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First kiss headcanons for Mtmte Nightbeat and Red Alert?

MTMTE Nightbeat:

  • He’s had a little experience with romance before, but he’s still a little nervous. He tries to act smooth, and for the most part it works
  • He waits until he’s almost 100% sure you want to kiss him before he decides to go in for it
  • His kiss is softer than you would have expected, and lasts longer than a few seconds. Overall, it’s a nice kiss, which leads on to several more

MTMTE Red Alert:

  • Red Alert is the definition of anxious about the whole thing, so it’s a little easy to pick up on his intentions
  • He tries (and fails miserably) to be smooth like Rodimus told him, and ends up going in for the kiss a bit later than the captain suggested
  • He has very little experience, so the kiss is a bit hard and awkward, and only lasts for a second or two. His roaring engine gives away how nervous he really is

Dying of the Light - Battle Royale Cast Cards

Because MTMTE #54 is looking like it’s gonna hurt like hell, I decided to redo the MTMTE BR Cards I did like two years ago, with the Dying Of The Light cast. Both to celebrate them and to cross them out if they happen to die! Also yeah I didn’t cross those who are already dead out, spoilers and such!

Bored. Felt like giving Nightbeat a redesign. Went with a very Noir 1962 Lincoln Continental for the alt mode. Gave it some street custom cues [lowered, tinted windows, the flames obvs]

For the bot mode I wanted to kiiiiind of give hints of a trench coaty Noir Detective silhouette. He’s got a collar now [with some black tech detailing kind of immitating a tie] and I’ve got some long thin bits of kibble coming down his sides to kind of evoke a coat [without going TOO full-on Age of Extinction Crosshairs]

Slipped in some green to his colors [CUZ I LOVE GREEN IN THIS COLOR COMBO SUE ME]

Not sure i’m SUPER happy with the robot but the silhouette and main details are there. Fun stuff!