nightclub in atlanta

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Can you please write something like bechloe dancing in a club and it gets pretty hot?

Ooh I suppose I could 😉

The sound of the bass beat heavily around the dark nightclub in central Atlanta. The Bellas all gathered in a booth they’d hired for Fat Amy’s birthday. The Australian had just sent round another tray of shots. It had been two hours since they’d arrived. It was nothing short of a miracle that they were still standing considering they’d all pre-drank at their house before catching a cab into the city.

Stacie nudged Fat Amy with her elbow and the blonde spun on the spot aggressively, initially mistaking her for a stranger before realising it was one of her best friends and pulling the leggy brunette into a tight drunken hug.

“Check out our Captains!” Stacie yelled into Amy’s ear, and the Australian turned to follow where Stacie was pointing. Her jaw dropped as she looked out onto the dance floor.

Beca had shockingly been the first to get on the dance floor. Her jam, ‘Ignition’ by R-Kelly, was like a spark that lit the fuse bubbling away inside the normally reserved petite twenty year old. Beca was reknowned for loving to dance and grind once she’d had a few too many drinks. Tonight was no exception.

Beca was busy rolling her hips to the beat. Her hands were on Chloe’s hips as the redhead moved seductively to the beat. Beca slowly began dropping low, sliding her hands down the length of Chloe’s body as she moved, stopping once she’d crouched down to Chloe’s feet. Chloe meanwhile had her hands tangled in her best friend’s hair until Beca slowly made her way back up to Chloe’s height, dragging her hands up the redheads body.

Beca & Chloe were both beyond the line of tipsy. They were slaughtered. Their bodies were flush against one another, the heat in the nightclub made their skin shine with sweat, and as they swayed their hips Beca & Chloe leant their foreheads against one another.

Chloe brought her hands around to Beca’s ass and cupped it while the brunette drew her hands up and down Chloe’s back. Their chests heaved as their breathing increased, adrenaline pumping around their bodies to the beat of the music. Beca found herself nuzzling her nose against Chloe’s cheek, and though the nightclub felt like it was spinning, the feel of Chloe’s body against hers meant nothing else mattered to Beca. She was lost in how good she felt with her best friend. How her heart heaved in time with the music.

Chloe’s eyes were closed. Her body swayed to the beat of the music while she brought her hands up from Beca’s ass and ran her fingers through Beca’s hair before clawing them down the brunette’s back. She nuzzled her nose against Beca’s cheek, loving the feel of her best friend’s body against hers.

Chloe opened her eyes. Her heart slammed against her chest and she found herself constantly trying to catch her breath. God, Beca looked hot tonight. Well, from what she could see of Beca - the effect of all the alcohol she’d consumed made the petite woman seem more like a blur… but she thought she could make out a sloppy grin on Beca’s face. Something that brought a lazy grin to Chloe’s own face.

Beca closed her eyes once again, and began tracing her lips across Chloe’s jawline, hovering them over the redhead’s mouth. She felt Chloe sliding her hands from her hips back to her ass and suddenly Chloe’s mouth fell onto Beca’s.

The beat of the music, the heat of the nightclub, and the wide range of spirits they’d consumed, fuelled the best friend’s first kiss. It quickly became deep, passionate and sloppy as both women held each other tight, their hands running up and down one another’s body. Beca slid her tongue into Chloe’s mouth and their tongues rolled around together as they sighed into each other, not afraid to let out their respective moans as the music drowned out their voices.

They soon parted their faces, resuming their positions of dancing and grinding against one another, this time with goofy drunk smiles on their faces. They didn’t break eye-contact, something that added fire to their already heightened sexual desires. This time it was Chloe’s turn to drop down before Beca, running her hands down the brunette’s body while Beca tugged at Chloe’s long red hair to encourage her to stand up again.

As Chloe rose, Beca cupped her cheeks, and immediately pulled her into another passionate kiss. Their tongues explored each other’s mouths once again and Chloe gripped Beca’s waist, their hips rolling to the beat of the music.

The sloppy kiss was broken once again and the two women continued to dance together with lazy grins on their faces.

The Bellas, however, looked on from their position in the hired booth. Their jaws were dropped open in shock as Beca and Chloe continued to alternate dancing with kissing. They looked on as Chloe took hold of Beca’s hand with a seductive smile and dragged the brunette off the dance floor, towards the night club’s bathroom. And Beca followed her obediently. Willingly. Pulling Chloe to a stop at one point to kiss her deeply before they continued pushing between club-goers to get to the club’s bathroom.

Jay Z and Beyoncé, photographed enjoying themselves at the official “Magna Carter World Tour” after-party, held at the Reign nightclub in Atlanta on December 27, 2013.

Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow, Jeezy, The-Dream, Trey Songz, Hit-Boy, Alex Gidewon and August Alsina joined Jay and Bey in their VIP section, helping them drink their stash of $100,000 worth of D'USSÉ and Armand de Brignac.

Earlier that night Hov had performed a sold-out show at the city’s Philips Arena. During the show he responded to the calls of female fans in the audience, saying “sorry ladies, my girl is here tonight!”

Violet Chachki returned for one more go in Atlanta! Beyond the best drag show I’ve ever seen and one of the greatest memories I’ll look back on. Tonight was on fire and it blew me away!!! She’s gonna be missed!