It’s supposed to be snowing right now but it’s just super freezing, but what if it  was snowy in Night Vale? 

  • Hooded figures trudging around in the snow, leaving a trail behind them 
  • Everyone wrapped up in various scarves that Old Woman Josie made
  • Cecil keeps at least three boxes of hot chocolate with him at all times
  • Khoshekh cuddles with everyone for warmth
  • There are literally snow angels everywhere
  • Cecil and Carlos can be seen playing in the snow at least once a week
  • City-wide snow ball fights have happened multiple times
  • Cecil always writes encouraging messages or draw little pictures in the snow on the way to work

The first pictures of my newest cosplay that I just finished! It’s my interpretation of the hooded figures of the dog park of Night Vale. I’m really happy with the design but I’m not sure if I’m happy with how it looks hmmmrggg pst theres tattoo sleeves on my legs aswel but u can’t rlly tell 

Apologies for my hilariously bad editing and offensively bad face in these pictures ^^’


The radio host would have you believe there are no hooded figures in the dog park, and he is right, of course. But if there WERE hooded figures in the dog park, there would be a small one. A very small one. They might want to answer a few questions…

((Augh, finally got this working right.Just a silly little ask/rp blog for the smallest of the hooded figures. Feel free to stop by and acknowledge!))

There seems to be just a gap in my memory, much longer and deeper than the usual gaps that we all develop in our memories to protect us from forbidden information we might have heard, or Hooded Figures we might have accidentally brushed against in the dark of our rooms just before we turn on the lights.

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 52 - The Retirement of Pamela Winchell

The Night Vale story follows a common trope of horrifying things like demons and blood pits being a an everyday event, while things that we find commonplace are the things they fear most. I’m also not surprised that the most non-threatening things are the MOST threatening in Night Vale. Looming hooded figures? Don’t think about it. Existentialist scientific ideas? Literally don’t think about it. It’s illegal. Big corporations? These monsters are the cause of the greatest war we have seen in generations. Beagle Puppy? God help us all.