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this still going? if i were dating u, we would lay in bed all day, play some games in the late evening, i'd make u breakfast and dinner, take u out to the park so we can lie down by some trees on warm afternoons and watch the stars at night, i'd draw u anything u want and all i'd want is to hold hands while we're buried beneath blankets and pillows

this is again like super cute and ideal adn like damn need me one like this!!!! you are too sweet and i dont feel i deserve this much love but bless <3

to those that live in the dark


yeah, you.
in the corner,
dark eyes, 

dark soul

–  you.

my sanity matches yours.

I mean, hello. 

I’m sane, I promise.
(a different kind of sane – the kind
that terrifies people

who can’t navigate storms)

let me
– would you let me? –
take you away
from this sunscorched place
and wrench open the
trapdoor to the
jagged gale of my heart 

let’s run away, 
laughing and whispering
into bleeding nights 
with nothing but stars 
for a blanket.

let’s hold our broken skin together
and tattoo over our
thirsty demons,
till no one can tell
we were shattered in the first place.

let me kiss
the scars they’ve left on your soul
while we weep ritual salts
on our rusted
wrought-iron wounds.