“The One Night Stand mashup” ft. songs from Pitbull, Ne-Yo, Panic! At the Disco, Ed Sheeran, Fall Out Boy, Beyonce, Britney Spears. #eveningjams

“I wot that I hung on the wind-tossed tree
all of nights nine,
wounded by spear, bespoken to Óthin,
bespoken myself to myself,
upon that tree of which none telleth
from what roots it doth rise.”
—Óthin, Hávamál: 138

Illustration: “The One-Eyed God” by Meredyth

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There was a fight sequence that invoked spears. Jesus (this was a biblical play of some sort) was supposed to be stabbed with a spear - the prop was retractable. of them was. One night the spears got switched. Jesus was stabbed in the stomach with a real spear. Later in the show, his understudy (who took over when the other went to the hospital) fell off a flying rig and was sent to the hospital. All in one show



“What do you think would happen if we have sex?”

Northern split of River Esgalduin

Oropher bellowed out in laughter as he sits around the fire that he had made to roast the fish that he had speared. The night skies were lit with stars as the embers of the flame floated up and away. He leans back against a fallen log and took a bite out of his fish on a stick, “Boring, I guess!” He giggles loudly as he chews and swallows. “For I have no ounce of passion for you nor do I see you as anything more than a sister.”


FYI she wrote ALL of these hit songs…

6 Celebs Who Do Britney Spears Impressions, From Amy Poehler’s “Y'alls” To Ariana Grande’s Unreal Singing

Britney Spears is a veritable pop music icon, which means, in addition to her legions of adoring stans, millions upon millions of albums sold, and general iconic status, there are a number of people out there who can imitate her pretty damn well. And, fortunately for literally the entire world, some of those people just happen to be her famous peers, like Christina Aguilera, Nicole Scherzinger, Ariana Grande, and more, who can all nail those breathy Britney vocals like whoa. YAS Britney stans, Britney Spears impressions are happening and they are happening right now.


Newest Video !! :) Perfume Collection Part 1 :) There will be three parts in total over the next couple months :) 

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10, 13, 24 :))) these asks are great!

10.) If you could hear any band/artist cover anothers song, what would you choose?

whoa a difficult one, i have no idea in this very moment. idk i had a dream one night where Britney Spears was singing “Victims” by Culture Club on tv i’m kinda curious about how the whole thing would sound lololololol

13.) Favorite format to listen to music on?

i use mostly mp3s but putting a physical medium on like cd feels more rewarding :)

24.) Favorite album cover?

simple - “Astro Disco Cat” by Legowelt, cover artist is unknown to me.

srsly look at this

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Spears and Chains.

None shall escape the wrath of the Warden.

Spears and Chains.

They betray the cycle of death.

Spears and Chains.

The Warden and Spear hunt this night, none shall survive.

Spears and Chains.

Buildings fall to Spectral Weapons.

Spears and Chains.

Flesh burns through ethreal flame.

Spears and Chains.

The Warden has snapped.

Spears and Chains.

The Spear is forced.

Spears and Chains.

Non-believers as spared even less mercy.

Spears and Chains.