cheeks
  • I’m like 99.9% sure that Mark is the type to caress your face when you kiss him
  • Also very much into picking you up and spinning you around
  • He’s not very keen on showing a lot of skin ship when the members are around
  • But when you’re alone…. You bet Mark can barely keep his hands off you
  • He loves laying next to you and rubbing your tummy
  • Or having your head in his chest while he strokes your hair
  • Loves holding your hand when you walk together
  • Not a huge fan of couple items but when you bought matching couple hats and gave him his with such enthusiasm, he practically melted
  • I can’t imagine Mark would like taking you out to public places for your dates since he’s pretty quiet and shy
  • So you would make your dates at your house or the dorm
  • For your first anniversary Mark surprised you by lighting candles and scattering rose petals all over your living room
  • The two of you slow danced in the dim light for what seemed like hours
  • You could spend eternity with Mark and it still wouldn’t be enough
  • Sometimes Mark would write raps for you or even short poems and you get all red and flustered
  • Him trying to teach you one of his raps which ends up with him giggling at you the entire time bc you’re just so cute
  • BACK HUGS!!!
  • Honestly you could be doing the most random thing and Mark will stumble up behind you and wrap his arms around you so tight (and kiss your cheek while he’s at it)
  • Mark knows how much you love wearing his huge sweaters so he doesn’t mind when you steal them
  • Ordering chicken at 2am because you’re hungry and bored
  • Mark loves to give you little gifts so whenever he sees something cute that he thinks you’ll like, whether it be a bracelet or a stuffed animal, he buys it and surprises you with it
  • Even though he loves to spoil you, he insists that you never pay for anything of his
  • Because just being in his life is all you need to give him
Boyfriend Dino means....
  • you never have to worry about not smiling ever again
  • he will make it his daily mission to keep you smiling
  • “y/n guess what?!!?”
  • “what dino?”
  • “i love you!”
  • he’d kiss you and run away
    • or he’d kiss you once, and then follow it up with like 5 billion kisses all over your face
  • he always asks you to come to practice so you could see him dance
    • which you always went anyways because you love his dancing
  • you guys prank each other all the time
  • but he feels bad when his pranks make you scared or make you cry
  • that’s another thing, he hates seeing you sad/upset
  • if you’re ever sad, he will hold you in his arms while you cry
    • he will do whatever you need to make sure you are okay
    • when you’re upset he isn’t the same, he hurts with you
  • he loves surprising you with little gifts
    • the other boys think they are dumb because most of the time they are little small things he finds in airports or something that remind him of you
    • but you love all of them because there is a story behind all of them
  • late night cuddle sessions are a must
    • you two lay in his bed till 2 am talking all the time
    • the boys don’t like that you do this, but they’ve gotten used to it now
  • your phone is filled with the funniest, cutest, most random pictures of this adorable human being
    • and same with his phone
  • he also loves taking funny pictures of you
    • he watches them whenever he’s away from you
  • you can also expect cute texts every morning/night
    • even if you slept at the dorm, which was pretty much every night, he’d still send you cute texts to make you smile
  • basically you’re the luckiest girl if you get his heart
    • he loves you so much and you are his world