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So Long Suburbia is a feature length campy queer coming of age teen film by Samuel Shanahoy.

One sleepless night as Sadie is surfing the web her suspicions that her and her bestie since the 7th grade are growing apart are confirmed, when she discovers that he has unfollowed her on Instagram.  
Over the winter Sadie becomes a social recluse, going to Normy Suburbs Public High by day, working at the Bogus Burger Barn by night, reading zines alone in her bedroom and day dreaming while wandering the streets of suburbia.
On her 17th birthday her mother gifts her a 3 zone one year transit pass telling her to “go out and explore, discover new things and have adventures close to home.”
Downtown Sadie is randomly befriended by Miami, a self identified teeny bopper who is the first out trans girl to attend North Shore Private Girls College.
Miami introduces Sadie to her token straight, musical theatre loving BFF Cynthia, her angsty emo boyfriend Zeke, and the rest of her clique: Ellen, an astrology loving lesbian and Jersey, a twinky bisexual highschool drop out.
Sadie quickly starts to hang out with them all on the regular, but has she really found a place where she belongs? Or will old insecurities, crushes and drama get in the way?

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I started working on this film 2 years ago!! It was shot in Vancouver BC in the spring of 2015 & has taken me a lot longer to edit then I every anticipated or wanted, so thankyou everyone for being so patient.
At the time of shooting & in the 10 months that followed I was working 40hr weeks at my ~day job~, and ALOT has happened in my life between when shooting ended and now (duh), including but definitely not limited to having top surgery & moving to another country (which has been a process that has taken YEARS of heartache, paperwork, visas etc).
There are some aspects of the film/story that I would have done differently & things I would have added had I written or made it now/more recently, but even so I truly love this film & it means so much to me.
As a self taught filmmaker I feel like my past films were kinda like my ~student films~ in the sense that I made them in order to learn how to make films, to develop technical & creative skills & find my ~style~ & ~voice~.
So Long Suburbia is the type of film that I’ve always wanted to make since before I even decided to start making films & is the type of film that I’ve been working towards being able to make this whole time.
This was an entirely DIY production/project, none of the cast or crew were professionals, no one was paid & all film related costs were paid by me out of pocket. 
A list of thankyous can be found on my instagram @ teeveedinner 


So the story behind the comic is this:

There was a “Zine Making Night” at a coffee spot on my college campus (the true sign of any cool school).

I showed up completely out of my mind. I wasn’t sober in the slightest. I apparently made what you see above and then promptly left. I completely forgot about it until a month or two later when I was back at the shop flipping through their Zine Library (again, cool school) and suddenly stumbled on this gem. So I borrowed it…without asking. But it was just so I can scan a copy for myself, then I’ll give them back the original tomorrow. 

Until then. Shhhhhhhhh! Mum’s the word.


It’s 1 am and I finally finished making a (small) run of “When You See Your Ex At Emo Nite and Then It Really Is Emo Night” zines. They’re up for sale on Etsy and include an original print of the draft cover with each order! Nice!

And if you want to sulk along to the songs that are included in the zine, you can listen in here 💧