2015 Year in Review by Bongripsinthehood

2015 was solid. Lots of ups n downs which made for an interesting year. Here’s a quick rundown:
•spent a week in Denver with squad during the snowiest season they had in years
•got kicked out of an Airbnb with said squad
•left my contax in a uber
•sold the first car I ever bought
•won 10k
•said “shit” live on big boys morning show. S/o real 92.3
•had fun making some lapel pins (probably won’t be making any more)
•took a bunch of photos
•smoked a bunch of weed
•went to big sur
•gained weight
•lost a shitload of weight
•broke about even on weight lol
•worked too much
•drove too much
•made some zines
•ate good as fuck

And a bunch of other random stuff that may or may not matter. S/o everyone who fucks with the photos or anything else I did this year y'all the best. S/o bbgirl forever. S/o Nick as always for giving me this outlet. 2015 was fun and now it’s over. 2016 bout to be the same but bigger. Keep a look out for panda’s 2016 word travels

^~^ Nightedlife forever n ever  


( ‿⌓‿ )ʕ·ᴥ·ʔBONGRIPSINTHEBAYʕ·ᴥ·ʔ( ‿⌓‿ )

had a nice little vacation over the holidays ^_^

i know photos of the bay bridge r hella cliche but I’m pretty sure i was hanging out the window singing beyonce, or maybe it was dru hill at that moment either way that makes it ok right? right 

anyways big ups to nightedlife n zipgun for being my tour guides, until next time-