Viking Gilt Odin and Ravens Pendant, 10th Century AD

Silver-gilt pendant showing a male figure (Odin?) with hands around the necks of two large birds.

Odin is the god of poetry, wisdom, lord of the dead and is known as the All Father as the head of the pantheon of gods in the Scandinavian world. With his brothers, Vili and Ve, Odin created the cosmos out of the giant Ymir, whom they killed. Odin was married to Frija and their son,Thor, became one of the most important of the gods; he also had two other sons, Vali and Vidar, gods of vengeance, as well as Baldr, one of the most beloved gods.

Odin’s most important characteristic is his wisdom. One of the most intriguing myths tells of his acquisition of wisdom through self sacrifice on the world tree Yggdrasil. This is recounted in the Havamal: ‘I know that I hung on the wind-swept tree nine entire nights, wounded with a spear given to Odin, myself to myself on that tree, of which no man knows of what roots it runs. I took up the learned runes.’

Odin lives in Valhalla, or 'carrion-hall’, where slain warriors sport each day and night. He is therefore the god of the dead, and Snorri Sturluson says that Odin could awaken the dead to learn secrets from them. As lord of the dead he is associated with ravens, carrion animals of the battlefields. He has two, named Hugin, meaning 'thought’, and Munin, meaning 'memory’. At the beginning of each day the two birds fly around the world observing the world of men, and each evening return to Odin to perch on his shoulders and recount all that they have seen.

Odin presides over the banishing of the Midgard serpent and Hel to the outer ocean and the underworld, respectively, as well as binding the wolf Fenrir. Odin is destined to die at Ragnarok when the Fenrir wolf will be free. The universe will be destroyed only to reemerge from the fires and chaos.

For those who just got over the feels from the newest chapter spoilers, I AM SO SORRY. 

For those who didn’t know yet… WELCOME TO THE SIDE OF PAIN AND FEELS. 

But yeah. I was listening to “Balloons” by MandoPony and I feel it suits the Reapers really well now. The deaths seen here are based on my own headcanons, considering IDK what is in canon yet for how each of them died. I did try to base some of it off what was shown in the spoilers though. 

From far left to right:

William - “bite the bullet” (I think that’s what it’s called?)
Grell - slit wrists
Ronald - shot himself
Alan - blunt object to the head… or walked off the building based on the shoes in the picture
Eric - drowned himself
Sascha - hung her/himself
Rudgar - poisoned himself (I think I saw a poison bottle or something in the spoilers? IDK)

And Undertaker I am not sure on so I’ve left that up to the imagination.