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How to make Frozen: The musical good

• Anna is a nightclub singer
• Olaf is a german that runs the nightclub
• Elsa is an old lady who rents her house to visitors
• Hans is good and owns a green grocers
• Kristoff tries to save Anna from the nightclub
• It’s actually a cabaret revival
• Bring back Cabaret

After 15 years of appearing in films, Esther Williams was threatened with contract suspension from MGM after refusing the lead role in The Opposite Sex (eventually released in 1956), a musical remake of 1939’s The Women. The role of Mary would have been rewritten to be an aquacade star (and was eventually filled by June Allyson as “Kay”, a nightclub singer). Williams redecorated her dressing room to accommodate returning star Grace Kelly, packed her terry cloth robes and swimsuits and drove off the studio lot. As a result of leaving her contract, Williams lost almost $3 million in deferred contract payments, which had been taken from her paychecks over the previous 14 years and put aside as both a nest egg and a tax deferral. She was, however, still able to collect on the $50,000 signing bonus from when she first signed her contract. (x)

fake tv show meme >> Clara Flynn Inspects


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clara flynn (shay mitchell) is a young, flighty movie star in the golden age of hollywood- until her twin brother is mysteriously murdered on the set of their upcoming film. she teams up with her best friend grace (kristen stewart) to secretly investigate his murder. they also solves crimes brought to her by fellow stars, secretive directors, and more. they are mentored by nightclub singer bette (beyonce) who knows the bright lights and the dark shadows of the town. as clara solves crimes and makes movies, she dodges reporters, bullets, and superstar greta (kim k), who may want more devious things than just top billing.


Lyceenne Desho!? by Naka Tomoko

I’m going to be reviewing the reprint here (the reprint has the digitally colored cover), which contains several more stories than the original addition from 1980, but I’ll also review the story Kugatsu ni Nattara, which isn’t included in the reprint. Despite the fact that this was printed in 1980 originally, the stories were written throughout the 70s.

The titular story is honestly fantastic. I’m a huge fan of Naka Tomoko’s, and this story is just so her. A French high school girl in Paris, born to a former nightclub singer and a novelist who ran away from his wealthy family so that he could marry her, decides that she has to take care of her father now that her mother has passed away. She realizes that her mother was bringing in a lot of money on the side from a babysitting job, but when she goes to her mother’s place of work to fill in for her, she learns that her mother was actually singing in a cabaret run by a beautiful young man in his 20s. Before she realizes what’s happening, she’s pushed onstage, dressed like a boy to disguise herself (since she’s a high school student and could get in trouble). This is such an amazing story and I would really like to translate this, to be honest.

The second story, Bara no Sono ni Nadeshiko Ichirin, is the story of a Japanese transfer student at a prominent, European boarding school, who happens to be incredibly highly ranked at Kendo. She ends up in entangled in this crazy fight between the school’s two factions, the long hair faction and the short hair faction. There’s also a kind of Utena-esque dueling system in their school. This story is also pretty fabulous.

Konayuki no Yuuwaku is 19th-century drama set in Europe about love and revenge, that in a truly Naka Tomoko-esque way has a happy and fairly anti-climactic end. Most foreign fans don’t know this, but Yaoi stands for “yama nashi ochi nashi imi nashi,” which means “no story arcs, no conclusion, no meaning,” and although most of Naka Tomoko’s stories aren’t BL (some of them are), they often have that truly yaoi feeling, which is something I really love about her writing. There’s something truly wonderful about nothing really happening in an extremely flamboyant way.

The last story in the reprint, Shiroi Bara, is the story of a somewhat spoiled heiress who desperately doesn’t want to marry the man who father has promised her to, since she’s never met him. Instead, she charms a handsome, long-haired florist who delivers flowers to her. After falling head over heels for her, the florist gets his heart broken when it turns out that the protagonist’s fiancé was her first love as a little girl, and that he’s still in love with her. It’s a bittersweet ending, as the protagonist is filled with a sort of melancholy, saying goodbye to the florist who she loved for a few days, the florist who was willing to run away with her.

Kugatsu ni Nattara is a screwball comedy about a beautiful boy who, unfortunately, becomes the obsession of his neighbor/older brother figure’s sister and the posse of boys who are crazy about her. One of them claims to be in love with her, but really isn’t that serious about her or love in general and starts flirting with the boy protagonist instead, another one of the boys hates him because he’s actually in love with the older brother figure and thinks that the protagonist is stealing him from him. Most obnoxious of all, the sister is only attracted to completely hairless, beautiful men, so she naturally becomes completely obsessed with the protagonist. That’s when the older brother figure realizes that he’s also in love with him. Everything comes crashing down, though, when it turns out that the protagonist is actually a girl, who’s horrified to know that everyone thought that she was actually a boy. She ends up dating the older brother, who realizes that he would love her whether she was a boy or a girl. Naturally, his sister now realizes that she’s gay.

Anything Goes Roxlin/Hartwin AU

I really like musicals okay

Merlin is desperately in love with Roxanne Morton, a London debutante whom he met at a party. So naturally, he’s dismayed when he discovers that she’s engaged to a wealthy English Lord named Harry Hart. Not giving up, he pursues Miss Morton to the SS Kingsman, a luxury cruise liner. Along with him is his close friend and nightclub singer Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, who decides to help Merlin win the lady’s heart. Also on the ship is infamous gangster Richmond Valentine and his accomplice, Gazelle; both are on the run from the police, but once they catch wind of Merlin’s romantic quest, they also decide to help him out- Valentine, ironically, is a romantic himself.

Only, when they catch up to Roxy, she reveals that she is also in love with Merlin, and has been unable to stop thinking about him since the night they met. But she must marry Lord Hart, for reasons she doesn’t share. Merlin is distraught, but Eggsy comes up with the idea to ‘break up’ the marriage, by having Lord Hart caught in a very compromising position- like in bed with a half-naked young man, for example. This is partly to help Merlin, of course, but Eggsy can’t deny that the Lord is well fit for a noble, older bloke. And to his surprise, Harry has also had his eye on Eggsy, so the seduction is fairly easy.

Harry reveals to Eggsy that he doesn’t want to marry Roxy either, but his overbearing uncle, Chester (also on board the ship), is giving him no choice on the matter, though he refuses to tell Harry exactly why he must marry her. Eggsy relays this to Merlin and the others, and they all resolve to figure out the mystery.

Unfortunately, Valentine and Gazelle are found out, and they are thrown in the ship’s brig. Merlin and Eggsy and thrown in as well, since they were accomplices. Roxy gives a letter to Merlin in the brig before the ship lands. Upon reading the letter, Merlin discovers that Roxy’s family’s business is near bankrupt, and the marriage is actually a business merger with the Harts. But Gazelle points out that a businessman on the boat earlier had said that the Morton business was worth millions. They conclude that Harry’s uncle is manipulating them into marrying to get to the Mortons and their business. It’s then decided; they have to stop the wedding.

The four of them aren’t let out until the ship arrives in port, but they manage to escape before the police arrive to take them. They crash the wedding and reveal the plot, and Roxy and Harry are more than happy to call the whole thing off. Happy ending where Merlin and Roxy are finally together, and so are Harry and Eggsy, and Gazelle and Valentine are able to evade the police thanks to their friends, free to roam another day.