nightblogging is not my thing

I’m sick and tired of all the unsupportive people in my life, always saying things like “Don’t do that” and “that’s impossible” and “You’re bleeding too much to make that jump”.

Stop invalidating me with all your “You need stitches” and “Are those bone fragments sticking out of your arm?”

Take your “I’m calling an ambulance” and “I think you have a concussion” and get out.

my fav thing is when the batkids all have their own color like dick is blue, jason is red, tim is green, steph is purple

and then damian is bright yellow

it just warms my heart bc hes just this tiny angry hateball with this obnoxiously bright color that blinds people out of pure spite i love it this is what im all about

It’s 3am we’re in McDonalds and they’ve closed the loos for cleaning. Random dude needs a piss. Staff take ten minutes and three keys to open the disabled loo for him. Then a lady shows up needing to go and he gentlemenly allows her to go first. Then when she’s done the dozy thing shuts the door behind her. He almost cries. The staff look lost. I wander over and unlock it for him (the locks on dis loos are universal and if you’re crip’d you can own the key). He looks at me as if I am an angel. ‘HOLY FUCK, THE MAGIC KEY MAN, THE LORD OF THE KEYS’ he screams. When he’s finished he offers to buy me something; when I defer he babbles for minutes about how THE MASTER OF THE MAGIC KEY MUST BE REWARDED. So I cave and get a black coffee, which he takes to be the secret of my wizardry, once again proclaiming me his master. He then returns to his girlfriend, looks her right in the eye and says with the most pride I have ever heard: “If you need a piss I know a guy.”