Day 23: The Sky

If you look up in your world what do you see? What color is the sky? How does it change when the sun sets? How many moons are around your world? What do they look like? Are there rings? Can you see the stars at night? What does that night sky look like?

Today’s prompt is about answering those questions! It may be simple, particularly if you’re working with Earth but you might surprise yourself if you start really putting yourself where your world takes place. Maybe light pollution drowns out all but the brightest stars, maybe where your story takes place has a stunningly gorgeous sunset, maybe the horizon is crisp and clear compared to what you’re used to due to a lack of smog obscuring it or the horizon is replaced by a skyline of buildings due to the area your story taking place in being a bustling metropolis.

Be romantic! The sky is a subject of wandering eyes and daydreams for a reason.

Now look up, and GET BUILDING!

For the night skies opening outwards star upon star, expanse after expanse, thanks be to you, O God. For the mystery of your presence in and beyond all that can be seen, thanks be to you. Guide me further this night into the inner universe of my soul, ever opening inwards, light upon light, new depth after new depth. ~ J. Philip Newell, Celtic Benediction

We Could Be


“Let’s run away,l” Tui’s best friend says to him, his feet buried in the sand. Tui grins, kisses the corner of his mouth, listens to the ocean.

“Why?” He asks. It’s late, but the night is warm, the stars bright against the blue-black sky. The breeze blows their hair into their faces.

“Because then you could be with me, and not Sina.” Tui’s best friend says, and he’s beautiful. Tui pushes him into the sand, kisses him.

“Sina’s alright,” He says, once they both have their breath back. His best friend laughs.

“Yeah… but you and me,” He smiles, wide and bright, and looks out at the ocean. “We could be everything. We could be perfect.”

Tui grabs his hand, kisses his knuckles, and believes him.

Star Gazing || Clark Kent ||

Prompt: Looking at the stars

Character: Clark Kent

Pairing: Clark Kent x Reader

Fandom: DC universe 

Warnings || Rating: PG || nothin but fluff

Drabble or One-shot:  Drabble

Glancing up at the stars you couldn’t  help but smile. It was even better when you had your boyfriend Clark sitting next to you. Leaning into his side you let out a soft sigh hold the man’s hand.

“You’re lucky Clark! You grew up out here! You got to watch the stars every night.”

Chuckling Clark adjusted his glasses then slipped them off. Blue eyes staring into your own, shaking his head he let his finger slowly glide over the back of your palm.

“It was nice but its better that I get to share it with you.”

Grinning you just gave him a kiss to the cheek.

“You really are the sweetest Clark.”

Wetting his lips Clark gave you a nervous smile as his cheeks darkened with color.

“AHH you’re blushing!!! I should tell Diana or Bruce!!”“

Groaning Clark turned his head away from your excited face.

Still smiling you slipped off from the steps and grasped his hands, tugging him along you stood on your toes giving him a kiss.

Returning the kiss he then pulled back and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

Clark smiled then wrapped his arms around your waist as he pressed his nose into your neck.

Taking a deep breath he glanced down seeing how memorized you were with the sky. Tomorrow he told himself, tomorrow maybe he’ll get the courage to ask you to marry him.This ring was burning a hole in his pocket after all.


“What was that!!"You looked up at him with a smile.

"Huh?! Oh nothing just talking to myself.”

Keeping your eyes on him you let out a small snort then looked up enjoying the stars. “Whatever you say farm boy.”

anonymous asked:

Do you think still star-crossed is going to be renewed? :( I want a season 2 so bad!

Join the club, buddy!

I really hope the show gets renewed; everything about it so beautiful, from the cast to the scenery to the costumes. I like the idea of this mysterious society fueling the flames between the Montagues and Capulets (even though they did such awful things to Romeo’s body, holy fuck).

But we haven’t seen a lot of promotion for the show, and it doesn’t trend very long. 

For example, Monday night, Still Star-Crossed trended on tumblr at #9 before moving to #5 for a while before dropping down again. All the other tags stayed on the list much longer.

But the show is still young, so hopefully - hopefully, hopefully - it gets renewed. I would love for this show to continue.