Top 10 MTMTE Monologues

10.  Nightbeat confronting the Necrobot.  “I wanted you to prove me wrong!  I wanted you to tell me that after a spark dies, it lives!  I wanted hope!”

9.  Whirl’s back-story.  “I resisted – at first.  Heh. Never underestimate the persuasive powers of empurata.”

8.  Starscream’s testimony.  “He doesn’t deserve death.  He deserves pity.”

7.  Rewind justifying shooting Megatron.  “And it’s awful!  For us – for the people, it’s awful!  But for everyone else – for everyone outside Cybertron – it’s fantastic.

6.  Pharma explains why he did what he did to Ratchet.  “It was loud and it was nasty, and I want you to admit, Ratchet – I very much want you to admit – that you’re a tiny bit impressed.”

5.  Megatron’s monologue to Ravage.  “If the world thinks you’re a monster, what does it matter? The world is wrong.  But when you start to think of yourself as a monster…”

4.  Fulcrum’s speech to the DJD.  “And you know what went wrong?  People like you!  The thugs, the sadists, and the psychos – people for whom the war was a convenient excuse to inflict pain.”

3.  Getaway’s message to the Rod Squad.  “Forgiveness?  Rehabilitation?  Reintegration?  No.  Not him.  Not now.  Not ever.”

2.  Tarn whispering Black Shadow to death.  “That’s what they say.  What do you say?”

1.  Rewind’s last message.  “One more thing – one last thing because I don’t say it enough…  I love you.”


Dying of the Light - Battle Royale Cast Cards

Because MTMTE #54 is looking like it’s gonna hurt like hell, I decided to redo the MTMTE BR Cards I did like two years ago, with the Dying Of The Light cast. Both to celebrate them and to cross them out if they happen to die! Also yeah I didn’t cross those who are already dead out, spoilers and such!

sharkbait-hoohahah  asked:

I remember hearing about a line in MTMTE regarding the Amica and Conjunx bonds, and now I'm curious: can one go from Amica to Conjunx, or vice versa? Can you even sever the bonds at all?

On other planets, yes, you can go from Amica to Conjunx. On “some colonies” according to Nautica (not Caminus), you actually have to be Amica before you can “move up” to being Conjunx. On Cybertron, on the other hand, it’s the other way around: you have to actively rule out the possibility of becoming Conjunx (Conjuxes? Conjuges?) before you can perform the Amica rites. “It can make for a very bittersweet ceremony,” says Rewind.

It is possible to sever the bonds, at least among Amica - Skids once had an Amica named “Chopper” but split up with him. On Caminus, they call splitting up the “platonic severence,” but on that planet, it’s extraordinarily frowned upon and an considered the worst insult you can subject someone to.

Okay so i may be reaching a bit too far on this but...

I was looking for ( full-body) ref for Swerve and I got to the point where Nautica and Nightbeat were looking through Brainstorm’s stuff and look what inside one of the drawers:

Am I tripping or is that…No it couldn’t be…



New headcanon proposal: Brainstorm plays/collects retro games.