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Code names for the LL crew. Who's Eagle 1? Who's Been There Done That? Who's Currently Doing That? Who's It Happen Once In A Dream? Who's If I Had To Pick A Mech/Femme? And who's Eagle 2?

what kind of fucking code names?????? im giving them new stupid ones cause what? those sound familiar tho what is this from???

btw rodimus named them all

Autobots (MTMTE)

  • Rodimus: Captain Fabulous
  • Megatron: Co-Craptain
  • Ultra Magnus: Ultra Swagnus
  • First Aid: The Exterminator™ (complete with audible copyrighting)
  • Ambulon: “Wait, Do I Refer To Both Of Him Or Just One?”
  • Drift: Sergeant Pointy
  • Ratchet: Trophy Wife
  • Skids: Eagle
  • Nautica: Seagull
  • Rung: NERD 1 
  • Nightbeat: “’The Name’s Holmes… James Holmes.’ ‘That’s Bond, Rodimus’”
  • Cyclonus“Honestly, How Can Someone Be Riddled With That Many 90-Degree Angles”
  • Tailgate: Too Much Punch
  • Swerve: Drink, Drank, Drunk
  • Ravage: Pussy, Destroyer (also literally applicable for: Tarn)
  • Perceptor: NERD 2
  • Brainstorm: N3RD
  • Chromedome: Skipped Leg Day For Three Millennia
  • Rewind: Mr. Memstick

Dying of the Light - Battle Royale Cast Cards

Because MTMTE #54 is looking like it’s gonna hurt like hell, I decided to redo the MTMTE BR Cards I did like two years ago, with the Dying Of The Light cast. Both to celebrate them and to cross them out if they happen to die! Also yeah I didn’t cross those who are already dead out, spoilers and such!

And round two of the MTMTE Battle Royale sheets. Get those red markers ready.

I’ll do the third one as soon as I can!

Edit: I messed up Trailcutter’s name, it’s fixed now. I apologize!

MTMTE Battle Royale Sheet 1