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Sometimes I wonder what would happen if my mind swapped with rudy’s (Rudy is my dog) like, if I was in his body and he was in mine? Would he be able to speak English? Would he go to school and how would he act? And I’d just like, sleep on the couch all day. Rudy is really friendly I bet he’d make lots if friends if he didn’t do weird dog things like walking on 4 legs or barking

Hospitals are so weird, like

on one floor a woman is bringing a new human life into the world while the father of her child looks on

and on the floor below her a frat boy is getting a wiimote removed from his butthole

reason #628293 i love my mom:

when we were wee little elementary school kids my sisters and i loved the tamagotchi games. but the tamagotchi required constant attention right? and we couldn’t play them during school so my mom would bring it to work with her and she’d do all of her accounting/banking shit while also feeding 2 tamagatchi pets. this small serious asian lady playing tamagotchi for her daughters. i love her so much

What if Bruce Wayne is actually in Arkham the whole time and Batman is just a delusion he has. All of his ‘villains’ are the orderlies and doctors who work there.

“Poison Ivy” is the nurse who sedates him when he gets out of control

“Two-Face” is an abusive orderly who acts nice when the doctors are around and then beats up the patients when their backs are turned

“Riddler” is a therapist who asks him questions that he has a hard time answering

“Mad Hatter” is a hypnotherapist who Bruce is convinced is trying to brainwash him

and of course his arch-nemesis..

“Dr. Joe Car” and his assistant “Dr. Harleen Quinzel” see Bruce as their top patient, both desperately trying to bring the man back to sanity, and Batman will fight with all he has to protect gotham from “Joker” and “Harley Quinn”

Tumblr really likes that soulmate’s first word tattoo thing but tumblr also really likes coffee shop AUs like imagine being one of thousands of people running around with “welcome to Starbucks may I take your order” tattooed from birth going into a Starbucks like “is it you????” “nah bro I’m waiting for someone to order a grande skinny latte extra cream”

Early 2000′s Internet Fandom Gothic
  • Someone has been leaving increasingly bizarre messages on your guestbook.
  • You get a favorite on one of your drawings featuring a character’s death. You go to thank them, but have second thoughts when you see their page consists only of a bloated gallery of faves that are all about that one character dying.
  • Just who else is a sock puppet of that BNF?
  • Your favorite fansite still hasn’t come back from hiatus. Rumors swirl on the forums of a different site that the webmistress died, the broken banner on her splash page her online epitaph.
  • You swear you’ve read this songfic set to My Immortal before, but it’s the most recent submission. You couldn’t have. 
  • Your computer doesn’t support Japanese characters but that doesn’t stop you from trying to navigate your fandom’s doujin circles. You somehow stumble onto a page dedicated to lovingly-rendered anatomical dissections of every character.
  • Your favorite fanfiction is getting progressively weirder and more incoherent with every update. You hope the author is okay.
  • You get the feeling you shared this positive fanart of a female character with the wrong crowd.
  • There’s a new batch of icons posted on one of your LJ communities! None of them are loading. Everybody else is commenting on them; why are you the only one who can’t see them?
  • You make a new friend on a forum, and you exchange AIM handles. After a few days of chatting, she begins to tell you about her experiences in something called “the Astral Plane”.
  • This video is taking an eternity to buffer. 
  • DxHxR citrus, PWP, H/C, NC, CBT, WS, M/M, M/M/M, WAFF ^_^ WIP please R&R!!!
  • As you finally turn out the light and close your eyes to go to sleep, you swear you can hear it coming from outside: the dial-up noise.

So I’m going to shawn’s show in march and I wanted to show him how many people love and support him on tumblr. Everyone that reblogs this will get their username put on a poster which will be given to him. I’ll post a picture of it when I’m finished :)

If no one does this then it never happened ok