Like the closer a horror film is to a comedy or a horror-comedy the less agency, power, or time is spent with the women in it. There’s exceptions of course but the real bitter tea is a huge raisin men think horror is so comedic is because it’s not always as terrible to women as they think it should be. And if it is…cult classic!


Last week (August 2015), a comet brightened quickly and unexpectedly. The Comet C/2014 Q1 (PanSTARRS), discovered last year, should remain an easy target in Southern Hemisphere for small telescopes through August. Us in North have to settle just with images, and astrophotographer Yuri Beletsky fortunately captured this really nice one in Chile.
The comet is seen with a short white dust tail fading to the right, and a long blue ion tail pointing away from the recently set Sun.

A Once Lost Comet - The 17P/Holmes Comet

The Holmes Comet is a periodic comet that was discovered in 1892 and seen most recently in 2007. Though astronomers knew about the comet, it was lost after its 1906 observation. Comets are sometimes lost because of bad data or when their orbits are altered by gas giants. The Holmes Comet was found again in 1964 and, thanks to computers, has never been lost sense!

Credit: NASA/tamanti/Harvard Cometary Science