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Profile: Jared Leto
The Independent Sunday - London
January 14, 2001

American beauty; He’s prettier than most Hollywood actresses, and even girlfriend Cameron Diaz gets a run for her money. Yet rising star Jared Leto isn’t scared to reveal his uglier side - either on screen or off.

Jared Leto is at a nearby table refusing to be baited on the topic of his love life. The actor who took a pounding from Ed Norton in Fight Club and an axe in the head from Christian Bale in American Psycho isn’t about to buckle here. We are meeting to promote his latest movie, a breathtaking, brutal adaptation of Hubert Selby Jr’s novel Requiem for a Dream. I am speaking to his co-star Jennifer Connelly at the time, but all I can hear is Leto stubbornly telling a beleaguered journalist to back off. “Don’t even go there,” he drawls. “I’m not going to answer that.” The interest comes from the fact that Leto is dating Cameron Diaz, and has been since the Charlie’s Angels star’s three-year relationship with Matt Dillon collapsed in 1998.

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