nightclub designer

Artist: WALTER SCHNACKENBERG (1880-1961) Size: 36 3/8 x 48 in./92.5 x 122 cm Oscar Consée, München While a handful of posters exist for this chic German nightclub, including designs by Ehrenberger and two by Engelhard, Schnackenberg’s take on the venue elevates it to a hot spot of hedonism and seduction. Here, a lithe, angular woman with an impossibly low-cut gown and Medusa-esque tresses taunts a pleading gentleman with a single pink candy, the sexual undertones of the gesture anything but subtle. One of four known copies of this poster.

This is part of my art side-blog “The–Elusive–Muse

“Hey, mate!” Reese slurred, an idiotic grin spread across his lips. “Isn’t this place bloody amazing? You know, maybe I should build my own nightclub. Or design it. Or own it. Whatever. That sounds like an awfully fun job. Wanna go take a shot with me? You’re not allowed to say no, unless you’re pregnant or just highly allergic to alcohol.”